3 Easy Ways to Boost Affiliate Sales

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Today I’m going to show you 3 easy ways you can immediately boost your affiliate sales, without spending a penny on advertising or begging someone else for promotion.

And it doesn’t matter what platform you’re using; Amazon Associates, Clickbank, or another network.

Let’s dive into it and find out why people won’t buy.

We have to know what the resistance is in order to overcome it, right?

Stranger Danger

Most people won’t buy from you because they’re taught not to.

We’re told as children not to trust strangers.  My son is 16 and I still tell him to not talk to strangers.

The point is, from a very young age we are told that we should be wary of people we don’t know.

This fear is ingrained in us and to think that a prospect is just going to hand over their money to somebody they don’t know and somebody they don’t trust is a bit misguided.

Listen, I know there are a lot of programs out there that tell you to promote their affiliate offers using any kind of traffic that you can get your hands on.

And that’s wrong.

You should absolutely not follow those instructions because it’s simply bad advice.

I’m going to give you alternatives that will work.

Newbie Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

The mistake that most newbie affiliate marketers make is not understanding the business model.

The business is not the affiliate program.

The business is you, or your website, or your email list.

And you gotta send traffic to your business, first.

Do not send cold traffic to any affiliate sales page.

And I know that sounds kind of counterintuitive but stick with it.

For affiliate marketing to work properly, we need to build an audience that we own.

Typically, newbie affiliate marketers will choose a program that they think is going to convert well and then they send traffic directly to that sales page.

And what happens?

Yep, they don’t get the sale.

So the way to overcome that is; instead of going against the grain in terms of people’s trust, we go with the grain and we embrace it.

We use it to our advantage because we know that people aren’t going to buy from someone they don’t know and don’t trust so bring those people into our business, into our email list, and into our funnels.

And only then will we promote affiliate offers.

Create a Campaign

The first tip I’ve got for you number one is to create a campaign for every affiliate offer you promote and don’t rely on sending cold traffic to a sales page – bring that traffic into your business instead.

You can do this by creating transitional content.

The first step would be to create something of value, a lead magnet, and offer that in exchange for the prospects email address.

Then warm up your subscribers and let them get to know you.

Build the trust between you and your subscribers.

Make sure the trust is with you first, above all other offers, so that when the time comes to pitch one of those offers, your recommendation carries weight.

Buy & Review

The second thing that you need to do is to buy – or at least get your hands on a copy of the product that you are promoting.

If you don’t have access to the product then don’t promote it.

This also ties into building trust.

To establish that trust you have to take people behind the scenes and give them a glimpse of what the product actually looks like and what it can actually do for them.

Present this in the form of a review, instead of just explaining the features and the benefits.

Actually take your prospects deep inside the product – show them how it works, and give them new ideas or new ways that they can implement the information inside.

Side by Side Comparison

And then the third strategy I’ve got for you is similar to the review strategy.

We can do a side by side comparison.

This is super simple to do; take two products that are similar and review both

It’s vitally important to make sure that you are an affiliate of both products.

Show the strengths and the weaknesses of both products and this way you are not favouring one product over another.

And you’re not damaging anybody’s business because you’re not slating one product in favour of another.

What you’re actually doing is here is putting the prospects best interests first, and allowing them to make up their own mind about which product serves their needs best.

When you do this it doesn’t matter which one they choose, because you’re guaranteed to make a sale.

So there you go.


In my opinion there are 3 very positive ways to increase your affiliate earnings.

Number one; run your prospects through the sales funnel – approach it like you would anything else and create campaign for it. Warm them up and then pitch.

Number two; personally use the product and review it. Take your prospects behind the scenes and show them something that they haven’t seen in the sales page. Give them fresh ideas or a new way to use the product.

Ten we’ve got number three; create a side-by-side comparison of two similar products that you are promoting. So no matter which one your prospect chooses, you’re going to profit.

And if you’re found this useful remember to share it with other affiliate marketers – they might be thankful to you for it.

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