Profitable Email Marketing with Lead Scoring

Today you’re going to learn an advanced email marketing technique called lead scoring. Even though it is a more advanced technique, I’ve simplified it and made it easy for anybody to understand. If you want to squeeze the maximum amount of profit from your email list, this is how to do it.

What is Lead Scoring and why does it matter?

With lead scoring, we automatically assign a score to each lead based on the actions that they take.

So, valuable actions earn higher scores.

  • For example, if a subscriber opens an email, we might want to give them something like 5 points.
  • If they click on a link, we might give them 10 points.
  • And if they make a purchase, we might want to increase that right up to 20 points.

So, we are effectively tracking the actions that our subscribers take on an individual basis.

  • Use valuable data and metrics

We can then actually get all that data – all those metrics because this is valuable information for us.

  • Then, we can use this data to identify the most qualified subscribers.
  • In turn, we can reward highly engaged subscribers.
  • We can even use this data to predict which subscribers might purchase.
  • We can also use it to clean up our email list.

We can remove low scoring subscribers – the people that are not really engaged in what we do and not very interested in our message.

  • You can also use this to gamify your email lists.

There are dozens of ways we can use this.

How does it work in the real world?

Well, we can use that data and all that metrics to group subscribers into different categories.

For example, we can create a VIP list.

Then, we can give special discounts to those VIPs.

So, we can use this data to prioritize which leads get the fastest support from us.

They’re the ones who are most passionate about what we’re doing.

Therefore, they deserve our attention more than low scoring leads.

This, in turn gives us:

  • High open rates
  • High CTR rates
  • High conversion rates

When we’re speaking specifically to people who are passionate about what we’re doing. They’re going to click and open up emails.

Meaning, we get high conversion rates.

Which gives us bragging rights – we can say like “we’ve achieved a 30 % conversion rate on this offer.” 

Follow along and copy me

I’m going to create a scoring system in real-time, live for you right now. So you can follow up and copy me.

I’m using Kartra for this.

It has the most advanced automations and behavioural response.

So let’s go ahead and use that.

Using Kartra

Here I am in one of the sequences inside Kartra.

As you can see here, I’ve got different steps that my subscribers need to take.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\1.PNG

Then, we’ve got different sub-sequences here which we don’t need to delve into.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\2.PNG

In fact, we’re just going to focus on the very first email.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\3.PNG

You can repeat this across all your emails and all your interactions that you want your subscribers to take.

I’m just going to show you how to do it.

Steps involved

  1. We go to edit inside the step.

Here, we can see all the details subscribers will receive immediately after they subscribe.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\5.PNG

Then, as you can see, I’m split testing this one at the moment.

  1. We want to go now to automation.

Here we have an automation that I’ve already programmed into it.

So if lead clicks on any link inside these emails, it moves them to the next step in the secrets.

  1. So I’m going to hit edit.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\6.PNG

  1. Then, we hit on new automation.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\8.PNG

This is really simple.

  1. Let’s say if a lead opens this email. We select this option.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\9.PNG

Then, we click add.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\9b.PNG

  1. Then, scroll down to points give points.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\9c.PNG

  1. Then, give them 5 points.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\9d.PNG

Hit add. Then, hit save.

So, there you can see the automation has been done.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\10 automation has been done.PNG

Now, if a lead opens this email, they get 5 points.

We can repeat that over and over again for as many actions as we like.

  • We can add more points if they click on a link.
  • More points if they purchase more.
  • More points if they open another email and click another link.
  • Then we can group leads into different categories and treat those categories based on the actions and the points that our subscribers have scored.

That’s pretty easy, right?

It’s simple to do. Anyone can do it.

How are you going to get more email subscribers on your list?

I’ve got free training for you.

It’s a free course that you can get.

It’s going to give you at least three secret traffic methods that you’ve probably not seen before.

Every method that I cover is completely free. So none of this is going to cost you a penny.

You don’t have to pay for the training.

You don’t have to pay for the traffic sources themselves.

There’s nothing for you to invest!

Everything is for free and you can get that when you go to:

6 Weird Email Subject Lines That Increase Open Rates

Today I’m going to give you six email subject lines that convert like crazy and then I’m going to show you a successful campaign that I’ve developed.

You can use this as a template or as inspiration for your own email campaigns.

So let’s go straight into my autoresponder and have a look at some of the six best performing headlines that I have used.

Email subject lines

This is not the Profit Copilot email list, this is one of my lists in the independent news niche – I have adapted and tested these headlines across multiple lists so I know they work.

My Highest Open Rates

The highest open rate we have received has come from Mick Meaney vs The Establishment. Now I’m going to get into why that works in a second but let me run you through some of the other subject lines that I’ve got for you.

Here they are:

  • The moment I realized it was all a scam
  • The Deadly Threat The Mainstream Media Refuse to Report
  • Mick Meaney vs The Establishment
  • Warmongers Have Opened Pandora’s Box
  • You won’t believe the awful truth about Monsanto
  • How The Elite and Greedy Corporations Are Destroying Thousands Of Years Of Agriculture

If you go to use any of the subject lines, what I want you to do is adapt it to your niche.

My Formulas

Use these formulas:

“The Moment I Realized It Was All A Scam”

Think about the ultimate worst instance that could happen to somebody in your niche.

So, The moment you realized _____ – put in the worst possible thing that could happen.

“The Deadly Threat The Mainstream Media Refuse To Report”

Here you could say; The Deadly Threat That {-Dissociative Group-} – (a group that your prospects hate) – Refuse To Tell You.

We have different groups that prospects either wants to join or wants to avoid.

Dissociative groups are the groups that people try to stay away from. They do not want to be associated with those groups – as opposed to aspirational groups, the groups that they do want to be associated with.

There’s a push and pull thing happening.

I’m actually going to go through some of these in a bit more detail.

“Warmongers Have Opened Pandora’s Box”

So who is the dissociative group that your niche wants to blame?

“You won’t believe the awful truth about Monsanto”

Again I’m highlighting dissociative groups.

“How The Elite and Greedy Corporations Are Destroying Thousands Of Years Of Agriculture”

In other words; how are the dissociative group destroying something precious in your niche?

Use this as a template to increase your open rates.

And you may have noticed something interesting. All of these subject lines I’m using cause rubbernecking.

Think about the times you’ve driven past an accident on the road and you turned to look at it, that’s rubbernecking.

We use that emotion – that natural desire to turn and have a look, because all these subject lines only serve one purpose and that is to get people to open the email.

And that’s why they have such a high open rate.

The Email Content

Let’s have a look at the content of one of the emails.

Subject line: Mick Meaney vs The Establishment

Body: Listen Bob, as you know, I’ve been warning you about the dangers of the Establishment since 2005.

And now THIS has happened.

Doesn’t it just make your blood boil?

Tell everyone you know,


Let me show you what is happening here. Let’s really break it down; the first thing to pay attention to, is the subject line.


Readers will be attracted to this conflict that someone they know is about to embark on or is currently involved with, and it’s the conflict that they are drawn to.

The vs is very important because that tells them there is a conflict, there is a fight going on, there is something to watch, there is some kind of entertainment for them to look at.

This creates a lot of curiosity and it also creates an element of polarization because you have this ‘You vs Them’ structure.

People will naturally want to take a side and they will be drawn to this to decide which side they want to take, even if they already know on a subconscious level that they are going to side with you because you are attacking the dissociative group, or the dissociative group is attacking you.

That is why this subject line works so well.

It could be Profit Copilot vs Scam Artists or Profit Copilot vs Fake Gurus. So hopefully you can see how this structure works.

Let’s have a look at the actual body. Now, this is where things get really interesting and I’m going to have to break it down for you line by line.

I’m going to make it really simple but there are some very advanced psychological tactics going on here and a heck of a lot of persuasion.

The Psychology of NLP

You’ll see why every word on this email has earned its place.

That’s something John Carlton says; every word has to earn its place.

So I’m going to show you exactly why each word has earned its place on this email.

This is important. If you know anything about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), you will know that we exist in many different states.

One of those states is an auditory state, so we want to appeal to that. We want to acknowledge that because when somebody is reading, instead of being in a visual state as you might think.

Every Word Serves A Purpose

They are actually engaging their internal dialogue and that is an auditory track. So they are listening to themselves read the email.

We want to acknowledge that and increase the suggestibility. So we say, “Listen“. This is NLP trick or technique I suppose, and then we give them the first name because someone’s name is the sweetest sound they can hear.

We are engaging them in two ways immediately. As soon as they start reading the email, it’s like this psychological persuasion hook that just scoops them in and pulls them further into the body of the email.

Then, “as you know“. We break this down further because we want to increase the suggestibility here. We want to almost compliment them. We play to the ego a little bit. Just a little bit, by saying you already know this, we are not telling you anything new here because you are smart, you are with it.

And in doing so, we are increasing there suggestibility because of course, they know. They will be nodding along, “yes, I am aware of that“.

Then we go down to, “I’ve been warning you“. This positions you as a leader. This copy is all very suggestible and agreeable.

About the dangers of“. Here you put in the disassociative group, or it could be an idea. And it also does something else too. It also tells them that you care about their welfare.

So, I’ve been warning you about the dangers of dissociative group. So you care about their welfare, you are interested in their progress or them as people. You are looking out for them.

Then we have, “since“. This is another really important element because here you are providing historical evidence. You are creating the illusion of stability and consistency.

And then towards the end of the email, you say, “And now THIS happened“. The word THIS will be a hyperlink and the sole purpose of this is to trigger curiosity and to get them to click the link.

Doesn’t it just make your blood boil?” Again curiosity, so we are really laying it on thick here, it’s the rubbernecking thing.

Then, “Tell everyone you know“. Here we are asking for further action. We are creating momentum so it’s a small call to action and you’re almost embracing a level of activism, and that is one of the ways I structured my emails and you can use this as a template.

Why This Works

The main things to include is the rubbernecking, the curiosity factor to put a little bit of ego in there, and suggestibility in there.

Find a way to increase the momentum, get them to become part of something, to embrace a mission that they can help you with. If you give people a role. If you assume a role for someone there is an increased chance that they will accept that role and then go ahead and take the action that you want them to. So here you are creating a little bit of a role for them.

You’re playing to the ego a little bit. You’re creating an Us vs Them situation. You are polarizing things. Basically, you’re almost forcing them to take a side, and of course, because you are using the dissociative group, they are going to side with you. This will help align your email list and your prospects further to you and your cause.

Of course, it also helps if you really do believe what you’re emailing about. So, be genuine. Find the cause. Find something in your niche that you genuinely believe in, because if you conduct this kind of stuff on a regular basis and you don’t really believe in what you’re doing, people will just see through that and they will go listen to somebody else who will give them that authenticity that they need.

Increase Squeeze Page Conversion Rate

5 Ninja Squeeze Page Tactics For A Higher Conversion Rate

Increase Squeeze Page Conversion Rate

If you’ve ever wondered ‘how do I increase my conversion rate?’ we’ve got some stellar stealth tactics to help you do just that. We’ll focus on time-tested and proven methods to help you reach your objectives. Here are 5 absolutely Ninja tactics to help you increase your conversions on your squeeze pages.

5 Tips To Improve Squeeze Page Conversions

1. A/B Testing

Also known as split testing this is a method of comparing 2 different versions of the same web pages to see which one performs better. Top websites use this very same feature to improve their conversions and so can you. If you’ve built your website on the WordPress platform you can also use plug-ins to help you manage your A/B tests better. We highly recommend you use the plug-in thrive optimize because it’s free, easy to use, and has a ton of exciting features. The variations in each web page don’t even need to be too drastically different, you can change the colors, images, call-to-action text, one by one to see which web page variation give you the best results. Keep performing the tests and refining the variables on a page till you’ve achieved your best combination. Then repeat the cycle. It might take a while to get the results, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort.

2. Keep It Short And Sweet

When considering writing the copy on your squeeze pages, the more precise and concise you make your text the better. It always best to avoid fluff content while focusing on the benefits of your service or product. When you’re making the forms for your squeeze pages keep it to a minimum. Even simply the name and email address will suffice. Put yourself in your customer’s position, would you like to fill out lengthy forms to subscribe to a mailing list, or purchase a product?

3. Provide Alternative Subscription Options

Research shows that 65% of audience prefers using their socials to either sign up, log in, or subscribe. If you don’t provide your audience with these alternatives to subscribe to your mailing list you’re missing out on a lot of potential sign-ups. It’s faster, more intuitive, and the subscription process is literally a one-click process. The more convenient you make it for your guests the more willing they’ll be to subscribe to your mailing list.

4. Use First Person CTA’s

Using call to action buttons like ‘Submit’, ‘Subscribe’, and ‘Sign-Up’ are a thing of the past. People are looking for a more proactive call to action which really speaks to them. Using the first person CTA is one of the most underutilized tactics even though it provides such stunning results is because so few people know about it. Use a CTA like ‘ Yes, I would Like To Make Money Online’ or ‘Yes, I’d like X benefit’ and see how drastically your results from the squeeze page starts improving.

5. Define Your Privacy Policy

Including a privacy policy is not only beneficial to your conversion rates, it is also now mandatory for you to follow the GDPR regulations. In this day and age, people want their data to be absolutely secure and they’re not willing to compromise on this aspect. Assuring them about what you plan to do with their data and how you intend to protect it. Allowing them to quickly access your privacy policy before the click subscribe can really help build confidence in the subscribers.


Using these 5 exciting tactics you will surely see a bump in the number of users signing up for your mailing list. If you need more assistance of how to drive traffic to your website or other related details, check out other content on our website. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

4 Day Cash Machine - Frank Kern

The 4 Day Cash Machine by Frank Kern

4 Day Cash Machine - Frank Kern

Last updated January 2021

Today you’re going to learn how to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level quickly.

This is one of the most profitable email marketing campaigns in the entire history of Internet marketing. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the original 4 Day Cash Machine system, popularised by Frank Kern in his ground-breaking Mass Control course.

What Is The 4 Day Cash Machine?

The 4 Day Cash Machine is a simple system anyone can use to boost their online business profits. The 4 Day Cash Machine, is a system that was originally created by a marketer known as Trey Smith.

The system was later made popular by Trey’s cousin, another well known marketer by the name of Frank Kern. Jeff Walker product launch guru, sometimes refers to the system as the quick launch system.

It’s a system that allows any online marketer to get a spike in profits in their business in just 4 days. If you’ve built up an email list, then it’s the simplest way for you to create an automated income in just a few days.

The 4 Day Cash machine is a email campaign that’s built around urgency. This is urgency is the trigger used to create a buying frenzy. Basically, you set up a time sensitive email campaign which includes a special offer which lasts for 4 days. When those 4 days are up the offer is closed.

Currently, there are two versions of the 4 Day Cash Machine, but today we’re going to take a look at the original system.

The Original 4 Day Cash Machine

So you set up an email campaign that runs four days. For those four days you’re going to be emailing your list about the special discount offer that you’re having.

Here are the three ingredients for making the system successful:

  • Bonus Stacking
  • A Reason For The Sale
  • A Deadline

We’ll take a look at each below.

Bonus Stacking

The first key is to stack bonuses. For our promotion, we’re going to be creating a special bonus. A bonus is how’ll you push them over the edge and get them to buy. The bonus can be anything that adds to the product or it could be another product which adds value to the package you’re offering.

A Reason for The Sale

The next thing you need to have is a reason for the offer or people will feel like you’re just trying to make a sale. People need a hand in rationalising why you’re running this special offer in the first place.

You see many people don’t trust marketers and if you’ve been online for any time now you would know why. You see, some online marketers use some really weird unethical tricks to try and dupe people into buying their stuff.

In order for us to build trust we must give them a reason for us having the discount sale. When people understand the reason behind your promotion, they’ll be able to better rationalize why it exists which then puts them at ease when deciding to buy.

A Deadline

To add a sense of urgency to your offer, you must have a deadline. In this case the deadline as you might already have guessed is 4 days. In your first email and each email after, you’re going to keep building up this sense of urgency.

To add more urgency to the sale, it’s a good idea to include a countdown timer on your sales page. You should have this countdown timer synchronized with your email campaign.

It’s very simple to accomplish this. Tools like thrive ultimatum or Clickfunnels and even Shopify with some plugins allow you to get this done on your sales page.

What makes the 4 Day Cash Machine unique is that it can be done no matter what business model you’re using. If you have an offer, then you can use this system.

Get the countdown timer and set it to expire in 4 days, so when some clicks from your email and goes to your sales page the timer is triggered and each day after that the timer counts down.

Here’s how you can get your own 4 Day Cash Machine set up right now.

The 4 Day Cash Machine Email Sequence

First you announce that you’re having a special sale.

Below is a simple email template to do this:

Hey [Name]

You can get a 70% discount on [Product] until [Date]

I’m offering this because [Reason]

When you buy today you’ll get these extra bonuses:

– Benefit 1
– Benefit 2
– Benefit 3

Click here to get them now, you have until [Date]

You’ll replace the information in the brackets in the template with your information.

Day 1

First you tell them you’re running a special promotion which ends in 4 days from the day you send the first email. Next you let them know you’re reason for having the promotion.

From there you stack the bonuses and include the benefits of each bonuses and at the end of the email you include a call to action. Your call to action is for them to click the link to the sales page followed by a reminder about the deadline.

The reminder about the deadline injects the urgency. If you take a close look at the email template you would see that we’ve got two points of urgency in that email.

Day 2

Now the good thing about this first email template is that this template is basically what we’ll be using for each email in the 4 day campaign. So on day 2 you would just restate the offer, but this time you’re just going to change the wording of the email a little.

Basically all you’ll be changing is the subject line and juts the first line of the email. The rest of the email can stay the same and you only need to focus on the reminder about the deadline as you’ll have to move it a day closer with each day that passes.

Day 3

On day 3 you’ll do the same thing. You’re basically doing the same thing that you did on day 2 and you would just move things forward a day and then you just do the same thing on day 4.

Day 4

On day 4 you simply restate the offer and include additional urgency. You can remind them that they have until midnight to take you up on this offer and when mid night hits the offer will be gone forever.

What tends to happen a lot is the many people will put off buying until the last day. So if you’ve done this right you should see a huge spike in sales on the last day.


So there you go that’s basically the 4 Day Cash Machine. You send out one email everyday for 4 days. These four emails lets your customers know that you’re running a special sale.

You stack the bonuses you give them your reason for the sale and you give them the 4 day deadline to make the purchase. This system has been around for many years and it still works really great.

There’s also a 4 Day Cash Machine 2.0 which takes things to another level, but I’ll go over that in another post. For now the original 4 Day Cash Machine should be enough to get your started.

If you’re newer to internet marketing and you don’t have a list built up as yet and you want begin creating a passive income for the first then you can go to There you’ll find a free video that’s going to give you the three step to launching your first passive income system in less than two hours.

All right then there you have it the original 4 Day Cash Machine. Now go out, use it and make some profit!

What’s Next?

And if you want to get more customers, you’re going to need web traffic. I will show you how I got 30,000 website visitors a day when you sign up for this free course.

Build email list faster

How To Build Your Email List 3X Faster

Build email list faster

When it comes to online marketing we all know how important the email list is. If you want your business to grow then you need to build your customer list.

But building an email list can be challenging. It may take a while especially if you are trying to grow it organically through content marketing and free promotions. Because of how slow this process is at the beginning, we tend to be tempted to grab the next shiny object that comes along.

Focus On What’s Important: Building Your Email List

There are always people who are trying to sell to us the next million dollar method. The problem with these techniques is that most of them, if not all, don’t actually work. When you finally realize that the guru who sold you the sales page lied to you, it is already too late. And then almost immediately we find another shiny object and the cycle continues.

Stop right there for a second and just think back at one of those shiny objects you bought years ago. Do you still use them? No? …Okay, how about the last shiny object you bought, do you still use that?

Sometimes we concentrate so much on those shiny objects that we neglect the most important thing- our email list. You need to understand that unlike those shiny objects, your email list is going to be around forever. Your number one goal should be to build your email list. If you want to get that $500 every month, you need to have 500 subscribers. There is no way around it. For every subscriber you have, you earn $1 every month from each of them.

I’m not going to lie to you; it will take some time for you to be able to get people in your email list. Getting people organically takes time. The process becomes even harder if you don’t have a clear plan.

In this article, we will look at how you can build your email list faster. We will focus mainly on how you can use squeezing pages to build your list.

How To Build Your Email List

You can get subscribers by using various methods. For instance, you can advertise and work hard to get subscribers.

Please note that when you’re just beginning, you will have to spend a good amount of money to get subscribers. Your main focus at that time should be to produce high-quality content. Because of the compounding nature of content marketing, the content will eventually compound and you will start to get subscribers for free. If you reach this point, you won’t have to worry about paying for subscribers since the content marketing is doing all the work for you. The price of buying subscribers varies. You can get a subscriber for as low as 50 cents. This amount can go as high as $2 per subscriber. What’s great about this is that you only pay once for the subscribers, and then earn from them forever.

Now, let’s look at how you can use squeezing pages to build your email list fast.

What Is A Squeezing Page?

To explain what a squeezing page is, let us begin with a bit of history, shall we?

A few years ago, marketers used to put a newsletter on the sidebar of their blog. People could sign up to these newsletters and then join their email list. As time went by marketers figured out that if they took the form and made it into a page, conversions would go up. And that is exactly what they did, and in return, they made a lot of profit.

But how does it work?

Well, you have to take your newsletter page and make a promise that offers something valuable. In exchange for your valuable information, people give you their email address and join your email list. You get profit through the follow-up sequence. So, basically, you earn on the back end through the follow-up. The purpose of the email sequence is to engage people and build trust. This ultimately leads to more profit.

In order for this strategy to work, you need to avoid giving a lot of free content upfront. You may be tempted to do this when you’re just beginning. But, to be successful all you need is a lead magnet.

Features Of A Lead Magnet

• It should be short and sweet.
• It should have a call to action. Give something actionable that will help subscribers achieve results in a short period of time. Make the subscribers believe in you by making them know that you have their best interest at heart. If you build trust then the subscribers will have no problem buying products based on your recommendation.
• The lead magnet should be simple. The content has to be clear and concise.
• Avoid trying to make the page too fancy. An ugly page is much better than a shiny or glitzy one, as long as the content is clear.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the three types of squeeze pages you can use as well as their ideal traffic sources.

Types Of Squeeze Pages

1. Curiosity squeeze pages
2. Exchange squeeze pages
3. Reverse squeeze pages

Curiosity Squeeze Pages

These pages have a strong headline that triggers curiosity. The page pulls people to the next stage of the funnel. You can use a “How To” content to push that curiosity button and create conversion.

Curiosity squeeze pages work best for email traffic like solo ads. This can be from your email list or the email list of someone else. If you are getting traffic from solo ads, then this is definitely the best option for you.

Exchange Squeeze Page

These pages are more clear and upfront about what they have. The page uses the desire of freebies to entice people to give out their email address in exchange for the freebie.

If you are getting traffic from social media and email lists, then this is the best option for you.

Reverse Squeeze Pages

The reverse squeeze page is a clever way of building your email list. These pages deliver a lot of value up front. This makes people to feel obligated to subscribe to your email list because they are getting so much from you already. The pages can be in form of a training video or content that offers so much value that will make people subscribe in order to continue with their education.

If you get your traffic from Facebook, then this squeezing page is the best option. This option works best on Facebook. People on Facebook are tired of being promoted to. They receive different offers on a daily basis. So, when someone comes and offers a free training upfront they are likely to trust those people more. Give them a training that offers a lot of value and they will subscribe to your email list just to continue with the education.


Squeezing pages have proved to be one of the fastest ways you can use to build an email list. Hopefully, this article has given you some great insights and ideas on how to grow your customer list. Just a recap: If you get email traffic then you should use curious pages, exchange pages work best for social media and email lists and lastly reverse squeezing pages are perfect for Facebook.

Dynamic Behavioural Response Email Marketing

Advanced Email Marketing: Behavioural Dynamic Response

Today I’m going to give you an email marketing trick that will help you to profit from the people on your email list who say “no”

We all know that email is probably the best way to build an audience, and that’s really because we get to control every aspect of it.

We can promote to the email list as often as we want and we can get free traffic to our content.

And now we can do some really clever stuff with behavioural response email marketing.

if you don’t know what behavioural response is I’ll explain it, it’s a simple concept.

Your email subscriber receives different emails from you, depending on the action they take.

So for example if somebody doesn’t open your email you can treat that person in a different way to somebody who has opened and read your emails.

Or we can send somebody highly targeted emails if click on a link.

I’m going to show you an automation that I’ve created and you can copy this to if you want to

This automation is very effective for re-engaging people.

This works great because most of the people we try to sell to will refuse to buy our stuff and that’s okay.

For this I’m going to use ActiveCampaign, but if you’re using Aweber you might not be able to do this.

And that’s why I absolutely recommend ActiveCampaign.

So let’s get down into this email campaign.

Email marketing automation

I’ll explain what’s happening.

As soon as a subscriber clicks the link inside the email they are tagged a special code word so the system knows that they have clicked.

Now the system knows that they should be treated in a different way to everybody else.

These people are immediately sent valuable information.

Then the system waits one day to see if will they’re going to click the link in that email.

The system will wait for up to three days for that person to open the email and click the link before removing them from the automation.

But if they DO read the email and click the link, then they continue to the next email in the series.

Get high email open rate

How to get a High Email Open Rate

Get high email open rate

Today I’m going to show you how you can maintain a steady email open rate.

The more people who open your emails, the more people who visit your website and act on your offers.

But I know what its like when you start out with a high open rate, and then it steadily declines over time.

It’s confusing, right?

So I’m gonna help you figure it out today.

Why Your Email Open-Rate Declines

I’m going to draw a diagram to help me explain things.

At the vertical line we’ve got Open Rate and Goodwill.

When someone subscribes to your email list the goodwill and trust is high – running parallel to your high open rate.

And that’s because you’ve just give them something of value, that really benefits them.

But what happens is; the more pictures you send the sooner the goodwill you initially created starts to decline.

So the more times you send an offer, the more people get a bit annoyed and you lose the trust and the goodwill you built up.

How many times have we seen an awesome website come along, build up a pretty sizeable following, spend a few years rocking’ it, and then just go extinct and vanish without a trace?

This is the process that they go through; they build up a lot of goodwill but they destroy it because of the relentless pitches.

What’s the solution?

Fix Your Email Open-Rate

You might think its time to stop sending pitches.

But that’s not right because you won’t make any money that and we need to make money, right? It’s business.

I’m going to show you how to fix it.

Instead of sending pitch after pitch use this is a framework from Frank Kern.

It’s called the Escape and Arrival Framework.

Escape And Arrival Framework

At the starting point of the framework your prospect has a problem, they need to escape from this.

At the end of the framework we have a solution.

It’s your job to help your prospect get there, or at least part of the way there.

Obviously you have to know what your prospect wants, and you have to know how to help them achieve it.

Next you mark off all the steps that they need to take, in the order they need to take them, to get to the solution quicker than they can’t on their own.

We can use this framework for a lot of different things; we can use to help us create lead magnets, create products, upsells, top of the funnel content – doesn’t matter.

It works best when you need to take your prospect on a journey.

Through delivering value, that journey might ultimately result with them making a purchase with you.

So let’s say your prospect needs to build a website.

The very first thing that he needs to do might be to buy a domain name.

The second thing that he might need to do is get some web hosting.

And the third thing that he might need to do is install WordPress.

If he goes through all these steps he will have a website at the end of the journey.

You can take each one of these steps and drill down further.

Let’s take the very first thing that he needs to do, which is purchase a domain name.

Now he can go to GoDaddy and pick out the first name that pops into his head.

Or we can drill down into the framework and look at the steps involved in purchasing a domain name.

The first one would be to do some keyword research, so he would have to know what the right phrases and keywords that people in his niche are searching for.

So you might want to create a piece of content that helps your prospect do some keyword research.

And then at the end of that tutorial you would might recommend a relevant product that helps him to achieve that goal.

It’s a piece of content that delivers value, with a little pitch at the end – but it’s not too over the top.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about this is even if they don’t buy from you, your prospect can still walk away with valuable information that they can use.

As Frank Kern says; “demonstrate you can help them by actually helping them”.

And if you apply this to every piece of content you create, instead of throwing out a bunch of pitches you will increases your chances of maintain a high open rate.

People don’t mind being sold to, if they get something of value during the experience – like actionable content.

It’s a really simple strategy and it’s really effective.

When you shift your mindset from ‘what you can get’ and shift it to ‘what you can give’, that’s when things start flowing in your direction.

Increased Their Email Opt-in-Rate

How HubSpot Increased Their Email Opt-in-Rate by 1,000%

Increased Their Email Opt-in-Rate

Today I’m going to give you a proven way to increase your email opt-in rate.

In fact, HubSpot has used this strategy to increase their opt-in rate by a staggering 1000%.

Can you imagine how crazy good that is?

And even in my own small tests on a couple of niche websites, I have seen a significant increase in opt-in’s and also in the engagement rate.

Sure, its nowhere near the 1,000% that HubSpot have achieved, but it is significant enough for me to talk about it with you guys.

And yep, I will be implementing this on Profit Copilot in the very near future, but I thought I’d give you guys a heads up first so you can get rolling with it and increase your opt-in rate.


So today we’re going to use automation to deliver a value-based nurtured sequence.

That’s quite a mouthful right but it will make sense by the end of this I promise.

I’m going to show you 2 ways to increase your opt-in rate, they are similar but they work in slightly different ways.

And the end result is the same.

Multiple The Number Of Marketing Funnels

The first way is to increase the number of funnels.

That means having a total of 2 or 3 marketing funnels on your website.

It also means having 2 or 3 more lead magnets, more one-time offers, and relevant nurture sequences for every single funnel that you create.

It works like this, it’s really simple; It’s a standard marketing funnel – we just have to times it by 3.

Boost in Email Subscribers: Proven Email List Building StrategyI’ll explain it in detail.

A visitor lands on your website and you give them 3 options.

They can choose between 1 of 3 lead magnets; A, B or C.

Then, depending on which one they choose, they are brought to an opt-in form specifically for that lead magnet.

Next they subscribe to the email list and as usual they have the opportunity to buy your One Time Offer (OTO) and then ascend further into the sales funnel.

But if they decline your OTO, which is what the majority of people will do, then they’re added to a nurture sequence – and that delivers value.

This is a value based nurture sequence, mixed in with Calls To Action (CTA) to encourage them to buy your product, or to get in touch to book an appointment, or schedule a call, etc.

This is the standard marketing funnel that we all tend to use, here you’re multiplying it.

For this to work, you need to figure out which areas your visitors need the most help with.

And then you create more content and more lead magnets that is specifically for those needs.

This works really well because it delivers highly targeted content, that’s mixed with CTA’s that meets those specific needs.

Just think about it, okay.

Your visitors probably wear many different hats in their business.

They have a wide range of interests and needs – in any given niche or industry.

Because they probably need help in multiple areas, you’re really doubling or tripling up on the amount of help and value you can deliver to them – but you’re also doubling up on the ways you can profit from each individual visitor.

And if you want to be really fancy I would also encourage you to include at least one way that they can access all of the lead magnets.

For example you might ask them if they need help with traffic generation, or if they need help with increasing conversions. In this case, you could them if they want both of those lead magnets.

This strategy allows you to deliver the most value and make the most profit.

But it is a little messy.

There’s a cleaner way to do things.

A More Elegant Way

Instead of having multiple lead magnets on the front end (which is kind of pain in the arse to manage) we go back to using just one and do the segmenting on the backend.

This is a more elegant way to do things.

You do need to have an absolutely killer lead magnet that you know your prospects will want.

Here’s how it looks:

Boost email subscribers

Again, I’ll explain how it works.

A visitor lands on your website and wants your lead magnet so they opt-in to your email list.

And then they are immediately presented with more choices inside the actual email itself.

So we’re still allowing the visitors to segment themselves, but they’re doing it after they have already subscribed.

Next, when they make their decision they will be sent to a Thank You page that’s relevant to the link they clicked inside the email.

On that page they can download a relevant freebie. You can pitch them a OTO here, or run any other type of funnel elements you like.

The important thing is to follow up with a relevant content-based nurture sequence, that is determined by the selection they made inside the first email.

Through a nurture sequence that delivers value, mixed in with CTA’s you can build trust and profit at the same time.

And this is clearly a more elegant way to do things.

Plus it allows you to add more options to the initial email easily, and you don’t have the 2  or 3
marketing funnels to manage.

Now you’re working with just one email, and the automation sequences that spin out from it.

This approach this is responsible for HubSpot increasing their opt-in rate by a jaw-dropping 1,000%.

Points To Consider

If you’re thinking about doing this I’ve got a word of caution, which I’ll get to in a second.

But first I’m going to give you some points to consider, so you get absolute best results.

Standard rules apply; don’t use it as an opportunity to brag about your accolades, or how great you are, or how amazing your income is.

Don’t make it about you, so focus on your prospect and their needs.

Don’t use it just as an opportunity to sell, use it as an opportunity to deliver value and to build trust.

As Frank Kern says; demonstrate you are the best person to help them by actually helping them.

Then as always, tweak things and test new ideas.

Don’t be afraid to always find new ways to improve the system.

Email List Building Nurture Sequence

Focus on building a relationship. You’ve heard me say it hundreds of times.

The quickest and easiest way to do that is through empathising with your prospects, let them know you care about their problem.

Then give them part of the solution to help them progress. Give them enough to help them move the needle, so they can see that you’re knowledgable and can show them how to get the results they want.

Next, check in with them, see how they’re progressing, and make suggestions on how they can go further – by booking an appointment with you, or buying your product, for example.

And you can do all of these things through your autoresponder.

A Word Of Caution

Remember that word of caution I promise you?

Unfortunately this cannot be easily achieved through Aweber.

Their system is massively outdated and its buggy.

Every time I speak to their support staff about when they expect to add genuine automation thats dynamic and based on user actions, the response I’ve always received is “later on this year”.

And they’ve been saying that to me for at least three years.

But a platform that does allow you to create these kind of automations, is ActiveCampaign.

This is the system that I use now and moving over to them was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business.

A quick word of advice though; if you’re focused heavily on affiliate marketing and you’re sending out a lot of pitches every week then Aweber is the one to stick with.

ActiveCampaign has an issue with affiliate marketing, but if you do it in conjunction with high value content then its fine.

I recommend them because they are the best solution for the best budget, and if you familiar with Profit Copilot then you’ll know that I don’t make these kind of recommendations very often.

How to Make Money from Blogging

3 Steps to Make Money from Blogging

Today I’m going to give you 3 steps you need to take to make money from your blog.

Now before we get into this and before I give you the tips, we’re going to have to do a little bit of housekeeping.

So if you have adverts on your website at the moment, for example you might have Google Adsense somewhere on your blog, well its time to remove them.

Listen, I know how scary that is the thought of losing revenue but stick with me.

Remove Display Adverts

You see those adverts are actually devaluing your website and you are losing money by handing over a portion of your potential income to Google.

They are giving you a very small percentage of what your website is capable of achieving.

So do not under value yourself or your website, you can make a lot more profit by removing Adsense and other  display advertising.

You make more money by focusing on delivering absolute value to your audience in the right way.

I’m going to walk you through in this today.

But before we start let me say; as much as those adverts are diverting visitors away from taking profitable actions on your website, there are some websites that can only be monetised through display advertising.

I’m talking about news websites, because the news is the product.

But if you’re running a blog and you’re sharing transitional information and teaching people how to achieve something or learn something new, then this is absolutely for you.

So let’s get down into it.

Follow the Money

The first tip that I’ve got for you is to find the segment of your market that is the most profitable.

And that is the segment of your market that is willing to spend the most money.

So it’s your job to follow the money and find a niche that gives you fulfilment as well as profit.

And how do you do that?

This is really simple.

Go to the Google Keyword planner tool and put in some phrases that are relevant to your website.

Then all we have to do is verify that your competition is spending money to advertise on those keywords and phrases.

And the higher the Cost Per Click (CPC) the more profitable your segment of the market is.

But we want to make sure that we can profit long term.

So go to Google Trends and make sure that the key phrases you’re searching for are at least stable, or on an upward trend.

Now you’ve verified that people are spending money in this niche for those keywords and it’s something that’s in demand – and it also looks like it’s going to be in demand for the foreseeable future (so its evergreen).


Create your own Products or Services

The second tip I’ve got for you is to create your own product or service around the needs of your audience.

This could be an e-book, it could be a training course, a membership site, it could be consulting – or whatever is you’re good.

Once you have that overlapping with what your visitors need, you’ll become profitable.

But you have to have both things working at the same time to make this lucrative.

You obviously know what you’re good at because you have a blog about it, but how do you find out what your visitors want?

How do you know what they really need?

Well, to find out you can use a website called Survey Monkey to create a survey for free, and ask them what they need.

But in addition to that, and this is vital; you have to find out why they want help too.

That is essential.

Once you know what they want and why they want it, you now know how to how to deliver it to them.

Then you choose the most common response you’ve received form the survey and then create a product or a service that meets the need of your audience.

Simple, right?


Build an Email List

Then third and final tip that I’ve got for you is to build an email list.

When you build an email list it’s easy to turn visitors into subscribers – and another word for a subscriber is a lead.

Leads can become prospects, and prospects can become customers.

This is the process that we run people through in order to take them from cold traffic – not knowing much about you and certainly not trusting you, all the way to feeling like they know you, they like you and they trust you enough to hand over their credit card details to you and purchase your products.

And it’s easier to sell to existing customers than it is to acquire new ones.

The best way that I know how to make people become repeat buyers is to make a product that is worth around $50 and then sell it for $7.

Your customers will be so blown away by what they’ve got they will be compelled to buy from you again and again.

In anticipation for you, you could have multiple all products lined up, one after the other, in a chain.

The strategy is to sell the least expensive one first, and you progressively sell more expensive products as they go through the chain.

This is called an upsell chain and it’s part of a model a funnel model called the ascension model.

This is the most profitable marketing funnel that I have ever experienced.

And once you are comfortable with the upsell chain you can then throw in a downsell chain.

This is where you offer an alternative low-priced item to the people who decline the higher priced stuff.

But it’s really important that I make this clear; do not just reduce the price of your high ticket items.

Instead remove something from it to make it less valuable and don’t just sell the same product at a discount.

That’s unethical.

With this mix of upsell and downsell items you can really ramp up your overall revenue.

And if you want more information about the marketing funnel that I’ve mentioned you can watch it here,  it will running through every segment of your market and it will show you how to monetize everything.

I’ve just shown you how to monetize your blog really easily, and listen, anyone can do this you can do this too this stuff is not complicated if it was I wouldn’t be able to do it.


Newbie Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Newbie Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Today I’m going to give you the blueprint you can use to fix your affiliate marketing problems, increase your opt-in rate, and allow you to virtually print money on demand.

This is an affiliate marketing framework that people are achieving a conversion rate of 80% with.

Personally I have never achieved more than 76%, but because we’re all different, approach things in different ways and have different levels of determination, there is a probability that you will surpass me.

And if you do please let me know because I would love to use you as a case study.

So let’s get down into it.

The Problem with ‘Done-for-you’ Affiliate Marketing

A very common problem that people experience when they start affiliate marketing is caused by using ready-made squeeze pages.

They take an off-the-shelf product affiliate system and upload that to the Internet and expect to make money on autopilot.

It doesn’t work like that.

But I’m going to show you a way that does work.

Stop Building Other People’s Affiliate Businesses

It usually starts like this; you buy a generic landing page from an affiliate marketing company, and promote their offer. On top of that people will opt-in to that company’s email list.

The affiliate company that you’re dealing with will recommend that you funnel traffic from a variety of sources into their email list.

Once visitors land on the page and opt-in to the email list, they’re then sent to a sales page.

But what happens is; there are literally thousands of other affiliate marketers using the exact same landing page.

And they’re all using the exact same traffic sources.

This means the people in your niche have already seen the offer, multiple times over.

So when a landing page should be receiving a 25% conversion rate, what’s actually happening is it drops down to a 10% or even 5% conversion rate.

And that kills your profit.

Build Your own Affiliate Marketing Business

The lesson here is; if you are buying an affiliate product and you have a ready-made template, then stop using it.

You will not see major success, if any level of success, with that strategy.

The pool of people that you can sell to is continuously shrinking.

The solution is to change things up, and make a brand new landing page.

Maybe put a video on there or change the offer in some way.

Also instead of sending traffic to somebody else’s list, you want to build your own list.

This will be a list that you control, instead of building somebody else’s business, you start building your own.

And then you can still promote the original affiliate offer and profit from that, but you can also email any offer you like, whenever you like.

This effectively becomes free money and it’s virtually like printing your own money.