Advanced Email Marketing: Behavioural Dynamic Response

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Today I’m going to give you an email marketing trick that will help you to profit from the people on your email list who say “no”

We all know that email is probably the best way to build an audience, and that’s really because we get to control every aspect of it.

We can promote to the email list as often as we want and we can get free traffic to our content.

And now we can do some really clever stuff with behavioural response email marketing.

if you don’t know what behavioural response is I’ll explain it, it’s a simple concept.

Your email subscriber receives different emails from you, depending on the action they take.

So for example if somebody doesn’t open your email you can treat that person in a different way to somebody who has opened and read your emails.

Or we can send somebody highly targeted emails if click on a link.

I’m going to show you an automation that I’ve created and you can copy this to if you want to

This automation is very effective for re-engaging people.

This works great because most of the people we try to sell to will refuse to buy our stuff and that’s okay.

For this I’m going to use ActiveCampaign, but if you’re using Aweber you might not be able to do this.

And that’s why I absolutely recommend ActiveCampaign.

So let’s get down into this email campaign.

Email marketing automation

I’ll explain what’s happening.

As soon as a subscriber clicks the link inside the email they are tagged a special code word so the system knows that they have clicked.

Now the system knows that they should be treated in a different way to everybody else.

These people are immediately sent valuable information.

Then the system waits one day to see if will they’re going to click the link in that email.

The system will wait for up to three days for that person to open the email and click the link before removing them from the automation.

But if they DO read the email and click the link, then they continue to the next email in the series.

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