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Landing Page Experiment Results with 62% Conversion Rate

In today’s video I’m going to show you how I’ve increased my email opt-in rate to 62%, with one simple change I made to my landing page.

So you can model that if you want to, and get more people to subscribe to your mailing list.

The Standard Conversion Rate

A question I hear all the time is “what’s a good conversion rate for email opt-ins?”.

This is something that varies widely from industry to industry, according to a study conducted by WordStream, the average landing page conversion rate across all industries is just 2%. While the top landing pages are converting at 11%.

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, if you run an ecommerce store, you can probably expect a very low opt-in rate. And that’s ok, because it’s more than likely that people visiting your store aren’t coming there to hand over their email address in exchange for something, so it all balances out.

But if you’re in the information business, like a blog, where people expect to get extra stuff from you for free, then your conversion rate is probably going to be a lot higher.

Test, Test & Test Some More

Have a look at this.

Here we are in the WordPress dashboard on one of my websites. And there you can see today’s conversion rate is 78% but that’s not what I want to show you, so you can ignore that. What I do want to show you is this. Have a look at all these conversion rates ok.

Each one of these is an opt-in form, on a landing page that I’ve been testing. I think there are probably around 10 pages here, and each one is testing something different.

And the only number that really matters here is the conversion rate of each opt-in form. I mean we can pour as much traffic as we like on any of these landing pages but the only thing we need to be concerned with is the percentage of people subscribing to the mailing list.

Let’s go through it. Let’s find out what works.

They’re Wising Up

Now, the best strategy, my number one tip I can share with you is, to have a genuine reason for asking for an email address. This is something nobody is really doing because we’ve been told that the best way to build a list is to just offer an ethical bribe, a lead magnet, in exchange for the email address.

And it is, but we have to start changing how we frame it.

I’ll give you an example ok. Everybody’s offering a lead magnet, right? Practically every blog you see has got one. But think about it, do people really need to give us their email address, just so they can download a PDF document or watch a video? No, they don’t.

So what we’ve been doing is breaking their normal activity of surfing the web, clicking from page to page, and we’re forcing them to go to their inbox, wait for the email, so they can click a link, which just takes them back

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