The Best Blog Themes for your WordPress Blog

Big changes for Profit Copilot today as we launch the new website design. So now is the perfect time to share with you the best blog themes for your WordPress blog.

As a result of using these WordPress themes, we’ve made the our blog faster, slicker and easier to use.

Here are both the previous theme and the current themes we’ve used.

I can recommend them both because I have extensive knowledge of each, and know they are solid themes backed by developers that care about their customers.

The previous theme that we were using was called Avada. Let’s take a look at the default version on ThemeForest:

Avada is the highest selling theme on ThemeForest and I can thoroughly recommend it.

It’s a beast.

You can make any kind of website you like.

It makes beautiful looking websites and it comes with the Fusion Builder, an amazing piece of software.

I used this for maybe six or eight months and found it really intuitive and easy to use.

It did everything I needed apart from the automatic detection of YouTube videos which I absolutely need as a massive time saver because as you know I produce a video every single day.

If you’ve seen Profit Copilot over the┬álast few months you’ve probably noticed I’ve been changing things around because it can do so much.

I need to be a little bit more restricted in my creativity because I can kind often run wild.

Download Avada Theme Now


Let me show you the current theme we’re using.

This is called Vlog and as you can see it’s fairly customizable.

I can really recommend this for YouTubers because it automatically pulls in each of your videos as you publish them.

Its fast and it has a handy feature that lets people store videos if they want to watch them later.

Download Vlog Theme Now

Inside the download section of my ThemesForest account I have dozens of theme purchases – I buy them, try them out and ultimately tell myself that they will come in handy for one of my websites at some point in the future.

It’s all nonsense.

I have a massive collection of themes that I don’t use.

So you can be certain that when I do use a theme it’s going to be an absolutely cracking theme.

I always look for themes that are fast to load, easy to use, build on a solid framework, and supported by developers that are willing to swing into action and help if needed.

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