How to create an instant, almost unbreakable bond with your customers

The secret to astonishing levels of persuasion

Imagine the benefits if you could almost instantly create a deep emotional bond with your customers..

…so they’ll stick to you like glue.. if you’re involved with selling, lead acquisition, solving their problems…

…or however you like to communicate with your potential customers..

They’ll automatically just like you, trust you and feel like you ‘just get them’… which ultimately puts YOU in a better position to market to them and enables you to become a better leader..

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Well here, you’re going to learn how to exactly that…

Now sit back and take it easy because we’re going to talk about an element of persuasion that nobody else is sharing right now..

Today we’re going to talk about Internal dialogue…

At times it’s your best friend, and other times your worst enemy. It can inspire us or hinder us, keep us awake at night or even give us the courage to take massive risks..

It’s that conversation that happens inside our heads…’s how we rationalise things, how we throw things out of all proportion…

….and for us internet business type people, we can use it to help our prospects to decide if they’re going to buy from us….

You see, there are a small number of people on this planet that know how to virtually hijack someone else’s internal dialogue, and take control of that conversation, that in turn can change their decision making bias… and ultimately result in what kind of action they take….

It’s a major secret that nobody talks about…

And because I’ve taken a complicated area of psychology and made it super-simple for you to use, I’m going to show how to do it now, right now…

I’ve been reading and studying psychology material for my entire adult life, almost as long as my Internet career in fact…

So I’m going to show you how to get the results you want right now..

Think of it like having a few shortcuts that you can just take and use anytime you like and use it on your advertising copy, your sales pages, email sequences, or anything else you like when you decide that you want to get the maximum results from your marketing efforts.

So let’s dive in and start.

Now, the harsh truth is.. nobody really wants to BUY your product..

They only want what your product will do for them.

They only want the results it can give them.

So, once you know… not only what your prospects WANT… – but also WHY they want it, it becomes easier to press all the right buttons to trigger the response you like.

The trick is to understand their motivation, what their reason is for buying.. On an emotional level. When you know that, you can bypass most of their normal defense mechanisms.. Because people are rightly guarded when handing over their money.. And especially to people they don’t know.. So we want to knock down those defenses as quickly as possible and show them that we understand them, that we’re on their side, and we know how they feel…

Now what I’m about to tell you next is powerful.. And I haven’t seen anybody share this before..

We use empathy. But it’s important that don’t make a mistake and sympathise with them. There’s a big difference between sympathy and empathy.

Generally, people don’t like or want sympathy.. it can make them feel small and feel like they’re being spoken down too.. Like they’re being pitied. And nobody wants to feel like that do they?

Whereas, empathy, now that gets people on side a whole lot quicker because you’re putting yourself in their shoes..

This is also a great method for building instant rapport..

But it’s important that we don’t fake empathy, It’s dishonest, and I think people will see right through it.. We need to be authen-tic.. And demonstrate compassion.. Compassion is actually empathy in motion.. In action.

Compassion is when we feel the desire to help people..

And thankfully there is a quick and easy way to trigger compassion that allows us create genuine empathy as a result.. And this is a great technique to use, not just in your marketing but it’s a great life skill to have in general too because it can help you to improve your friendships and relationships..

We just have to spend a small amount of time to see things through the eyes of our customers…

And I’ll show you how to do that in a few minutes, but first we need to drill down and find out what really motivates buyers in your niche… so let’s imagine that you’ve got a website, and you’re selling.. for example.. a weight loss product..

It might be a digital product to people who want to get in better shape, right?

Now on the surface, it might be obvious why someone wants to lose weight; you might say they just want to be skinnier, right?

And that would appear to be right, but in fact that’s just a symptom, a by-product of their true desire. It’s whatever being skinny represents to them, now that’s the real reason behind their purchase…

When you tap into that thought process, that conversation, you can access their internal dialogue…

Let’s ask the question again, WHY does your prospect want to lose weight, this time?

You might say they want to live longer? To look good?
Yep that could be true… but we still need to look deeper…

Could it be for the health benefits? To run up a hill without getting out of breath?
Yes.. Absolutely… but we’re not quite there yet..

You could say.. It’s to feel good about themselves?
Now this is getting close to the truth. Now we’re getting somewhere.

It’s actually all about how they feel about themselves. It’s about their self-image.

Nobody else is talking about this, at least from what I can see.. If you can target your customers true-self, their ideal self, and then help them to change how they see themselves, how they feel about themselves, then you can improve their self-image..

You can even show them how it’s possible to become their ‘perfect-self’.

When you do that, they will stick to you like glue because you’ve given them.. the key to the kingdom.. You’ve changed their perception for the better and you’ve made more determined to succeed…

…we all know people who’ve made us feel like that right?

Think about it, think about a parent, a friend or a teacher, or somebody who really inspired you at a time when you absolutely needed it.. We don’t forget those people and they mean a lot to us…

In my example we’re using ‘weight loss’ just as an entry point..

You see, when you help people to change their self-image, and see the possibilities, of what they can achieve, then their actions will change. They will naturally, unconsciously even, take the actions that their ‘perfect self’ would take.

What’s actually happening here is you’re stimulating one, or maybe several emotions, there are actually six emotions that we can use to achieve this..

…and then accelerate desire.. On top of that.. There are 4 types of desire that we can tap into..

..So here’s a quick, down and dirty, super-simple formula for you to use:

Choose one or more of these emotions to stimulate:

1. Interest
2. Fear
3. Anticipation
4. Excitement
5. Curiosity
6. Hope

And then we can tap into one of the four types of desire:

1. The desire to do something.
2. To be something.
3. To save something.
4. To gain something.

Using this info, you can change a prospects internal dialogue, but how do we put it all together?

Well again I’ve made the process super-simple for you.

You just have to answer these questions in as much detail as you can:
1. Who is your ideal customer?


2. What does their current self image look like?


3. What do they really want?


4. Why do they want it?


5. What does that represent to them?


6. Once they get it, the results they want, how does that make them feel?


7. Once they get the results, what will their future self image look like?


Now, take your time, it’s important… make sure you the answers.. and when you do, you have enough information to sprinkle some ‘magic dust’ through your existing sales copy…

And you know me, I have to give you a warning… so use this with caution, it’s powerful stuff.. although I know you probably wouldn’t use this for evil..

So I think that’s all from me for today.

Have fun and profit.

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