Authority Sites VS Niche Sites

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Is it best to build one niche website or is it best to build multiple sites in the same niche?

Today I’m going to answer an email question asked by one of my students, Colin.

Colin says: 

“Hi Mick!

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I would very much appreciate your advice. I am attracted to the health market and almost certainly to an authority blog, with a broad domain name and sub-niches.

The alternative will be to build separate sites, each specific to a single issue. What would you recommend?

Maybe you think this is not a good sector for affiliate marketing and creating my own info products.”

It is a really interesting question, and I think everyone can benefit from the answer.

I’ve received this question multiple times, since I started teaching people how to build affiliate sites.

Here’s the answer:

Build one website.

Don’t do multiple sites in the same niche.

Colin’s first thought of building one website (one authority blog) was the right one.

Except, he’s starting out too broad.

You may keep it in the back of your mind and have a broad domain name, that you are going to someday expand into an authority website.

However, understand that it is going to take time.

It’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve that.

But it is achievable. If you’re prepared to put in the work, you’ll be fine.

What you need to do?

  • Start with one issue.
    Pick one issue, for example, take joint pain, and start with just that.

Just focus on getting the top of the funnel content working.

  • Then, bring your people to the middle of the funnel.
  • And then finally, to the bottom of the funnel.

Here’s how you go about doing it…

  • Start with five blog posts for your authority website.

Now, each one of these posts will be like an introduction to the problem people might be facing.

  • Use that content to pull people further into your sales funnel by offering them a lead magnet.

This will pull them down to the middle section of the funnel.

  • You then use that lead magnet to bring them down to the bottom section.

For this, you either promote someone else’s products or your own.

  • Then, you use the follow-up sequences on your autoresponder to really ramp up your profits from that one individual prospect.

So, you start with one and get that working first.

Get that funnel running like clockwork.

Once that’s profitable, move on to the next topic that you want to talk about.

Other Tips

  • Get as specific as possible whenever you plan out the content.

In this particular case, the next topic could be weight loss, which in itself is so vast.

So get to the specifics. “Weight loss for who?”

Write down the specifics and then work accordingly.

  • Think about the person who will ultimately buy the product.

That’s who you have to aim for.

It’s easy to say someone who wants to lose weight.

Almost everybody wants to lose weight!

But not everybody is motivated to buy a product that will help them lose weight.

One of my favourite examples is from Pagan who says,
“Don’t target the weight loss niche, target the bride who wants to lose weight for her wedding so she can fit into a dress in 3 months’ time. She’s motivated to buy!”

You get the picture.

Now, you find your version.

Once you have that specific person in mind, then you can expand across that niche.

My thoughts on building an authority website

I think authority website is an absolute going to be the way forward for digital marketers and entrepreneurs.

One day people will come to the realization that building an authority website is a great if you want free traffic forever.

Building an authority website is the only way to do it.

Unless you get a viral hit every now and then, but that is easier said than done, right?

So that’s my answer:

  • Get as niche-specific as possible.
  • Just get one funnel working, and then think about expanding.

In Colin’s case, there’s so much going on. Plan ahead – have a five-year plan to get all the content you’re aiming for on your website eventually.

But for the present, focus on that one funnel. Get that one funnel converting for you, then get to the next one.

  • Once you have these funnels converting, you’re going to have the revenue. You’ll be able to invest it into your website.

Use the funnels to fund the development and the growth of the authority website.

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