3 content creation tips for info-marketers

This morning I saw a headline that said Apple will invest $4.2 billion into creating original content by 2022. And that got me thinking.

Sure, Apple wants to go up against Netflix and Amazon, and that all seems a million miles away from the kind of info-marketing that our businesses are founded upon.

But the whole purpose of info-marketing (list builders, bloggers, affiliate marketers, eBook authors, online course creators, consultants, Youtubers, etc etc ) is to promote high value information, in some format.

And original content is what draws people to your brand.

Original content brings more traffic to your website, it pulls more leads into your campaigns, and generates more sales for your business.

And then it helps to position yourself as an expert and trusted authority figure.

Everything we love about digital marketing all starts with great content.

But if you’re building an email list, or selling products, or offering services, then content creation is gonna be an important part of the marketing mix.

And since every digital marketer, blogger, and content creator, is rightly building their own email list, I’ll use email marketing as an example.

So let’s pretend you’re going to promote an affiliate offer to your list.¬†And when you’re promoting that product you might be using ready-made content, provided by the vendor, as part of your campaign. And why not? Its quick and easy to use.

So you copy & paste the content into your autoresponder series, and let it fly.

But think about it.

It’s likely that almost every other affiliate marketer who’s promoting the same product will be using the same content as you.

How many times do we see this? You have probably received at least 2 identical emails from different marketers who are promoting the same product, right?

It speaks volumes and it smacks of laziness.

It’s also a good indication that you’re on a churn & burn email list.

Obviously I encourage people to write from the heart and not from their bank account.

So take an extra hour or two and do some research. Investigate a topic for your audience, figure out how it relates to the product you’re promoting, and inject your own opinions and feelings into it.

According to one blogger, to make great content it must be:

  • Informative
  • Interesting
  • Relevant

I agree with that, so let’s drill down into this a little further.


Your content must be valuable to your audience. The quickest way to make sure its valuable is to teach them something new. So make sure your content is useful, and if it can give them actionable steps, all the better.


To make your content interesting, it’s gotta grab attention. And the best way to grab attention is through your headline. Another way could be to use statistics – this also helps to build your credibility.

And there’s also storytelling. For years I avoided storytelling in my content because I thought it had to be long and drawn out, but I was wrong. A good story can be made of just a sentence or two.


You have to know who your audience is, and write for their needs.

Avoid the temptation to write about a wide range of topics, and just focus on one. This lets you speak directly to a single audience who will become engaged with your content, and your brand.

If you’re bouncing around from one topic to another, you’re not going to get the traction you desire, and you’re not going to build a loyal following. This is the definition of spinning your wheels.

Once you decide what your topic is, you can write about sub-topics within it if you want to discover what your audience REALLY wants.

So that’s pretty easy stuff. But how often should you create content?

That’s entirely your call, but personally I think it should be a minimum of at least once a week.

The more high value content you have out there, the more opportunity you have to grow your audience.

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