10 Essential Blogging Tools To Generate Blog Post Ideas

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Have you ever found yourself struggling to come up with new ideas for content? Or wondered how to increase your blogging traffic? If so, then this blog post I’ve compiled some of the most essential blogging tools that can help you find new blog post ideas, create meaningful content and build a stronger brand. 

They say no man is an island, and you can’t do it all on your own. So there are powerful free tools that will help your journey. And each one of these blogging tools has been handpicked by me, as I find them useful in my own business.

This list is a little different. 

Today I’m not going to suggest some social sharing plugin. I’m not even the Yoast SEO plugin or one of the other dozen plugins that you can find anywhere. 

In fact, it doesn’t matter which blogging platform you use. None of these are Wordpress plugins, or dependant on on your CMS.

Brand Name Generator

Before you start creating blog content, you need to decide on the right name for your blog. 

This tool is especially useful to the new blogger.

So the first tool on the list is the Brand Name Generator by Web Hosting Geeks. Now, as the name implies, allows you to generate brand name ideas for your business. It will help you find relevant ‘dot com’ domain names. 

Choosing a great brand name for your blog is essential if you want to be taken seriously. The generator will help you find the perfect name.

This blogging tool will tell you if the dot com domain name, and the Twitter handle is available.


Once you’ve decided on a brand name, it’s time to generate content ideas. 

This will help generate an abundance of blogging ideas. 

Soolve.com is the perfect tool for that. It’s a search engine, sure. But instead of looking up information in databases or on websites, it searches through billions of pages on Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube and eBay. 

It will also give you related keywords to your seed keyword and show popular YouTube video ideas.

This way you get inspiration for content ideas and product names.

It’s a great place to start your research for blog post topic ideas and one of the best blogging tools around. 

Answer Socrates

Content creation ideas doesn’t have to be chore. 

Answersocrates.com is a free website that will generate blog post ideas based on your keyword. 

You enter in a keyword. Then it will come up with some questions to answer about the topic, which can then lead you to an idea for a blog post.

It also includes Google Trends data so you can find out what people are searching for on a consistent basis – great for checking evergreen keywords.

This is perfect if you are stuck looking for what content to create next or need inspiration for future posts. It’s a free service that will save you hours of research time looking for content ideas.

Portent Idea Generator 

The Portent Idea Generator is another tool that will give you more blog post ideas based on a keyword.

The main idea here is that it will generate headline ideas to help you break writers block.

Rather than coming up with topics by yourself, this tool will offer many headline ideas to choose from, but some can be quite humorous.

Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer 

This is a free tool that will determine the Emotional Marketing Value of your headline.

And it’s a great tool if you want to see how your headline will be received by your audience before you publish.

The ADMI Headline Analyzer is pretty smart. You can find the emotional value for every word in your headline and even look at the sentiment of each sentence. This comes in handy when writing copy that needs to appeal to readers on an emotional level. It will help you craft headlines that have more punch, rather than just a list of features.

This blogging tool is very useful before you decide on an article headline by offering valuable feedback about the effectiveness of those potential titles. 

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer 

Sticking with crafting solid headlines, this tool will give you a grade of A, B, C or D for your headline.

This is a favorite blogging tool of mine. 

Here’s an easy way to see just how well-written your blog headlines are and it also offers tips on improving them. 

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer can be used before publishing content so that the post has a better chance of being shared.

It can also be used to generate different headlines for the same article, so you can find a catchy one that may have been overlooked.

This tool will help any blogger create content with more punch and is especially helpful when writing copy meant to appeal on an emotional level or which should carry extra weight in order to get readers’ attention. 

SEOPressor Blog Title Generator 

This free tools can produce endless suggestion, catchy titles, and other creative blogging topics.

The Blog Title Generator can be used in a few ways; to generate a blog post idea, discover new topics for blogging about, and as an aid in creating headlines.

It initially suggests potentially 5 headlines but will allow you to generate hundreds more.

TYB Title Generator

The TYB Title Generator creates hundreds of blog post title suggestions and is a great resource for generating blog postideas or coming up with fresh headlines.

What sets this great tool apart; it generates headline suggestions based on user intent. 

For example, it suggests ‘how to’ headlines, ‘questions’, ‘best’, ‘lists’ and even ‘snark’ are among its impressive roster. 


Once you have some blog post ideas, you’re going to need images. Having a strong image will help your blog post stand out and get more clicks, especially when shared on social media. 

Good images can drive more blog traffic.

Canva is a free, online software that can be used to create professional looking images, with a bunch of handy templates to get you started. 

Canva also has an easy-to-use search function for photos you want to use in the design process.

You can use it to create beautiful blog graphics and social media images. It can be used for free or upgraded to premium service. 

The templates are easy to customize – no design skills needed. 

There’s a wide variety of layouts, colors and fonts available for a massive range of social media platforms. 


FreePik.com provides a wide range of images for bloggers, and has a free plan available. 

While many of the images are free to use, you do have to credit the website unless you upgrade. I use this a lot on my blog posts. 

There’s a variety of categories, from landscapes and animals, to food and technology. It also includes high-quality photos that can be used as blog backgrounds or for a Pinterest pin.

What’s Next? 

I’ve just shared some of the most useful free blogging resources available, and not a single Wordpress plugin in sight. How refreshing.

While tools will help you generate new blog post ideas and assist you on your blogging journey, you still need to devote time and effort into creating your posts.

But with the right tools, blogging can be a much more enjoyable experience and these will help you to build a more successful blog in process. 

So take the next step and learn some of my social media marketing strategies to help drive more blog traffic. 

Or join my free traffic course here.

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