3 radical lead magnets to grow your email list fast

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This is perfect if you want to grow and audience and monetise it, without too much extra work.

Today you’ll learn:

  • 4 ways to capture visitors and turn them into leads
  • 7 essential components to make an irresistible lead magnet
  • 3 new types of lead magnet help you stand out

I’ve created this approach because while getting traffic is easy, knowing what to do with it is something else entirely.

Most bloggers, content creators, affiliate marketers, and digital marketers are missing a huge opportunities by not taking full advantage of the traffic they receive.

I’ll show you how to get more, with less.

Common mistakes

Almost everyday I receive similar emails from new students who join Profit Copilot. It goes something like this:

“Mick, I need you help! I have a website that I’m passionate about, but nobody is buying. What am I doing wrong?”

In most cases I can accurately predict what they’re doing wrong, even before I look at their website.

What are they doing wrong?

They’re asking visitors to trust them enough to make a purchased based on nothing more than a recommendation.

Think about it.

How often have you personally bought something from somebody you didn’t know or didn’t trust?

It just doesn’t happen.

For that reason, we need a system in place that will let us profit on the backend.

Profit on the backend

It took me a longtime to figure this out.

And I even had a few helping hands along the way, pointing me in the right direction.

Establishing trust is vital for success online because it’s in such short supply.

Think about the number of marketers you trust. I’m going to guess that it’s a very short list, right?

And that’s the smart thing to do.

So your visitors are naturally the same, their guard is up too. That’s why we capture their email address, so we can continue to build the trust.

As soon as they subscribe to your email list, that process begins – and it’s through this profit that we make the most profit.

In my experience the best way to build trust is through an email marketing campaign that delivers value, and makes the occasional offer.

4 ways to capture leads

You need to be aggressive about capturing leads because your email list is absolutely the most valuable part of your business. It’s your biggest asset.

First, your email list will be the first ones to hear about your latest content. Secondly, if you’re doing it right, they’ll get the inside scoop about which products actually work.

Your priority should be to deliver value first, and profit second.

I know that sounds a little strange, but if we get this wrong then we don’t make the kind of profit that we deserve.

It’s that value that builds trust.

So how exactly do you capture leads?

I’ll show you the 4 ways I build my email list on the Profit Copilot blog, to make sure my visitors don’t leave empty handed.

It’s your job to make sure that every single website visitor has multiple opportunities to subscribe to your email list.

Scroll mats

Scroll mat

Scroll mats are a proven to work way to entice visitors to subscribe.

The instant they visit your website a screen with an opt-in form drops down inside the browser window and asks the visitor to take action.

Because most new visitors won’t know much about you, if anything, the majority will decline to subscribe at this stage.

But there’s a chance they might be ready to once they get past the scroll mat and see some of your content.

For those people we use a sidebar opt-in.

Sidebar opt-in

Sidebar opt-in

On the right hand side of my blog I provide another opportunity for visitors to subscribe to my email list.

This can be as a standalone opt-in form with a strong call to action, or as a clickable banner image.

I frequently test both of these formats, and both work.

When I’m using a clickable banner, instead of linking to another page (although you can do that), I like a pop-up form to appear so my visitors stay on the same page and the whole experience feels more cohesive.

But some people aren’t ready to opt-in at this stage either, so that’s why I sometimes use a content upgrade.

Content upgrades

Content upgrades

Content upgrades are the perfect way to convert visitors who are already engaged with your content.

Embedded within the body of your content, they temporarily interrupt a visitors session and asks them to take action.

Content upgrades should be closely related to the article, and should seem like the next logical step for your visitor to take.

Exit intent pop-ups

Exit intent pop-up

If your visitor hasn’t subscribed yet, even though they’ve had several opportunities, it’s time to make one last attempt before they leave your website.

As the visitor moves the mouse towards the ‘close tab’ button, or anywhere near the top of the bowser window, a pop-up will take over the page and offer your lead magnet one last time.

These are very effective conversion mechanisms.

For me, exit intent pop-ups are the highest converting of all the opt-in forms on my blog.

7 essentials for an irresistible lead magnet

Your lead magnet must be strategic.

We can’t provide a random piece of content and expect it to convert, for best results offer something that is either educational or inspirational.

Here are 7 essentials to help you make sure that your lead magnet is an irresistible offer.

They are:

  1. Solve a problem 
  2. One quick-win 
  3. Promise specific results 
  4. Quick & easy to consume
  5. Perceived high value
  6. Instantly accessible
  7. Demonstrate a UVP

Let’s go through each of these in more detail.

1. Solve a problem

You have to know who you’re talking to, what they’re struggling with and know how to help them (or be able to point them in the right direction towards help).

2. One quick-win

Your lead magnet must help your prospect get a quick result. This is essential if you want to deliver value and starts the trust-building process.

3. Promise specific results

Because you know how to help your prospect, tell them exactly what the end-result will be. This gives your prospect a reason to subscribe, and makes the value feel more authentic and tangible.

4. Quick & easy to consume

Avoid those long-winded PDFs that force your prospect to scroll through pages of content in order to get to the real meat. Your lead magnet should respect your prospects time, and move them towards trusting you as quickly as possible.

5. Perceived high value

By default, “free” things are widely regarded as low-value. To overcome this, by clearly stating the end-result or putting a monetary value on your lead magnet you can instantly increase its perceived value.

6. Instantly accessible

Don’t make your prospect jump through any hoops in order to get the lead magnet. The best way to deliver it is via a link inside an email that is sent the instant your prospect subscribes.

7. Demonstrate a UVP

Your lead magnet should make it clear what your Unique Value Proposition is, and how you stand out from everyone else in your marketplace.

When you have all of these elements working together, your lead magnet becomes sharable (which is great for traffic) and irresistible to your visitors.

Next, you need to know what type of lead magnets get the best results.

3 types of lead magnet

I’ll walk you through some of the best lead magnet formats to use, and here we’re staying far away from those long-winded 30 page PDFs.

The lead magnets that I suggest are:

  1. The daily challenge
  2. The tutorial series
  3. The pre-launch

You might not be familiar with these, so let’s dive in and learn how to use each one.

The daily challenge

If you challenge your visitors to do something positive for themselves, to take some kind of action and get results, you’ll grab their interest.

Now, if you can quantify that and promise those results within a set timeframe, you’ll instantly boost your credibility.

Think about ’30 day challenges’ and ’90 day challenges’.

These are proven to work because they help prospects take consistent action and develop positive longterm habits.

30 day challenge

A good example could be the Music Radar website, which created a 30 day challenge for guitarists who wanted to improve their skill.

21 day challenge

Or the Step it up website, which encourages subscribers to lose weight with a 21 day challenge.

Their website received exposure in the mass media as a result.

The tutorial series

The tutorial series is based around educational content that’s delivered or released every day for a set number of days.

Each piece of content should help your prospect solve a problem or move them further towards arriving at their goal.

These are great at building anticipation and curiosity, as people look forward to receiving the next instalment.

The content you provide must be either actionable or inspirational.

My traffic series

I offer this kind of content with my traffic series, proving my subscribers with a new traffic source every day.

The pre-launch

This is great when you want to launch a new content column.

What’s a content column?

Online we 3 main types of content; articles, podcasts and videos.

Let’s assume that you’re currently publishing articles, and you’d like to launch a podcast.

You can use the pre-launch lead magnet to build anticipation and hype for your forthcoming launch.

To do this you first announce your new content column on your website, and ask visitors to subscribe to be notified when it launches. This is called priming.

Behind the scenes you should be creating lots of content in bulk, that can be scheduled and released on a regular basis. This is called batching.

We batch content in advance to make sure there’s enough of it to keep people engaged and feel like they’ve received value. We also do it to make sure we don’t run out of steam early in the early stages of the project.

What next?

Now you know how to grow your email list fast, but how do you drive traffic to your website?

I’ve got your back here too, when you grab my traffic series and get new traffic sources you’ve probably not seen before.

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