sales page conversion hacks

6 Sales Page Conversion Hacks

In today’s video I attempt to share 6 sales page conversion hacks in 90 seconds.

Okay, I probably went over the 90 seconds.

Anyway, these hacks can be used for your squeeze pages, opt-in forms, email campaigns, and sales pages.

Don’t use too much Hype

Some hype is good, it gets people excited and it gets people engaged.

But keep it real and keep it believable.

Too much hype will kill your trust and your conversion rate.

Keep it Simple

Make sure your copy is easy to understand.

Use simple language patterns and keep your message is very clear.

Make sure that even a child can understand what you’re saying.

To help you do this Yoast has a WordPress plugin that you can use as you’re writing posts and pages, to help you keep the language at the appropriate reading level.

Remove Choices

Its smart to remove choices from your pages because the more choices that we have the less satisfaction we feel.

Its crazy, right?

It sounds counterintuitive, I know.

So instead of offering multiple offers on one page, or multiple payment options remove them and limit yourself to a maximum of just 3 options per page.

Easy to Scan

Make your copy easy to scan – give people shortcuts to get to the info that they want, quickly.

Use headings, make sure that you have lots of bullet points on your sales pages, and use diagrams where you can.

A high number of people will look at your sales page, scan it and obtain the information they need as quickly as possible.

First Person CTA

Write your call-to-actions in the first person.

You can increase the number of clicks on your call-to-action button receives by a shocking 24%.

Use words like “I”, “me”, and “my”.

Instead of saying something like “sign up now”, you might want to say something like “send me free weekly updates” – and notice in this example we’ve also included the frequency as well (that provides another benefit that entices people to click).

Never Stop Testing

The final one; test, test and test some more.

Never stop testing your sales copy.

It’s a little bit like tuning a radio.

You turn things one way and measure the results. If it’s not giving you the results that you want move things in the opposite direction.

Once you’ve got people buying or converting, then do more of that because it’s working.

So there you go, that’s 6 conversion hacks in (probably more than) 90 seconds.

If you found this useful then share it with people who might also benefit from it.