How to double your sales quickly

Don’t have a product to sell yet?
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I know you love making sales! I love making sales!

It should be a primary focus of your website; right next to delivering awesome value and making it fun.

So let’s double your sales!

Because without ’em, all that lovely moolah flowing towards our little blogs would quickly dry up, and then we’d have to go back to having “a proper job” (and they usually come with one of those bosses that we managed to fire). #Awkward.

Or maybe you’re not quite there yet and still working towards going full-time with your site. Well, this tactic might help you get there a little bit sooner.

But you absolutely gotta be selling products to make this work.

So here’s a fresh way to get double, or triple or even quadruple your sales, without that much extra work.

Sounds good right?

Double your sales?

Here’s the tactic that’s gonna boost yer sales two-fold, three-fold, or whatever-fold you like, depending on how much extra work you can be bothered putting in…

For this I’m gonna assume that you’re making and selling digital products through your website.

Okay, so what usually happens after you make a product that’s so awesome it’s just gonna blow your customers minds?

Well, the savvy product creator is gonna make at least one bonus product – of equal value to, or even better than, the core product.

This helps to sweeten the deal, and makes the offer way more desirable.

So you got your core product done and your bonus is all sorted.

What’s gonna be next on your list of things to do?

To write an awesome sales page that shows off your core product in the best possible light, hit publish, and give yourself a good pat on the back.

Job done? Well, almost.

This is how you’re gonna double your sales.

What you gotta do next is write a second sales page.

Now this is were it gets interesting… this time instead of writing about how great your main product is, you write about how awesome the bonus product is.

Yup, you just switch the products round. A super-simple way to multiply the number of times you can pitch the same stuff.

Double your niche?

So what’s happening here as a result?

Because your sales copy is gonna be different, the page now speaks to a completely different person.

And they’ve got a completely different problem to solve, right?

That means you’re now in a second niche. Ta-da!

But imagine if you’ve got 3 bonuses.

Or 4 bonuses. Or 5.

That’s 3+ more potential niches you can walk into straight away, and get 3+ times the amount of customers.

And it hasn’t taken too much extra work to achieve.

Write a new sales page for every bonus, throw it online and send traffic to it. Easy stuff.

The take-away?

Here’s the take-away, for you scrollers:

  • Create a second sales page
  • Position your bonus product as the main product
  • Advertise it in a separate niche

You’re also gonna have to set up a brand new funnel too, and go through all the tweaking just like you did with your first sales page, if you wanna get the new one converting too.

But, it means you don’t have to do niche research and you don’t have to make a new product.

It’s a fairly quick and easy way to double your sales. Now, I must sleep. Yawn. G’night.

Don’t have a product to sell yet?
Well, lookie here… make an ebook in 20 minutes