Why Profit Copilot is different

No BS.

No hype.

No hidden agenda.

Just solid information you can trust.

Let me ask you something…

…Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You daydream about having financial freedom and security?
  • Or you’re stuck in a dead-end job and would love to fire your boss?
  • Or you just hate the alarm clock?

Hi, my name is Mick Meaney and I started my digital marketing career way back in 1998. Now I work 6 hours a week, making passive income online.

I’ll show you how it’s done.

But before I discovered the Internet, things were very different for me.

For a start, I hated my job. I was a janitor.

It always felt like I was missing out on something. That I’d made a terrible mistake along the way, and life was now just passing me by.

And at 4am every morning, my alarm clock would screech so I could drag myself out of bed to go scrub supermarket bathrooms. In the evenings I went to a second job, cleaning a high-school.

Yes, it was every bit as bad as you imagine, and yes, I was desperate to escape.

And even though I was a drop-out with no education, no skills and no prospects, I still knew I was capable of achieving so much more.

Everyday I could feel my potential bubbling away beneath the surface, just waiting to rise.

…If only I knew where to direct my energy, or had someone to show me how.

From Broke to Small Business Owner

Back in 1998 there were no marketing courses, step by step tutorials or handy guides.

If you wanted an Internet business you had two choices; pay someone a fortune, or learn how to do it yourself.

And I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but I could barely afford an Internet connection.

It wasn’t much, but I’d made a start and through years of trial and error, I eventually figured out the rest.

And in 2004 I went full-time with my own counterculture blog.

I was just about making enough to survive, but at least I had my freedom… and that was more valuable than anything.

But the fact is, it took another 3 years before I started making a comfortable living online.

Despite what the typical marketing guru will tell you, this thing takes time and a lot of hard work. You really do have to persevere.

And to prove it doesn’t happen overnight; I didn’t experience my first 4-figure day until 2009 – more than a full decade after I started.

But once the great thing is, when you start getting results everything changes. It’s becomes easier to reach the next milestone.

For me, it took another 2 years to experience my first 5-figure day. The weird thing is, it was much easier to go from 4-figures to 5. And that’s because results compound over time.

So the best time for you to start, is right now.

And the best thing is, I’m going to save you from all the struggle.

Put Your Wallet Away

Since I’ve already built successful Internet businesses, there is nothing for sale here.

If you want to:

  • Make passive income online
  • Get more traffic to your blog or email list
  • Increase sales of products or services

I will give you all the training you need.

And because I have already published hundreds of videos, articles, and podcasts, you can get everything you need for free.

Plus I’ll make sure you have a steady supply of fresh videos so your marketing will stay ahead of everyone else.

Because right now, there are more people than ever before making an income from the Internet and I want you to join them.

Where Are You Right Now?

When you’re not experiencing success it can feel confusing and frustrating, like it’s just out of reach.

I how it feels when:

  • You’re not reaching your full potential
  • You feel confused about which way to turn
  • All the pieces haven’t clicked into place yet

You’re not alone.

You know I’ve been there too.

And since then I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs to turn that corner (and most of them never even considered themselves as entrepreneurial, at the time).

So now with my blog posts, podcasts and videos, I’m going to help you too.

The Profit Copilot Pledge To You

I hold myself accountable to you.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find affiliate links on this blog.

When I do make a recommendation it’s because I truly believe it will benefit you, not because I might earn some commission from it.

That’s why I (mostly) avoid putting affiliate links inside blog posts.

Yep, I’m probably losing money. And nope, I don’t care.

Your trust is worth more to me than a few bucks.

This website isn’t my main income, but I do have enormous passion for digital marketing. I’ve seen first hand how it can change people’s lives. I’m living proof of that.

And if I can do it, anyone can.

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