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How a little niche site got 50,000 website visitors in its first 2 weeks, without advertising

This is how to get website visitors for free. This experiment generated 50,000 unique visitors to one of my niche websites, in less than 2 weeks. I’ll show you how. Today you will learn: A new, effective website traffic generator Results from a traffic experiment How to get laser-targeted traffic …

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X10 website traffic

The 10X Traffic Method

The 10X Traffic Method will teach you how to easily leverage authority figures, influencers, and thought leaders for mass exposure. You’ll ethically and legally borrow their credibility and redirect it towards your website, email list, or social media profiles. You can use this method to: Get more website traffic Build …

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Video Marketing For Business

Smart Video Marketing For Business

Today’s post is all about smart video marketing for business. 

Here’s how you can easily start video marketing for your website and business.

You’re going to learn:

  • 4 best types of marketing videos to use.
  • How to create the right plan.
  • How to track what’s working for you.

And you’re going to discover how to make videos that people want. Videos that people search for and actually want to watch.

I’ll also give you the exact video structure that I use in all my videos. So you can copy this as it is all very easy stuff.

I’m also going to show you all the equipment that I use to produce these types of videos I make. It’s actually a similar setup to one that I had for a TV show. But you don’t have to get that fancy. Because you’ve probably already got everything you need to start video marketing today.

And I am also going to give you a free resource to get more traffic to your website.

There’s a lot of ground to cover!

Now, let’s get right into it.

Video Beats Everything

They say content is king. But when it comes to online content, video beats everything else.

Nothing can compete with video.

So for your business or for your website, you need a video marketing strategy.

According to research from Hubspot, 54% of consumers want video content from the brands that they support.

Now compare that to the 18% who want blog posts.

Huge difference there, right?

So, obviously video is going to be a very powerful marketing vehicle.

But it is more than just sitting in front of a camera and hitting the record button. You need a plan.

Formulating a plan for your video marketing strategy

  • Start with the End Goal

In order to formulate your plan, start with the end goal in mind.

Think about what is that you want to achieve.

And that will determine what kind of action you encourage your visitors to take.

For me personally, I use my videos to build my email list.

And that’s what works for me.

Your goals and your objectives might be completely different.

So, have a clear idea of what those goals are before you start creating your videos.

  • Track Your Results

Once you’ve got your plan, you need a way to track your results.

That will tell you what’s working and what’s not working.

What I tend to do is that I send my traffic to a special website address that only video viewers get to see. And then I keep an eye on the metrics.

That way, I know how many people visit that page, and I know how many people convert on that page.

  • Title of the Video and Using the Right Keywords

You have to think about the name of the video. The title.

Then, think about the metadata. Because we want people to be able to find the videos.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet.

So a little bit of keyword research is going to go a long way for you.

  • Choose a Video Format

Next, you need to decide the type of video content to produce.

We’ve got four different types of videos. We’ve actually got a lot many different types of videos. However, these are the best types of videos in my experience for business.

4 Best Types of Videos for Business

  • How-to Videos

These are educational, teaching videos. In which you share something new.

A good example of how-to videos can be pretty much any profit copilot video.

That is the majority of the videos I produce because I want to take my viewers on a journey. I want to help them achieve something. And, I want the content to be transformational.

So that’s what I intend to lean towards.

  • Expert Interview Videos

I use interview videos every now and then.

This is where I talk to an expert and I allow them to take the platform to share their knowledge, experience and tips with my audience.

How-to videos and interview videos are very powerful formats.

  • Product Demo Videos

We’ve also got product demo videos. This is where you show someone how to use your products.

  • Review Videos

In review videos, you share the pros and cons of a product. You help the viewer make up their own mind about purchasing.

Once you’ve decided the type of marketing video you’re going to use, you need to start making the video.

Making The Video

This is where the fun begins.

Don’t worry. It’s not going to be your best work. And that’s fine!

Video marketing is always a work in progress.

We’re always aiming to improve things. So don’t aim for perfection.

Just aim to get it done and finished.

To help you do that, use bullet points to help you keep on track. You want your videos to stay tightly focused on the topic at hand.

  • Structuring the Video

Then, we need the right structure for your videos.

Here’s how I structure mine:

  • Attention Grabbing Intro

I start with an attention-grabbing intro. The first few words of my video tell the viewer exactly what they’re going to get from the video. It tells them a big benefit.

  • Main Content

Once we get over the intro, I move into the meat of the video. This is where I deploy my educational content.

  • Call-to-Action

And I always finish my videos with a call to action. This is where I ask people to do something.

I’ve just given them some solid information that they can rely on, that they can use and get results with.

So, the next logical thing that I need to do is say hey, if you want more of this kind of stuff then subscribe!

Hence, I follow up with a call to action or I ask them to opt-in to my email list.

So, you see, that’s just three parts:

  • Intro
  • Content
  • Call to action

Simple stuff, right?

Equipment You’ll Need

About the equipment that you need – do you need lots of fancy stuff?


You already got everything that you need.

You can use your smartphone.

And you can always upgrade later on!

But the important thing is to start now.

Get your video marketing going.

Don’t ‘asap’. You don’t want to be left behind

Equipment I Use For My Videos

Because I’ve been doing video marketing for quite a while now, I tend to have slightly more advanced equipment. But you don’t necessarily need any of that to get started.

Here’s what I use:

  • Canon 700D DSLR Camera with a 24mm lens.
  • The second camera I use is a FaceTime camera that is built in into my Mac.
  • And then I have a 3 point lighting system. I have a key light, fill light, and hair light which is right above.

Hair light creates definition. It helps me stand out from the background.

  • For the audio, I use a blue yeti microphone.
  • And for editing I use ScreenFlow.

That’s all pretty affordable stuff.

Anyone can grab the equipment I’m using. It doesn’t take much investment.

Getting Viewers

How are you going to get people to consume your content?

We’re going to need some traffic methods.

I’ve got a free course for you that will help you get a lot more traffic to your videos and to your website!

The stuff is 100% free.

You can get it here:


Traffic source - 500,000 visitors per month

Secret Traffic Source: 500,000 Visitors Per Month

Traffic source - 500,000 visitors per monthImagine what it would be like to get 500,000 visitors to your website every single month.

How, did you ask?

Well, the secret to getting this much traffic is by using a platform called Lists have become very popular nowadays. Not only are they easy to read, but they also provide information that offers a lot of value to readers. And this is where, ladies and gentlemen, comes in.

In this article, we will look at how you can use to drive a lot of traffic to your website.

But first things first…

What is is a platform website that is used to create lists that are both fun and informative. This platform can help your content reach 500,000 people up front.

With this traffic platform, you will be able to get links. But, just so you know, these are No follow links. Even though the platform only allows No Follow links, you should note that the links can still contribute to your search engine rank.

The platform can be used as part of an overall strategy. We need a lot of different traffic sources in order to grow our website as well as our influence. So, don’t use this strategy as your only source of traffic.

How Does Work? enables you to create and publish your lists free of charge. You can choose whether or not you want people to contribute to your list. If you want to be more successful though, I highly recommend you make your list public.

What’s great about this platform is that it also acts as a search engine. The platform has a search bar that you can use to search for different contents online. It makes a lot of sense for you to put your content on the platform, don’t you think?

Another great feature of this platform is that it allows you to add links to other websites. Even though the links are “no follow”, this platform is great for getting a lot of traffic to your website. What’s more, you can make different types of lists. This includes playlists, bookmarks, app lists, product lists, just to name a few.

How To Create Lists On Platform

Creating lists on is simple. All you have to do is follow these 10 simple steps and you’ll be set.

Step #1: Sign up on the website platform.

Step #2: Open up the screen share.

Step #3: Create lists by adding content. It is recommended that you add 5 pieces of content. But, you can still just add one piece of content if you want. But for best results, try to add 5 pieces.

Step #4: Name your list.

Step #5: Choose a layout. There are different types of layouts you can choose from. These include magazines, list, gallery, and slideshow. When choosing a layout, go for one that easily catches people’s attention.

Step #6: Add a description of your content

Step #7: Tag your list

Step #8: Select the option of making your lists public. Make sure that Private option is off.

Step #9: To add a new item, just click on “Add items” button located at the bottom of the page.

Step # 10: Go to the content you want to add. If it is a YouTube video, for instance, just log in to your account and copy the video you want to add. After copying, paste the content in

And that’s it. That’s how you successfully create your list. If the process sounds simple, it is because it actually is.

Benefits Of Using

1. It enables you to add links to your list. This, in turn, drives a lot of traffic back to your website.
2. You can create interactive content by involving your audience. Your audience can suggest items that you can add to your list. This enables you to create high-quality content that readers will love.
3. It is free to use. Even though there are premium features, the free version has all the basic functionalities that you will need to set up your lists.
4. You can create and publish content on the platform
5. It has a simple to use platform interface
6. It is SEO friendly
7. The platform is compatible with several media formats such as slide share, videos, among others.


Getting 500,000 visitors to your website every month is not an easy task. But with it is possible. Now that you know how to drive traffic to your website, I guess all that is left for you to do is create your own account and make those lists, don’t you think?

Secret Traffic Source

Secret Traffic Source: 10 Million Visitors Per Month

Secret Traffic Source

Do you know what today is?

It’s my favourite day of the week: Traffic Tuesday! What makes Traffic Tuesday so special? It’s the day that I get to share yet another awesome strategy with you that is proven to generate tons of organic traffic for absolutely free.

In fact, I’m talking about a site that receives roughly ten million visitors per month, and can help you gain thousands, even millions, of visitors for yourself. Most sites offering this type of service charge steep monthly fees, but not this one.

Who can profit from such traffic? Pretty much anyone, but if your content is entered around a tech-related niche, then this site is definitely something you want to look into. Just imagine how your business could explode if you could put your content in front of millions of new eyes every month, and do it for free. This site is incredibly easy to use so even a newbie can do it.

Even though this site can help you get a ton of traffic, it’s not an all-in-one tool that will make your business explode overnight. Whereas this site will provide you with a backlink to help generate traffic, you need an overall solid marketing strategy to make your website popular. If you can combine the use of a backlink while following the link policy, with a solid marketing plan, your site will rise in popularity in a fairly short time.

Any marketing expert will tell you that relying on one traffic source isn’t the way to grow a business. The only way to do that is to set a proper routine, follow it consistently, and put out effort into getting the name of your business in front of people interested in your niche. I happen to have three secret traffic- generating hacks that you can start using immediately to drive traffic to your site. Of course, this information is free, and can be found here.

The main platform I’m talking about is called Experts Exchange and works pretty much in the same way as Korra and Yahoo Answers. The way it works is simple: you login to the site, and search questions asked by other users. Answer the question by providing relevant and useful content, then leave a link to your website as a resource. Easy! Just be sure to leave answers that are considered valid and an asset to the community. Don’t simply answer just to be able to leave a link to your site. That could be considered spam, and isn’t in line with the link policy. Also, make sure to leave answers that are in your own words without copying and pasting information from another site. If you can make the person asking the question feel that you took the time to really understand their problem and answer their question, they are more likely to click your website link, generating tons of traffic that may even convert into sales.

Put it in a little work on a major traffic-generating website by talking about a topic you already know a lot about, and help your website to explode. Not bad, right?

Traffic Source: 4 Million Visitors Per Month

Traffic Source: 4 Million Visitors Per Month

Traffic Source: 4 Million Visitors Per Month

Today I’m going to reveal another source of free traffic – and this one will also give you free backlinks as well.

This is a platform that has got four million visitors per month, and you can tap into that to drive free traffic to your website.

It’s a pretty awesome website called

It allows you to create collections, organise and share your content.

It works in a similar way to Pinterest and practically every niche is covered, so there’s room for everybody.

And the great thing about this website is that when you add content you will also get a backlink – and one that’s indexed by Google.

So here, you get two for the price of one – you’re getting traffic to your website and you’re also getting a solid backlink from a high DA website.

It works like this; you create ‘collections’ and then you add your own relevant content to them.

Simple, right?

Now this alone is a good source of free traffic, but things get really interesting when you team up and add to other people’s collections.

Think of it like a shared board on Pinterest, one that has multiple contributors.

There you go, another source of free traffic and backlinks.


Free Traffic Source & Do-Follow Backlinks

Free Traffic Source & Do-Follow Backlinks

Free Traffic Source & Do-Follow Backlinks

Today I’m going to show you how to get traffic from a little-known website that has 9 million users.

You’re going to be able to share your content on there for free and you’re gonna be able to get some valuable backlinks from it too.

Practically every single niche is covered and that means you’re going to be able to get laser targeted traffic.

It’s a website called

You can content under your own profile but things get really interesting when you start sharing content to relevant groups.

You’ll probably be able to find multiple groups that you can join, and when you share content on those groups you can drive large amounts of traffic to your website.

You can create your own group or you can join someone else’s, and I suggest for the moment you join someone else’s group and start contributing.

Obviously don’t spam, mix it up a little bit and include other websites amongst your own.

Some of the groups are very popular and jumping with activity, so you can get traffic from them immediately.

Most of the groups are also indexed by Google, you will get a ‘do follow’ backlink when you share your content.

You should also add tags to your posts so people can find your content when they search for information.

The site is easy to use, and is a decent source of free back and backlinks. What more could we ask for?