5 Essential WordPress Plugins For Affiliate Marketers

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Today, I want to share with you the five most effective WordPress plugins that you can use for Affiliate Marketing.

Because you know the drill, I don’t need to explain affiliate marketing, so this will be a fairly cut and dry article. Simple. 

Plus I’ll share some information about each option so that you can make the best decision on which you feel would fit your affiliate marketing needs. 

  1. Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates is, in my opinion, the best and most efficient plugin for this type of marketing. The plugin allows you to organize your affiliate links into different categories or niches and lets you cloak your affiliate links so they look more ‘natural’ on your website. Thirty Affiliates acts as a link-shortener and gives you useful statistics that you can use to improve your affiliate marketing campaigns through WordPress.

  1. Amazon Product

Amazon Product is a plugin that lets you add Amazon products to new and existing posts on your WordPress website. It can help you find and add the right Amazon products for your audience, and it automatically monetizes each product by connecting it to your Amazon Affiliate ID. This is helpful for those individuals who may be short on time when it comes to searching for and adding products, as well as those who may not have the technical finesse to add each one into posts in a neat, natural way.

  1. Amazon Auto Links

This is another Amazon affiliate plugin, and shows the latest products added to Amazon and relevant to your niche. Amazon Auto Links chooses products that best match your audience and displays them on your WordPress site by inserting them into your posts automatically. It also gives you the option to display products in the sidebar area, so that they are visible to your visitors as they navigate through your website.

Auto Links is pretty easy to use and mostly automated, so it’s extremely useful to individuals that aren’t yet comfortable with choosing and adding affiliate products.

  1. Thrive Leads & Thrive Architect

These are actually two separate, but corresponding plugins. They plugins are what I use most frequently and what I feel to be the most useful out of the entire list. Together, Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect help you to capture leads at every point on your website. They allow you to create stunning squeeze pages, widget sidebars, notification bars, exit intent pop-ups, contact forms, sign up requests and more.

I use just about every single product that Thrive has created, but use Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect most often. If you look around Profit Co-Pilot you’ll see these plugins in action at the frontend. At the backend, they offer detailed statistics and the ability to split-test everything you curate so that you’re able to truly maximize your conversions. Thrive plugins are a great alternative to spending hundreds of dollars a month on Clickfunnels.

  1. Affiliate Manager

The last plugin on this list is primarily for individuals who sell their own products and recruit affiliates. Affiliate Manager is used to help you manage your affiliates and promote your products. It allows for real-time tracking and reporting, as well as ad tracking, so that you can see exactly what’s happening among your affiliates. If you want to know who’s bringing in the most sales or doing the most promotion at any given time, Affiliate Manager is the plugin you’ll want to use. It also integrates with almost every WordPress shopping cart, which is a major advantage.

Now that you have this list of some of the best Affiliate Marketing plugins, you’ll be able to focus on gaining more traffic and subscribers to your site and your social media accounts.

If you want more information and profitable tips, be sure to go to profitcopilot.com/traffic for my absolutely free, no-strings-attached training course! And as always, make sure you’re following my YouTube channel and blog for new, helpful articles and videos every week.

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