Persuasive Phrases to Boost Conversion Rate

12 Persuasive Phrases to Boost Conversion Rates

Today I’m gonna give you 12 persuasive phrases that you can instantly use to increase your conversion rate.

We when we go through this process, every single persuasive phrase that we use HAS to be clear and concise.

And for that reason we use very simple language patterns.

Simple language patterns resonate with people on a much deeper level than throwing in jargon or complicated phrases.

Personally, I suspect one of the reasons is because the brain doesn’t have to do as much processing in order to understand what’s being said.

So if you want to increase your conversion rate just put these phrases to good use.

The 12 Persuasive Phrases

“If you want to…”
“That’s important because…”
“Heres how you can…”
“The end result is…”
“What that means for you is…”
“The bottom line is…”
“This is why…”
“Imagine if…”
“Let me explain…”
“Picture a time when…”
“What happens next is…”
“What would it mean if…”

So there you go, you now have 12 persuasive phrases that you can just copy and paste directly into your sales copy

And when you do, you will be able to convey your message clearly and boost your conversion rates.