Boost your sales by reducing shopping cart abandonment

Today is all about shopping cart abandonment because I’ve seen some quite troubling stats today.

According to new figures, 74% of shoppers are abandoning their carts before they finalise the purchase.

I’m going to give you 5 tips to help you save the sale and maybe put more money in your pocket as a result.

Be your first customer

So the first tip I’ve got for you is to actually go through the shopping cart yourself.

Listen, I’ve been involved in e-commerce building e-commerce sites since the very beginning – since the 90s. Checking the cart works, from top to bottom, and finding weaknesses is an immediate way to boost your sales.

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Maybe if you have a new shopping cart online and you’re not getting the sales you expect, just go through the process and become your own a customer to test it out properly.

Location Cookie

Secondly, have a look at this little chart:

56% of people leave the shopping cart because they are presented with unexpected costs.

And that brings us to my second point; check the tax and the shipping costs to make sure that they are appropriate for the user.

How you do that is you use a cookie a location tracking cookie.

That make sure the shopping cart knows whereabouts in the world your customer is, and then provides them with the correct tax and shipping information.

Price match guarantee

And then the third tip that I’d like to give you is something that we see the big guys doing a lot of at the moment which is price matching.

Make a deal with your potential customer promise them that if they find the same item cheaper elsewhere on the Internet you will pay the difference.

This kind of guarantee can have a dramatic increase on your bottom line.

I know it’s not always possible if you drop shipping, but if you can offer that as a guarantee I would strongly recommend you at least test it.

Inject urgency

The fourth tip that I’ve got for you is to use scarcity use urgency.

What you could do is show that the number of items you have left in stock or you could have a time-limited special discount.

Now let me say something about using scarcity, it can lead to buyer’s remorse.

That can happen because you’re putting pressure on people to purchase which in itself is okay, but if they’re doing it in a panic state and they’re not really thinking about their needs then the loss aversion driver has kicked.

Then the day afterwards, or a few hours later they may have gone through the process again in their mind and wondered if they’ve made a mistake.

And that’s where buyers remorse comes in. So if you use an urgency or scarcity that is something to consider.

Follow Up

Then the final tip that I’ve got for you is to follow-up.

Now this is such a massive area I could probably make 10 videos just on the follow-up sequence.

But for simplicity sake, chances are you will have their contact information and you can send them a reminder.

And then another really effective way to follow-up is through Facebook Custom Audiences.

The next time they’re on facebook they’ll see a little reminder about their intended purchase.

You could also include urgency and offer a fast-action discount.

I would say it’s probably not a good idea to train your customers to expect a discount in that way, but certainly use Facebook Ads to follow-up and remind them that they forgot to complete the checkout process.

So there you go, I hope you’ve found these 5 little tips to be useful and use them to increase more profit as a result.

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