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The Profit Academy is a members-only program that delivers exclusive step by step videos to people who are truly serious about growing an online business. 

  • Fresh traffic strategies nobody is talking about
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Step 1: Increase Your Traffic

Student Case Study #1: Consistent Traffic

What would organic traffic like this mean to your website?

Discover free traffic generation strategies 
(Become popular even if you don't have a budget)
Learn the secret to viral traffic
(The formula that anyone can copy)
Get ultra-targeted low cost clicks, like a pro
(Get people who crave your offer)

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Step 2: Grow Your Audience

Student Case Study #2: Rapid List Building

How often would you send promotions?

Skyrocket your targeted leads
(Slick ways to turn website visitors into prospects)
Know exactly what to email, when & how often
Never again worry about annoying your subscribers)
Ready-made copy & paste email campaigns
(Build a profitable relationship with your fans)

Case Study #3: Lots More Subscribers

A/B split test results

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Step 3: Boost Your Sales

Student Case Study #4: Life Changing Conversion Rates

A small tweak can have a big impact

Done for you high converting sales templates
(I've removed all the guesswork & confusion)
New cutting-edge methods that don't feel like selling
(Your customers will enjoy being sold to)
Ethical stealth persuasion techniques that boost sales
(No more grumpy & expensive copywriters)

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You Got Questions? I Got Answers

Is this up to date for 2017 / 2018? 

Do I need to invest in anything? 

What if I need help?

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100% money back guarantee

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Mick Meaney

Hi, I'm Mick! I've been pro blogging since 2004 and I will teach you proven strategies to help you get more website traffic and ethically profit from your passion.