How I Grew a Facebook Group by 11% in 60 Days

Grow Facebook group

Today I’m going to take you through the steps that I have personally used to grow my Facebook group by 11% in just 60 days and show you how you can do it too. Before we dive in head first I have a word of caution. You should NOT rely on Facebook groups to build […]

How to Share Content with Millions of People

How to Share Content with Millions of People

Today is traffic Tuesday and I’m going to show you how you can literally put your content in front of millions of eyeballs. This is really easy, it’s really simple and anyone can do this. It’s the best day of the week because I get to show you some awesome traffic strategies to help you […]

How to make Facebook Ads profitable

How to make Facebook Ads profitable

Over the weekend Neil Patel reported that 62% of small businesses fail when it comes to facebook advertising. His article provides some wonderful facts and figures and if you want an in-depth analysis of that and all the problems surrounding Facebook advertising then go check out his post. But if you want the shortcut on […]

Facebook Removes ‘Audience Reach Estimates’ for Custom Audiences

Facebook Removes 'Audience Reach Estimates' for Custom Audiences

A massive Facebook exploit has been discovered and it’s gonna impact the way advertisers use the platform. Facebook has now stopped showing Audience Reach Estimates for any campaign that’s using a Custom Audience as part of the targeting. The exploit potentially allows data brokers to build comprehensive profiles of individuals inside Custom Audiences. Considering the […]

Get Free Traffic from Social Media

Today I’m going to tell you about a tool that you can use to drive free traffic to your website, and help you build a following on social media. I’m talking about a free tool called DrumUp it lets you post to your social media profiles automatically. And it does a bit more than that […]

Historic Turning Point for Social Media

Social Media Usage in Decline

Social media usage is in decline for the first time in history, according to the Infinite Dial 2018 report. If this is accurate, what does that mean for you? Let’s get into that in a minute. What is the Infinite Dial Report? Since 1998 the Infinite Dial report has covered media and technology usage. This […]

Facebook Algorithm vs Digital Publishers

The big news this week has been that digital publisher LittleThings has shut down, supposedly as a result of the new Facebook algorithm changes. But is this the end of the relationship between Facebook and digital publishers, or could there be something new on the horizon? I’ll tell you about that in a minute. LittleThings have […]

How to Make Facebook Messenger Bots, the Easy Way

Today you’re going to learn how to make Facebook Messenger Bots, the easy way. I’ve avoided using Facebook Messenger Bots for quite a long time because I’ve felt a bit intimidated by them. I thought it was going to be really complicated thought I was going to have to devote a few days of my […]

360 Video and the Future of Marketing

360 Video and the Future of Marketing

Is this the future of marketing? 360 video helped BMW get 3.5 million views in just two months. 360 videos are immersive, sure, but are they REALLY the future of marketing? Are they worth your time and really do they improve your marketing efforts? Well, you be the judge. What kind of results should you […]

Influencer Marketing: 5 ways to find Influencers

Influencer marketing is exploding right now but how do you find influencers who will promote your stuff? I’m going to give you 5 tools you can use to do just that, and most of them free. The first tool is called FollowerWonk. FollowerWonk is a free tool from Moz and it lets you find influential […]