What would you like to improve?

Mindset / Productivity 

You need to remove distractions, stop a negative mindset, or focus on giving your business the attention it deserves.

Sales / Conversions

You need to quickly increase your sales, boost the number of people who take action or get more opt-in subscribers.

Email Open Rates

You need to build a solid relationship with your email subscribers, and ensure that you generate more profit as a result.

Video Sales Letters

You need a proven framework that conveys your message clearly, and make your offer seem irresistible to customers.

The 'laptop Lifestyle' Method

Your Secret To Unleashing A Positive Mindset & Unlimited Productivity


3 Video Modules - Runtime: 58 mins

These original videos will help you to build your unique roadmap to get the lifestyle you want, and put an end to distractions, confusion, and frustration. 

  • Learn the exact steps you need to make positive changes
  • Keep focused on what's important and build momentum 
  • Know how to take the right action that gives result
  • Discover the 3 essential keys to long term success
  • And a whole lot more

thought control

Learn Sneaky (But Ethical) Psychological Sales Triggers


6 Video Modules - Runtime: 57 mins

A great introduction to the most powerful ways to boost your sales with 'little known' influence and persuasion techniques. 

  • How to defend yourself against manipulative sales tricks
  • Discover hypnotic trance-like states with NLP
  • Learn how to implant thoughts and feelings
  • See the hidden truth about subliminal advertising
  • And a whole lot more


Engaging email sequences that do all the heavy lifting for you


38 Page PDF
5 Email Templates
Quickstart Video - Runtime: 11 mins

Stop wasting time with low converting emails that your list instantly forgets, and start communicating in ways that are memorable, that inspire and motivate your subscribers to become customers. 

  • The most profitable frameworks for your emails
  • The 4 ways to command trust, respect & admiration 
  • Turn subscribers into raving fans who crave your emails
  • Done for you email templates
  • And a whole lot more

slamdunk video sales letter

Say all the right things, in the right order


35 Page PDF
Includes 14-Step VSL Template

Video helps you sell more, period. But writing a high converting video sales letter can be a mystery, and expensive. So before you spend $2,000+ on a copywriter, try this instead. 

  • Discover the 14 steps to crafting the perfect VSL
  • Learn professional video secrets, even on a budget
  • Increase your conversion rate with a proven framework
  • Done for you VSL outline
  • And a whole lot more


Profit Copilot

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