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Today is all about making high converting squeeze pages.

I’m gonna run you through 3 of the highest converting squeeze page templates that LeadPages use.

You can use this info as inspiration when making your own squeeze pages that will (hopefully) get more people to subscribe to your email list as a result.

The Science Bit

This all comes about because of a study by HubSpot that discovered that companies which have 15 squeeze pages see a 55 percent increase in subscribers in comparison to companies that have just 10 squeeze pages.

So if you’re relying on just a single squeeze page maybe it’s a good time to reconsider that strategy and increase the number of pages you’re using.

In addition to that, they have found that companies that have 40 pages also see a massive increase in subscriber numbers.

Here you can see HubSpot on data for yourself:

What I’m going to do is run you through the 3 highest converting templates that LeadPages use so you can create your own versions if you want to.

I’m going to tell you which elements connect all these together and why they are the highest converting templates.

High Converting Squeeze Page 1

High converting squeeze page 1
High converting squeeze page 1

The very first thing I want you to pay attention to here is the very top of the page here.

This is a credibility builder.

So here you have a great way to demonstrate and build trust in your market.

If you have any credentials or media exposure you might want to show them at the top of your squeeze page.

Secondly have a look at the hero image it’s a mock-up of a book cover.

In my own tests I found that video converts higher than a product image, so that might be something to think about.

What else do we notice about this page?

The very first piece of copy says ‘free’ and then we have a question.

A question usually used to trigger curiosity, or to invoke a ‘yes’ response.

And then we have a list of 3 benefits and I’m going to guess that if we drill down and examine these each benefit will contain another 3 benefits.

On a high converting squeeze page we’re going to stack the benefits on top of each other.

And then the button says: ‘Yes send me the free report’.  Here we have a few key things to pay attention to.

First of all, notice the word ‘yes’.

According to Robert Cialdini who wrote Influence: Science and Practice if you include the word ‘yes ‘or ask a question where the answer is likely to be ‘yes’ then you will increase the chance of a conversion.

Secondly have a look at the button. They’re making the button personalized.

The more personalized you can make a button, the higher of the click through rate.

Notice on this page we’ve got one 3 mentions of the word ‘free’.

That’s another powerful motivator to use in your copy.

So let’s move on to the second one.

High Converting Squeeze Page 2

High converting squeeze page 2
High converting squeeze page 2

This is another high converting template that LeadPages use.

Now what’s the first thing we see? The book, but again I would say do your own tests and put in a video if you can.

The first piece of copy says ‘read this free report’. And then we’ve got a very strong headline.

I’ve actually noticed that if you put a headline in quotes like that, people are more inclined to read it.

And then in the button we have ‘click for free instant access’.

There are actually 2 benefits right there.

It’s easy to see that this page also has many of the components of the first page.

So let’s move on to the third squeeze page.

High Converting Squeeze Page 3

High converting squeeze page3
High converting squeeze page3

Again on this squeeze page the very first piece of copy we’ve got is the word ‘free’.

And then a strong headline and a strong sub headline.

We’ve got another hero image, and then we’ve got stacks of benefits all the way down.

On the right hand side you’ve got a button that says ‘download now’.

That’s a good choice of words.

Using ‘download now’ is a good substitute for personalizing the button because it tells people exactly what’s going to happen next.

That leaves no room for misinterpretation.

And there’s something here that else each of these templates uses. Can you guess what it is?

Each of these squeeze pages are using two-step forms.

Two-Step Squeeze Pages

So when a prospect clicks on the button, a form will pop up and then they can put in their name and email address.

Why does that process work so well?

It’s because on the squeeze page we were only giving prospects one choice and one thing to think about.

Their choice is: Do you want the lead magnet or not?

They can either click the button to download it or they can leave the page.

What happens is this:

When they click the button they have already decided that they want the lead magnet.

Psychologically they have made a decision to obtain the freebie so they are more inclined to go through the process of filling in the name and the email address.

It breaks down the thought pattern into smaller chunks and makes the decision making process easier.

So if you’re not using two-step squeeze pages at the moment it could be something else to consider.

Quickly Increase Your Conversion Rate

One last tip I want to give you on creating high converting squeeze pages is about the traffic source.

Your traffic sources they have to be highly targeted if you want to see an immediate increase in your subscriber rate.

That is the number one way to increase your subscribers.

Bust listen, at the end of the day the template you use doesn’t really matter.

How it looks shouldn’t be too high on your agenda.

Instead, the copy is what’s really going to sell your lead magnet.

Once you’ve got the right traffic and the right copy working together you will become bulletproof.

But I know how nice it is to have a solid layout so maybe this has give you some extra ideas that you can implement into your own squeeze pages.

Recap: High Converting Squeeze Pages

So to recap:

We’ve seen using the word ‘free’ is vital.

Having an attractive image (I would say test it with video) but at least have some visual representation of what you are offering prospects.

Make the button personalized in some way or let them know what was going to happen after they click it.

And then of course theres a two-step sequence.

So there you go I think I’ll leave it there for today I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I hope it’s give you some fresh ideas to spruce up your landing pages or make high converting squeeze pages.

And remember to share this post with people who might need it. They’ll probably be thankful to you for it.

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