The 100 Day Youtube Challenge – 100 Videos in 100 Days

Its day 100 of my YouTube challenge. I’ve been creating one video every single day for the last 100 days and I’m going to show you what kind of results I have achieved.

I’m gonna be completely transparent, leave no stone unturned and give you the actual numbers.

Lets start with the last 28 days.

The Last 28 Days

As we can see, there has been some growth.

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Most of what we’ve got here is pointing in the right direction but there are a few things which aren’t.

For example, shares are down and the number of videos in playlists are down.

Also dislikes are down – which is kind of a good thing, right?

When we’re building a business, or doing anything worthwhile we have to look at the long term plan.

We can’t really look at the last 28 days or 30 days to give us a real accurate picture of what is happening.

So we have to look at a bigger picture.

I’m going to go to the calendar I’m going to go back to November 22, to when I started this challenge.

Now we’re gonna see the growth over the last hundred days.

The Last 100 Days

If we look at the last 100 days we’ve got 450 likes, we’ve got 20 dislikes, 152 comments a 124 shares.

313 videos are in playlists and we’ve gained 220 subscribers.

That’s pretty good going I think and I’m happy with that.

Remember, I’m not paying for advertising and I’m not really promoting the YouTube channel in any meaningful way.

I’m posting it on Facebook every now and then, maybe one or two videos a week.

And I’m also only sending to a portion of my list – I’m not sending to my entire list.

You see, I am purposefully restricting the promotion that I do because I want to put myself in the position that most of the people who consume my content are in.

Looking at the analytics, the watch time is up.

We’ve got 20,40 watch time minutes.

The average view duration is down, and that’s 2:34.

Views are up 7,939, and the estimated revenue is $0.00.

The Last 100 Days vs the Previous 100 Days

Let’s compare the current 100 days which I have just completed, with the previous 100 days.

We can see the blue line, which is the current 100 days versus the orange, which is the previous 100 days.

The numbers show that we’ve effectively doubled the watch time.

Because I’ve been making shorter videos the average view duration so down by about 20 or 30 seconds.

The number of views have effectively doubled and we can see the blue line is clearly above the orange line.

The blue line is started to really climb there towards the end of the 100 days.

The previous 100 days saw 88 likes versus the current hundred days which is 450.

We now have 20 dislikes versus 2 dislike previously.

The channel has gained 152 comments versus 36, so we can see that engagement is up significantly.

Shares are up by 1 – 134 shares versus 133 shares on the previous 100 days.

The number of videos in playlists have skyrocketed too.

We’ve got 313 videos in playlists in the last 100 days versus just 43 previously.

The number of subscribers has increased too, 222 in the current 100 days versus 74 previously.

So let’s have a look at the actual number of subscribers we’ve got.

The total number of subscribers gained has been 244 versus 83 versus.

My Thoughts

I’m very pleased with this and I’m going to see how long I can do this for.

Right now I’m aiming for 120 days and I’m hoping that over time all the content that I’ve made compounds.

If things carry on, on this trajectory, I’m excited because I know that in 5 years time, 10 years time, this content is still going to exist and people who need it will still be able to consume it.

So I know in that regard, I’m doing something incredibly positive for my niche.

I’m producing content that will help people who are who need it right now and also people who will need it in the future.

We’ll come back again at day 120, if I manage to do it and upload a video every single day.

And hopefully this challenge is helping at least someone out there who is creating content on a regular basis and not seeing the growth that they expect.

Maybe this will help someone realize that we don’t get the results we deserve, in the timeframe we expect.

If you’ve found this useful then share it with others who might benefit too.

How I Got 30,000 Website Visitors A Day, For Free:
Free 4-part course delivered to your inbox every day