Content Repurposing Strategy Increases Traffic By 300%

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Here is one of the most powerful content repurposing strategies that is guaranteed to send 300% more traffic to your website for free.

In this article I will teach you not only how to increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website, but also how to use a completely free tool that will do all the hard work for you.

How To Repurpose Content

If you haven’t heard of content repurposing, that’s what today’s strategy is all about; essentially, you take existing content, change the format two or three times, which will allow you to reuse this content for double or triple groups of people, and thus be able to triple your brand’s audience with much less effort than you would have used in creating new content each time.

With content repurposing, you get the most out of every piece of content you create and at the same time exploit the potential of each of the platforms you use.

If you need a good example of what I am explaining, look at Gary Vee’s work, he is a master of content repurposing; however, he has a team of about 16 people creating content for him all day, every day.

You will not need a team for this, I have simplified the process for you, so that you can learn it and put it into practice.

Anyone can do it, and it’s free.

Grow Your Audience By 300%

Let’s say you focused on creating content for a blog post, then you take that same content, record yourself talking about it, and it turns into a YouTube video. Then, that same video based on the blog’s content, you transform it again by taking the audio and turning it into a podcast.

Same topic, different formats, triple the audience.

That said, keep in mind that these are not the only ways to change the format, there are some even simpler.

For example, if you take a phrase from your initial blog post and create an image, or a meme, it is another way to reach even more people and increase your page’s traffic.

The video you made based on the post, you can take a fraction of it and make it a TikTok or a teaser for Instagram. By using these tools, you get the most out of every piece of content you create.

Driving Traffic To Your Website

Each of the reformatting you do must end with a call to action that takes you to your landing page, which is where you will get your earnings; then using multiple platforms you will reach triple the number of people with the same amount of content.

Content repurposing strategy

So, you create a marketing scheme where each format of your content leads to the same point: your landing page, and from each one you can also get more advertising content in the form of memes, Tik Toks, and teasers.

You can carry out this strategy in the order you want, my favorite is to start with the YouTube video since it is the content format that I like to do the most, and then from that video I create blog posts that will have the podcast attached as well.

It is important that your social media has teasers for any of your content formats.

For example, from your YouTube videos you can create short versions of them for your stories that will make more people go see the full video, or alternatively you can use IGTV to upload the video to your profile.

As well, posting memes about your blog post or podcast, you create a broadcast network for more people to see your content.

Can you redirect teasers/memes directly to your landing page instead of to your blog, YouTube channel or podcast?

Yes, but it is something you should try for yourself, as it does not always work; it all depends on the connection between your small/teaser content and your landing page.

But on the other hand if you redirect to the full content place you can connect better with visitors and thus get them to reach your landing page.

The Lazy Option

There is a tool that will allow you to carry out this process quickly, easily and for free: I’m talking about Kapwing (affiliate).

Although it also has a paid version with more benefits, you upgrade your account by contacting them and writing a review article for them, which I think is a good deal. But either way, the free version is very useful.

The cool thing about Kapwing is that it allows you to create workspaces with multiple tools and templates.

For example, it has dozens of meme formats that you can edit to adapt them to your content and thus share them on your social media and get people to access your blog, YouTube channel or podcast, increasing your brand awareness.

Another Kapwing tool is the Video Trimmer, which allows you to place URLs of your YouTube videos and trim specific parts of them to be used as mini content and as teasers, hand in hand is the Resize Video option where you can change the format of your videos to adapt them to Instagram or Tik Tok.

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