Boost Your Conversion Rate

Boost Your Conversion Rate by 34%

Today I’m going to show you how you can increase your conversion rate by 34% with one simple change to your website.

This technique is called Click Triggers – a term that was coined by copywriter Joanna Wiebe, who’s experienced a 34% increase in conversions, as a result.

Its simple to do and it just involves putting extra information around a button, so it will persuade people to click it.

The great thing about this is; it will work on any button on your website, subscribe buttons, a home page button, a buy button, etc.

How do Click Triggers Work?

Click Triggers create curiosity about what is behind the button.

They inject a emotional triggers into the experience.

They can also alleviate anxiety and fear about what’s behind the button.

And this will of course increase your click-through rates.

What are Click Triggers?

So what kinds of click triggers can we use?

We can use testimonials, as a form of social proof to demonstrate that the button is safe to click – other people have clicked it and had good results.

We can use risk minimiser’s, and they tells people what happens next – so they might receive an email from you immediately after clicking.

We can use privacy messages, so you might have an anti-spam statement on there.

You could include star ratings.

Maybe showing off some statistics might be a good idea – using data is a proven way to boost your conversion rates.

You can include guarantees.

Why not show payment options – have credit card icons let people know they need to buy.

Or you could list some benefits.

An Example of Click Triggers

Click Triggers

An example could be something like; you put a short one-sentence testimonial directly underneath the Submit button.

Or a very common use of Click Triggers, and this is one that I love using on my buy buttons, is having credit card icons directly underneath.

This tells my customers what to expect when they click that button, it tells them that they’re going to need to get their credit card ready.

Another example could be on a squeeze page; you might have a couple of benefits listed directly next to the button.

But listen, it is entirely up to you.

Test Various Click Triggers

However you choose to use these click triggers is cool, and they will most likely boost your conversion rate.

So do play around with them and test them out.

Test against your control version, then split test multiple variants, and let me know what kind of results you get.

I would love to use your website as a case study, that way the whole community can benefit from it too.