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"Unlock The Jealously-Guarded Secrets That Give My Students A Daily 500% Boost In Sales, For Free"

(Even if you're completely new)

Yes, the rumours are true; I really have made THE MOST controversial 'profit framework' for you...

...which means you're in reaching distance of the ONLY sales education you'll ever need...​

But listen, you don't NEED hype when results like this speaks for itself:

See how to get 'jaw-dropping results' like this.. case study from student Mrs Green

...YOU can bet your bottom dollar that being influential & persuasive is the key to success, right?

Right! And it's easy to do when you know the RIGHT buttons to push, in the right order.

So can you imagine the profit you could make from using these powerful techniques for yourself?  

..Well, now you can by JUST focusing on the stuff that works, and nothing else.

Ever wondered how to write SIMPLE hypnotic patterns to put customers into suggestible trance states? 

It's an easy 3-step sequence that ANYBODY can use, even if you've never written before. 

And what if you had a NEW type of persuasion that feels like 'subliminal messaging' on steroids? 

Oh... and what if I also showed you how to KEEP more of what you make by reducing your refund rate?

Do you think ANY of this would be useful to you?

When you join today you'll ​discover covert persuasion methods that let you sell almost ANYTHING to anybody...

EVEN if you hate the idea of selling, or have never sold anything before:

  • New cutting-edge ways for you to sell without being "cheesy, salesy or weird". 
  • Take shortcuts with "just get it done" copy & paste frameworks and templates. 
  • "Results-driven" videos so you ALWAYS see a solid return on investment. 

And soon you'll realize why my students even say this is "the stuff most copywriters don't know":

  • The secret to creating irresistible content that your prospects will LOVE you for.
  • Hijack thought patterns and know exactly how your customers WANT to be sold to.
  • How to quickly get a cult-like following that commands loyalty and trust.

Think about how EXCITING it feels to see your conversion rate soar by 500%  - this is what it felt like for me..

First, you're completely unaware that your mouth has dropped open.. you ONLY realize it when you feel the dry air hit inside your mouth... of course you swallow to take away the roughness of your tongue, but the smoothness doesn't last..

...A slight tingle washes over you.. you feel the blood draining from your face... every beat of your heart races sooner than the last, faster and faster it beats.. you become light headed.. the anticipation is RISING... it begins to hit you... the palms of your hands now moist, you almost pinch yourself just to MAKE SURE this is real..

The adrenaline starts to flood.. the tension mounts.. the excitement builds... your legs have turned to JELLY..

..and then ...uncontrollably...

...it erupts; an avalanche of blissful endorphins rushing through your veins... This is your EUREKA moment! Everything has clicked into place, you understand it all, it all makes sense. 

...Finally, as the euphoria begins to fade, you notice a sense of gentle calm remains, a steadiness. It's now pride you feel, knowing you've finally done it, this time is different, you know that from now on everything is going to be OK. 

When you get consistent, reliable and predictable results, month after month like this, you have reason to celebrate. 

Every morning you practically jump out of bed, almost ​ecstatically, just to checking your overnight sales...

And that's without any extra advertising, which means you've gained it all entirely from your current set-up.

So how many ways would something like this improve your business? Per day, how much would this be worth to you?

Stop wasting money

Get higher conversion rates from less advertising.

No experience Needed

Even newbies can quickly get outstanding results. 

Stop the guesswork

Stick to a proven framework that guides you step by step. 

Now you can stop manipulative sales techniques being used on you

Rock-solid recommendations

"Many of these techniques are new"

"I cannot believe all the things you have put into this.

"Many of these techniques are new and have not populated the web yet.

"What does this mean for you?

"It means less saturation and more money".

Ivan Zhang, Novus App 

"This is one of the best"

"My brain is thumping with new ideas I can't wait to implement into my sales copy! I've read at least a dozen print books, and even more e-books, on copywriting ... this is one of the best.

"Mick spells out some excellent psychological tactics, and puts it into easy-to-digest chunks that make it easy to understand".

Dennis Gaskill, i-webmaster.org

"This is what most copy writers don't know"

"Mick is killing some people's business by revealing their secrets. This is just what one needs today to force site visitors to bring out their credit cards.

"Quite frankly, I like the secrets Mick reveals. Very juicy. This is what most copy writers don't know.

​"If you apply these techniques to your sales pages, you are going to remarkably help your conversion rate upward.

"Yes, you can boost your conversion rate by 500%".

Enstine Muki, Blogger and PHP Developer 

Since 2009 our products have been awarded Product of the Day or equivalent on all these platforms

The 500% Formula

See how my students are increasing their conversion rates by 500%. 

Grab Attention

Get more people to read your message and take immediate action.

Stealth NLP

One of the most coveted & profitable skills all copywriters crave. 

Cult-Like Following

Quickly turn visitors into loyal followers who rave about your brand.

Buying Urges

Trigger psychological urges that make your products irresistible to buy. 

'Psychic' Bonding

Make your prospect feel like your content is uniquely made for him / her. 

Beyond Subliminal

Under the radar techniques that shatter customer defenses.

Rare Sales Strategies

Increase your bottom line  by just making small & simple changes. 

Hypnosis & Trance

Proven techniques applied to digital marketing for the first time.

This is perfect for...

Affiliate Marketers

If you're involved with any kind of list-building or email marketing, your opt-ins and open rates can skyrocket.

Product Creators

From physical books, ebooks and digital content, you'll know how to make the benefits clearer to see.


You can quickly get more traction online, with the secret to making addictive, share-worthy  content.

Offline Business

Building rapport and trust is essential to offline success, here's everything you need to influence prospects, fast.

Video Marketers

Use my 'cult-like' methods to grow a tribal audience who become raving fans.


You'll discover how to squeeze the maximum amount of profit, without expenditure. 

This isn't for people who expect to make overnight millions or who don't want to put any effort in.​ This is only for people who are serious about building a reputable business that you can be proud of.

 I've also designed this so you can literally recoup your investment within days...

You'll never be stuck for ideas, stare at a blank page or wonder what to write again...

Or to put it another way...

Chances are you secretly KNOW you're not reaching your full potential yet..

...You know it's possible, but JUST out of reach.. 

I've been there too and understand how frustrating it feels...

..Sometimes it feels slightly embarrassing, but at other times you feel like a COMPLETE failure.. like a TOTAL disappointment to the people around you, that you're letting them down..

​It's soul-destroying.

And all the worry is enough to keep you awake at night, the second guessing... the wondering if you're on the right path...

...the worst part is you can ONLY IMAGINE what they're saying behind your back​..

It was no fun. But deep inside I KNEW I could do better, I deserved ​to have success too.. to make my family feel confident in me and my achievements, so I CAN feel proud of myself..

Well, the good news is you can start doing that today.

Even if you're only reaching 20% of your full potential...

Let's make it crystal clear... 

Here's what that 20% actually looks like.. 

Your Current 20%

It's not much is it, when you realize what you could be getting?

So when you increase the conversion rate by 500% it starts to look like this...

What 500% More Looks Like With My Training

But we're talking about real people.. your leads and customers...

At best, you're probably only getting 20% of what you should get

Listen, as you read every word of this page, sales are slipping through your fingers RIGHT NOW.

You're leaving money on the table.

And you already know the only way to STOP that is to take immediate action.

So in a minute let's explore your options...

But first, I'm willing to bet that you're not getting anywhere CLOSE to the level of sales you deserve?

I'm also willing to bet that a 500% increase would ACTUALLY pay the membership fee for you, possibly MANY times over?

And when you think about it, instead of costing a penny, your membership can make money for YOU - isn't that EXACTLY what any solid investment should do?

So in reality there's nothing to lose because the ONLY outcome is that you gain from this. 

Let's get back to your options...

Becoming a member isn't your only option..

You could increase your advertising budget and HOPE that you've thrown enough money at the wall to see a return on your investment... it's a common (but wasteful) strategy. 

...Or you could hire an OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive ad agency or copywriter...

And that's a popular choice for people with unlimited funds..

But I'll let you in on a little secret...

Most ad agencies and marketers want things to look complicated, so you HAVE to hire them. 

Even a newbie copywriter will set you back a couple of thousand, while a 'good' copywriter.. who actually knows what they're doing, will cost you AT LEAST... 10,000 per sales page. 

And you'll still have to hand them a percentage of your earnings EACH month. 

That only makes sense if you're ALREADY banking **tens of thousands** in profit a month, right?

And we haven't even mentioned paying for MULTIPLE versions to split-test, and let's not even think about the costs involved when you NEED to double-up for each capture page, email sequence, upsell, ad copy for Facebook, solo ads, swipe material for your affiliates, etc... the list JUST goes on and on

As you can see, when you do things PROPERLY, and keep a consistent message across your entire campaign, your costs can quickly spiral out of control. 

What's the solution?

It's simple. You capitalize on your EXISTING traffic and streamline the sales process. 

You can STOP wasting time and money.

Just follow my step by step instructions and get at least 500% more conversions, for A FRACTION of the typical cost.

So INSTEAD of paying through the nose for semi-effective advertising and expensive copywriters, you can use MY proven framework and repeat it ANYTIME you want... you can even kick start a new career and charge premium rates to write sales copy for others and show-off your new found skills.

Besides using this to boost your bottom line, you can SAVE tens of thousands of dollars each time you use my techniques. 

In fact, you'll see a deconstruction of how I built a buyers email list of over 3,000 customers from scratch.

You'll see how, pretty much BY ACCIDENT, I created that highly lucrative email base:

  • As a TOTAL newbie with no connections, list or stuff to sell.
  • Having NO CLUE how to write sales copy.
  • And without A SINGLE affiliate promoting for me.

When I SAY you don't need any experience, I absolutely mean it.

You're probably already miles ahead of me from when I first started out. And EVEN if you're not, I've got your back.

"This will help you to create more effective sales pages"

​"Regardless of your current skills and experience, this will help you to create more effective sales pages.

"Even with authors like Joe Sugarman and Joe Vitale in mind, Mick manages to add value by focussing on the entire thought process".

Hans M, Business Architect.

"It will educate you in as short of time as possible"

"It not only promises this but it ACTUALLY delivers.

"A refined sales process, or learning how to do it, can take years of work in the sales and marketing field but Mike has created an easy-to-digest product that will educate you in as short of time as possible.

"Packed with information that can REALLY make a difference to your future a success. Whether you've got your own product, or want to sell someone else's, this is what you need to get you on your way to a highly converting sales page.

"Definitely recommended!"

Jojo Sumar, Wait30days 

"Mick is one of the most honest marketers I've met"

"I highly recommend this product because of the quality of the information and the integrity of the man teaching it.

​"If you want to stop hemorrhaging money and actually see a return on your investment, this is for you.

​"Mick is one of the most honest marketers I've met".

Zach Waldman, Magician & Comedian

A look inside the membership

Weekly Videos

Get habitual about making profit with these weekly videos. 


Just copy what works get the results you want. 


Drill down and unlock profit you didn't know was possible. 

Designed so YOU CAN GET consistent, regular & dependable revenue with my easy to follow and clearly defined action-plans, videos and templates.

Take shortcuts to get the results YOU DESERVE quickly without frustration, confusion or guesswork. 

Here's JUST SOME of what you're going get:

  • Let's get your head in the game and GET the mindset for success.
  • The no.1 secret that can dramatically increase YOUR revenue.
  • The 4 essential steps YOU NEED to take the leap forward.
  • 5 key ELEMENTS to scaling and growing your business for stable, long term profits.
  • Reverse the script so buyers are BEGGING you to take them on as clients.
  • Grab and HOLD the immediate attention of your prospect.
  • Make sure only the people who want to BUY to engage with you.
  • INFLUENCE prospects to read all of your sales pages, from top to bottom.
  • How to AVOID whimpy headlines that make you look weak
  • The 4 'never fail' shortcuts that MOTIVATE your prospect to take immediate action. 
  • Control the outcome of almost ANY situation with NLP.
  • The 5 'must see' components of using NLP for PROFIT.
  • Discover how ALL viral marketing campaigns use NLP to become successful.
  • How to IMPLANT thoughts and opinions to your customers.
  • Defend yourself AGAINST unethical and manipulative sales tricks.
  • Discover radical HYPNOTIC suggestion techniques.
  • Learn how to QUICKLY induce suggestible and trance-like states.
  • See how EASY it is to trigger deep emotional bonds.
  • A shortcut to get your customers to feel TRUST and unity.
  • How to build a cult-like following from the FIRST contact.
  • How to INCREASE conversions simply and quickly with video.
  • EVERYTHING you need to write a profitable video sales letter.
  • The trick to POWERFUL videos even if you hate being on camera.
  • Make your customers FEEL connected to you and your brand.
  • The 6 most powerful emotions to stimulate for QUICK sales.
  • The 4 types of desire that are directly responsible for PROFIT.
  • Easy to remember statements that INSTANTLY command loyalty.
  • Activate the 'impulse to BUY' mechanism. 
  • Amplify spending URGES to make 2 or 3 times as much from a single sale. 
  • Make your emails, articles and products HIGHLY addictive. 
  • Learn the SIMPLE email sequence that creates buying frenzies
  • The SMART way to overcome buyers remorse
  • Make your customers have 'FEEL GOOD' thought patterns. 
  • Learn how to SKILLFULLY turn negatives into positives. 
  • A SIMPLE way to influence beliefs, logic and values. 
  • SPARK a 'near psychic' level of connection
  • Make customers feel mystically 'in tune' with YOU and your products. 
  • Accurately PREDICT customer behaviour ahead of time. 
  • Learn the secret desires that EVERYBODY have but nobody admits. 
  • How to use VITAL stats and information to put your customers 'onside'. 
  • Know WHICH words automatically slay defences and objections. 
  • Go beyond what prospects tell you, & find out what they REALLY want. 
  • See the NEW breed of subliminal messaging that's ethical and even more effective. 
  • The awful TRUTH about subliminal messaging nobody is talking about. 
  • A revolutionary, ethical & legal way to influence that only a SELECT few know. 
  • How SOME businesses are already using this to increase sales by over 70%. 
  • The SIMPLE 3 step approach to selling more
  • How one company increased PROFITS by a mind-boggling 4000%. 
  • Build desire, create tension and make them BUY with urgency. 
  • The 4 ingredients that make customers SPEND like crazy
  • How to ACHIEVE and demonstrate niche authority
  • The 3 little known groups that INFLUENCE consumer behaviour.
  • Understand exactly who you're selling to and make them FEEL GOOD about buying.
  • Resources to UNLOCK vital information about your customer's spending habits.
  • Get inside YOUR customers head and influence their decisions.
  • Melt resistance and objections even BEFORE they appear.
  • EASE customer pain-points, and align yourself with their core values.

And that's JUST in the first couple of months... you get a lot more, plus a few secret extra surprises inside..


When you join TODAY your price is locked-in!
(You will never see a price increase, even while everyone else pays $99 per month!)

But hurry because I'm known to close the door to new members without warning!
(So I can focus on helping you achieve awesome results.)

Not even Willy Wonka keeps his factory doors shut for AS LONG as I do.

Just think how you will FEEL if you come back and see this offer is closed, that all places have gone... How LONG will you kick yourself for?

Psst.. It's been over 2 YEARS since I last accepted new students.
(The waiting list is huge now and places are going fast, SO HURRY!)

Regular Price: $99 per month

Profit Copilot Academy Discount

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Don't miss out on this amazing chance to take your business to the next level.

Once all THESE spots are taken the price will increase for new students.
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Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

Listen, there's no contract and you can cancel anytime.

But this isn't the only product on the market... so why not try those OTHER products, test them all out to compare them.. and then I'll see you back here when you're still looking for something that ACTUALLY delivers and gives you the results you deserve.

And then, even if you still don’t agree this is EASILY worth 10X the cost, just let me know and I'll refund 100% of your investment the very same day. Or log into my website to cancel and you’ll never be billed another dime. You can cancel any time with a single click, plus you can keep EVERYTHING - it's not like you have to return anything or jump through hoops.  This way, the risk is 100% on me.