Close the sale quickly with the Ben Franklin Close

Today I’m going to give you a really solid technique to help you sell more.

Maybe you have been in this situation. You’re speaking to potential customer and they’re not sure if your product or your service is right for them.

It’s frustrating when they can’t see the full value of what you’re offering, right?

So how can you sell to them while being ethical and making sure that they get absolute value from the sales experience?

Well, here’s what you do; this is called the Ben Franklin Close.

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The Ben Franklin Close

You ask your prospect to write down two columns on a sheet of paper or on the computer.

On one side you’re gonna have ‘pros’ on the other side you’re gonna have ‘cons’.

Then you’re gonna help them to list out the pros and the cons of the product or service that you’re offering.

Now, if you can make the pro column longer than the cons column you will increase the chance of making the sale.

Of course you’re not gonna lie to them and you’re not gonna trick them or do anything unethical.

But you are gonna sell your product or service in the best possible light to make sure that the pro con is longer than the cons.

This is really effective if somebody is undecided, if they need to think it over or if they need some time.

What you can do is say: “Well, let’s make a list right now and get some clarity”.

And that’s what you’re doing is you’re giving them clarity in this situation.

When they see the list they will be able to make up their own minds more efficiently. Then they will be able to see the benefits in either buying product or walking away from the deal.

And that’s it, a really simple little sales trick that you can use to close the sale quicker.

Stop the Ben Franklin Close

So how do you protect yourself from that kind of sales technique well if you find yourself in a situation where a Salesman or a saleswoman is using it on you?

Well, firstly you should actually go along with it because it’s gonna benefit you. The technique is a good one for gaining clarity.

But instead of just relying on the length of the list to help you make up your mind, you add a score of importance to each item on that list.

Now you can imagine it like weighing scales, and the score is a weight.

When you add up all the scores, you’ll gain greater clarity.

And that’s how you can both use, and protect yourself from the Ben Franklin Close.

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