Microphone Test: Blue Yeti vs Zoom H4N

Which is best, the Blue Yeti or the Zoom H4N?

We’re going to find out. Hit play on the video above to hear the difference between both microphones.

The Blue Yeti is a USB microphone, while the Zoom H4N is requires an SD card, so they work in different ways.

I know there is a lot of debate online about which is best so I’ve done a test for you and I’m gonna let you decide for yourself which one is best.

There’s no opinion from me about this.

Because the Zoom H4N requires batteries, I changed all the batteries before starting the video.

And also to make sure its fair I’ve put both mics equal distance from me.

Here are the tech specs for the Blue Yeti:

Blue Yeti Specs

Here are the tech specs for the Zoom H4N:

Zoom H4N Specs

Let me know which one you think is best.

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