Newbie Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Newbie Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Today I’m going to give you the blueprint you can use to fix your affiliate marketing problems, increase your opt-in rate, and allow you to virtually print money on demand. This is an affiliate marketing framework that people are achieving a conversion rate of 80% with. Personally I have never achieved more than 76%, but […]

3 Mistakes that are Killing Your Sales

3 Mistakes that are Killing Your Sales

Most people screw up their sales copy, but are you one of them? I’m gonna show you what most people get wrong and the 3 most common mistakes people make that kill their sales. So let’s get down into it. What’s the Point of Sales Copy? Firstly, what is sales copy REALLY all about? What […]

Website Traffic Checklist – 9 ways to get ore Website Traffic

Website Traffic Checklist

TodayI’m going to give you a checklist that you can use to drive more traffic to your website. There are about 8 or 9 key points that I want to cover, so let’s go through them. Email Your List The first tip, and we will cycle back to this at the very end, once you […]

Facebook Removes ‘Audience Reach Estimates’ for Custom Audiences

Facebook Removes 'Audience Reach Estimates' for Custom Audiences

A massive Facebook exploit has been discovered and it’s gonna impact the way advertisers use the platform. Facebook has now stopped showing Audience Reach Estimates for any campaign that’s using a Custom Audience as part of the targeting. The exploit potentially allows data brokers to build comprehensive profiles of individuals inside Custom Audiences. Considering the […]

Increase Sales with Conversational Marketing

Increase Sales with Conversational Marketing

Today I’m gonna give you a really easy way to increase your sales by talking to your website visitors, in real time, so you can have a conversation with them and hopefully convert them into customers. This is called conversational marketing and it’s when you have a live conversation with your prospect through your website […]

Monetize your Blog with Sponsored Posts

Monetize your blog with sponsored posts

Today I’m going to give you a really easy way to monetize your blog and it’s a method that I’ve used to generate hundreds of dollars in the last week alone. I’m going to show you how you can make a lot of money from sponsored posts. This is a highly lucrative strategy, when you […]

Free Conversion Rate Optimization Tool

Today I’m going to tell you about a free tool you can use to optimize your conversion rate. I am talking about a free tool that you can use to optimize your website to get higher conversions. This tool is called HotJar and it’s amazing. What is it? Its like virtually sitting behind your visitors […]

Get Free Traffic from Social Media

Today I’m going to tell you about a tool that you can use to drive free traffic to your website, and help you build a following on social media. I’m talking about a free tool called DrumUp it lets you post to your social media profiles automatically. And it does a bit more than that […]

Sales Funnel Template to Maximise Your Profit

Sales Funnel Template

What’s the best way to convert cold traffic into customers? It’s a sales funnel, so I’m going to give you a sales funnel template that you can use. This post comes as a result of a comment I read on Facebook, which said: “We don’t do sales funnels. When you start to look like everyone […]

Why you Shouldn’t use Article Spinners

Why article spinners are evil

Are article spinners evil? Yes. Should you be using them on your website? No. I’m gonna tell you why you should not be using them. Unethical First of all they’re unethical. And it’s a form of plagiarism. What article spinners is; they take a legitimate article and then swap certain words in an attempt to […]