3 Quick Ways To Build Your Email List

Today I’m gonna give you 3 super-easy ways to build your email list. We (probably) won’t have to sign up for anything new to achieve this because chances are, you’ve already got everything we need.

We’re going to use social media; Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

So if you’re on those platforms, you’re good to go.

Facebook Pages

So let’s get down into it the first technique that I’ve got for you, this is using Facebook.

Here we are on my Fruit Smoothie Recipes page – I really don’t maintain this very often.

But here you can see that we’ve got a sign up button and that leads to an opt-in form.

When someone clicks that, it will take them to a squeeze page.

I’m going to show you how to add this to your own page now.

Here is my other Facebook page – which is even less maintained, but I’m gonna add a call to action button here.

You can choose whichever call to action you like, but I’m choosing ‘Contact’, you and then adding the URL of a squeeze page:

Now when someone visits your Facebook page they will have the opportunity to sign up to your email list.

And also while we’re here, we may as well write a new post containing a link to the squeeze page.

But here’s a clever bit, we ‘Pin to Top of Page’.

So now your Facebook page visitors immediately have two ways to opt in to your email list.

Pinned Tweet

We can do something similar to that on Twitter.

Here we have a ‘pinned Tweet’, so to pin a post just click this button and that’s it:

Pinterest Profile

Also if you are using other social media profiles maybe you’re using Pinterest – which is something I have just started to explore.

This is really easy we can add in the URL and a call to action in your Pinterest profile like this:

So there you go that’s three easy ways to get more subscribers on your email list.

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