100+ Fiverr Gigs Tested – The 5 Best Gigs On Fiverr For Bloggers

Disclaimer: I proudly receive absolutely no compensation or commission for any of these Fiverr recommendations. I have purchased each one at the full asking price and without revealing my intention to review the respective services. This is for your benefit and peace of mind. 

You Get What You Pay For?

I’ll be honest, I always thought Fiverr was full of cheap, low-quality services.

That opinion was formed way back in 2010 after I bought a couple of gigs on there. Services that promised articles written by human beings for $5 (naive, yes), but what I received back was spun junk.

Well, you know what they say “you get what you pay for”. So it was no big loss, I’d satisfied my curiosity about Fiverr.

And then I forgot about the place for the next 7 years.

I’m not sure what prompted me to return, maybe it was the fact I learned that sellers were no longer restricted to offering gigs for a measly $5 – maybe this changed my perception, that high-quality service providers might be drawn to the marketplace.

And I was right. Sure, there are still low-quality gigs on there, just like in any marketplace. But there are also serious professionals who care about their customers and the work they produce.

As a result I’ve had some outstanding experiences.

126 Fiverr Gigs Tested

Not wanting to do things by halves, I purchased 126 gigs on Fiverr so I could do the fairest test possible.

There’s no point buying a handful and believing it’s a fair representation of what the website has to offer.

Of the 126 that I ordered, 92 gigs were completed and 32 were canceled – largely due to sellers failing to deliver on time.

I felt that a figure in the region of 100 gigs to test would give me a solid idea of what’s available for the average blogger on Fiverr, and the quality of what today’s marketplace has to offer.

I’m not going to lie, some of the gigs were terrible. But that’s to be expected when testing a wide range of services like this.

So out of all 126 gigs, here are the top 5 I’ve used:

1. “I Will Present Your Breaking News Video Cartoon Style

Seller Level: Level 2
Member Since: 2011
Profit Copilot Rating: 100%

This is my number 1 – the single best gig I’ve purchased on Fiverr, beating 125 others.

Jack Foster will create an animated news presenter to act as a virtual spokesman for your business. This is a great service for people who are uncomfortable with the idea of appearing on camera, but who still understand the power of video marketing.

I hired Jack to create a short video for me, so I could demonstrate to my students that they don’t need to jump in front of a camera in order to utilize video and benefit from it. The entire process was slick and seamless, and customer satisfaction is clearly at the heart of this gig.

The end result was a stunningly produced animated video that looked and sounded fantastic.

Jack is a Fiverr veteran – the longest running seller on this list, and it shows through his professionalism.

2. “I Will Do Professional Video Editing

Seller Level: Level 2
Member Since: 2013
Profit Copilot Rating: 98%

In second place are the Ali Brothers, with their video gig. Although the name of the gig states ‘video editing’, these guys can do much more than just slicing and dicing your footage.

I approached them and asked them to come up with some ideas for lower-thirds to use in my videos.

They asked all the right questions, they delivered a couple of mock-ups for my approval, and then only once I was happy with their work so far, they delivered the finished files.  Another smooth experience, and one that puts customer service that the forefront of their business.

3. “I Will Design An Eye Catching Ebook Or Kindle Cover

Seller Level: Top Rated
Member Since: 2012
Profit Copilot Rating: 96%

I usually design my own eBook covers, but I understand that a lot of bloggers won’t have the time, the skill or the inclination to do that.

So of all the eBook cover designers I hired, Pro_ebookcovers came out on top by creating a cover that leaped off the page. Exactly what I’d hoped for, after experiencing a run of dismal gigs.

Here, the seller understood the brief precisely and delivered a professional cover that was head and shoulders above anything that I could design by myself.

4. “I Will Be A Virtual Assistant

Seller Level: Level 2
Member Since: 2014
Profit Copilot Rating: 94%

Finding a good Virtual Assistant (VA) is hard, right?

If you’ve ever hired a VA then you’ll know, even with the best training in the world, how difficult it is to find someone who’s motivated and dedicated enough to do the job at hand in a professional and timely manner.

In my experience, Ashan over-delivered. What is more, she did what I needed without asking for support, was professional, and delivered on time.

5. “I Will Produce DJ Or Radio Drops With Your Voice

Seller Level: Level 2
Member Since: 2012
Profit Copilot Rating: 93%

When it comes to podcasting, most people say that it’s essential to get professionally produced intros, sweepers, and drops.

Now, while I don’t know how true that is – some of my podcasts don’t use any kind of audio FX, I do know that if you’re going to use that stuff then it needs to be done right.

That’s why I’m pleased with the work that seller, Gangester, produced for me with his sweepers. His work can compete with professional radio shows.

Conclusions About Fiverr

While it’s still a minefield when it comes to finding high-quality services on Fiverr, there are undoubtedly a number of outstanding sellers on the marketplace.

Some tips of what this journey has taught me:

Stick with high-rating sellers – level 1, level 2, and top rated sellers, only.

Look at a sellers ‘average response time’ – if a seller doesn’t respond for days at a time, should you find a problem with the work then there’s a high chance that you’re going to be stuck.

Check the ‘member since’ date – I personally avoid new sellers and go with the ones that have been around for a while.

Take note of the ‘recent delivery’ – if a seller hasn’t delivered work for a while, there’s a chance they might not very active. If a seller has a high rating, a good response time and has been selling for a while, then sending a quick message to make sure they’re still around is a smart thing to do before ordering the gig.

In all, I’m pleasantly surprised by the exceptional quality of work produced by some sellers. I’ll probably continue to use the website while gigs of this caliber are available.

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