Case Study: New Site Gets 50,000 Page Views For Free

Today is Traffic Tuesday and I’m gonna show you how one website manages to get 50,000 page views for free in just four months.

I love Traffic Tuesday – it’s always the best day of the week because I get to show you how to drive large volumes of traffic to your website, usually for free.

The End Result of Today’s Strategy

This week I’m going to show you how a website called iNet Solutions got over 50,000 page views in heir first four months – and they did it for free.

Then I’m going to show you how fellow blogger Matthew Woodward made over $9,000 in a single month as a result of the extra traffic he received using this exact method.

So its pretty clear that this stuff works and you can do it too.

Anyone can do this stuff – you just have to have a bit of discipline to actually do the work.

For this we’re going to use an app called BuzzBundle, and it’s more powerful than HootSuite.

Traffic from BuzzBundle

The BuzzBundle app does pretty much everything you need for social media management, but I just wish it had Instagram integration and that would make it absolutely perfect.

However, it still fills a lot of the gaps that HootSuite misses and it does work in a very similar way, with added Oomph.

HootSuite is really good for keeping an eye on mentions of your brand, but BuzzBundle lets you eavesdrop on conversations and then take part in them.

It generates an activity feed for your specific niche, based on the keywords that you choose.

Because it allows you to get involved in the conversation in this way you can promote your own content as a result.

It finds the conversations that are happening in your niche; across forums, blogs, Q&A sites, on YouTube and of course on social media sites.

It basically grabs all the relevant conversations that are happening around the web, compiles them all together, puts them right in front of you and allows you to engage and take part.

So it is pretty powerful stuff.

Now when it comes to getting traffic you’re going to have to do a bit of self-promotion and that is unavoidable.

But I’ve got a strategy for you that will allow you to promote yourself in a really cool ethical way that helps the people in your niche.

Traffic from Self-promotion

The strategy is to put your content in front of the people who need it most.

Ok that’s just common sense, right?

But I’m constantly amazed by how many people screw this up.

So put your content in front of the people who really crave that information.

Once you have each channel figured out, you’re contributing value content, you can promote yourself if each piece of content that you promote helps your audience out more than it helps you.

Let me say that again.

You can promote content as long as it helps your audience more than it helps you.

So if the payoff for your audience is bigger than the clicks you get, then I believe you are putting your audience’s needs first.

50,000 Page View Case Study

So how did iNet Solutions grow their website to 50,000 pages views in the first four months?

They did this by increasing the number of channels they were using on the BuzzBundle app.

But most importantly, and this is really key to it, they started building an email list.

They funnelled the traffic they were receiving from BuzzBundle into their own email list.

And that is how you grow a large following online – you capture the traffic and then you can share your content over and over again.

Email marketing works because it draws in the people who are the most engaged and the most likely to buy from you, the most likely to share your content and the most likely to  take part in discussions around your content.

$9,511.93 in a Month Case Study

Earlier I mentioned that Matthew Woodward made almost $10,000 in a month using this exact strategy.

So how did he do it?

Using BuzzBundle he continuously added more keywords to the app and then he funnelled all that traffic into an email list.

He built an email list around that traffic and then he monetised by promoting affiliate offers to them.

This simple strategy allowed him to make over $9,000 in just one month using.

Final Thoughts

So with all that in mind BuzzBundle might be worth having a look, at even if you use it HootSuite.

But listen, it is expensive.

They do have a free version available for the first 15 days, and then it limits the amount of conversation that you have access to, down to 30%.

Even with that 30% you can still generate huge volumes of traffic to your website for free.

So that means anyone can do this.

It’s my opinion that you shouldn’t use BuzzBundle exclusively, equally you shouldn’t use HootSuite exclusively either.

I think you need a mix of both – we have a wide variety of tools that will help us out in every situation so add this to your marketing mix.

Maybe use it alongside HootSuite or Buffer and use it to take part in conversations around the web; blog posts, forums, Q&A sites, and on YouTube.

Ultimately we need a wide spread of traffic sources to really profit and grow online.

So there you go, you can do this too. Getting traffic is the easy bit, the difficult bit is converting it into sales but that’s for another time.

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