Guess what that ‘sales page’ will never tell you about making money online

Shut up, you shyster.

If there’s one thing that damages the credibility of our industry, it’s gotta be those wild income claims.. you know the ones.. the sleazy promises of instant wealth.. and wow just like magic.. all for almost zero effort.. the ‘make a gazillion dollars on autopilot’ sales pitches. Yuck.


So what’s my beef with ‘hyped-up’ income claims?

Besides the reek of desperation, they’re pretty much designed to trap newbies in a never ending merry-go-round of jumping from buying one bright idea to the next. You’ve seen it.. products and services that are over-hyped and under-delivered..

..Yawn, you’ve heard it all before.. the stories of these creeps who pray on the naive or vulnerable..

Maybe they’ve already got to you when you were first starting out? …Those sleazeballs are lurking everywhere in this game.

Or are they?

Oh you’re an Internet marketer..?

Let me say this compadre.. there’s a difference between demonstrating what you’ve achieved – after weeks or months of solid work, in order to prove that you’re the real deal.. rather than throwing around wild claims that anybody can achieve the same mega-results as you. Yep, there’s two types of marketers.. so which one are you gonna be?

I’ve noticed a steady decrease in the amount of product launches that use wild income claims.

Now, maybe I’m looking in the wrong places.. that the number of products is still the same.. and it’s just that affiliates are being more responsible and selective about what they choose to promote.

Either way, I’m convinced that the landscape has changed and even newbies understand that yes, this is the Internet, and no it’s not a mysterious and magical tool that can be used to generate millions overnight. Oh how silly of us when we all thought it was possible back in 2004!

It is possible to do well online.. but not the instant millions that you’ve been promised.. that is, not unless you’ve put in years of hard work already and built a business that can leverage that kind of affiliate or email-list muscle.

Are all income claims bad? You might ask..

Well no, I don’t believe that all income claims are a bad thing… while they can be faked, and all claims should be taken with a pinch of salt, regardless of who’s making them..

…I believe there is a difference between selling a fantasy and creating a realistic picture of what’s achievable.

But the sleazy marketer will elude to – if not outright promise that you.. yes you, can see the same results, by simply purchasing the product.

The responsible marketer will make it crystal clear to you that you.. yes you, will have to knuckle down and work hard, and even then, there are still no guarantee of results.

And that’s the truth.

You might follow along step-by-step, you might even duplicate the exact same campaign that you’ve seen someone else do.. and see different results.


Because the Internet is a moving, changing beast.. from one minute to the next things are in constant motion. PPC costs fluctuate.. search volumes increase.. there are so many variables to take into account, it’s impossible to duplicate anything exactly.

While the sleazy marketer wants to keep you worried about the minor details.. like the colour of your ‘buy button’, or something equally as mundane.. the responsible marketer wants you to see the bigger picture, to consider the sustainability of what you’re doing.. to plan the growth of your business for years to come, and not just for a few days at a time until his or her next shiny product is released.

FYI.. if you’re currently wondering about which colour to use on your buy buttons, I’ve got some news for you… it doesn’t matter.

The colour isn’t going to determine sales – it’s actually about contrast; how well it stands out on the page and how easily it’s seen.

Make it bold, make it clear, that’s it. Nobody is going to refuse your product because they want the buy button to be red instead of orange.

It’s a ridiculous debate.

While it is in your best interests to test and find out what works for you.. you should be encouraged to test every part of your marketing strategy and track how each change influences everything else.

And here’s another thing the sleazy marketer doesn’t want you to know…

Ultimately your success only comes down to you.

Some people aren’t cut out for this stuff, some people aren’t meant to run their own business.

And that’s what ‘this thing of ours’ is; a business. Uh oh.. Did I just go all Mafia there?

Oh well, my point is that not everybody can do it.. some people, most people in fact, need the illusion of security that a job can provide.

Illusion? Yep, there’s nothing secure about working for somebody else, ‘job security’ doesn’t exist anymore.

The thought of having a self-sufficient income is too great a responsibility for most people.

We’re flying solo here, there is no safety net..

That can be terrifying… but ultimately rewarding for the brave few.

And it doesn’t happen overnight. It comes as a result of hard work.. I’ll give you an example..

The first day that I saw five-figure profits was actually the result of weeks of hard graft.. long gruelling days and long sleepless nights – without any immediate return. That money flooded in during a 24 hour period. Yep, all of it.

That’s right, in order to make those five figures ‘in a day’, it took weeks of keeping my nose to the grindstone.. for what – at the time certainly felt like unpaid work… and this is what the sales pages won’t tell you.

If you like taking time-off, if you chilled-out weekends, if you like taking holidays, well you’re out of luck – for a while anyway.

Welcome to the reality of online business.

OK, it’s an amazing feeling when you see your effort pay off and you realise you’ve put all this work in, effectively to make all your cash in the space of a few hours. But there are still no guarantees, and while you’re working your ass off in order to get that big pay-day it’s a damn scary road to walk down.

See? It’s just like any other business.. almost.. well, apart from not having to rent a bricks and mortar shop or office space, or keeping pallets of stock, or having insurance to worry about.. or any of the other stuff those offline businesses need.

So in that respect, we’ve got it relatively easy when compared to traditional businesses.

All we need is an idea, a domain name and some web space. Oh and traffic.

Everything we need is cheap and readily available.

We don’t need any real technical know-how, and we can set up and hit the ground running with a brand new business.. literally in a few minutes if we want to.

So the barrier to entry is low, the risk is low, and the potential rewards can be attractive.

It’s just a shame that so many marketers choose to focus on the dream instead of the reality – which in itself is still a highly desirable one, if you’re prepared to work for it.

What do you think? Did you find this useful or am I way off? Let me know in the comments below. 

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