3 New Ways to Drive traffic from facebook

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Let me get something off my chest.

I’m going to take my ‘professional’ hat off for a second and get real with you. In my opinion, when it’s used for anything other than website marketing, Facebook is a largely toxic platform. It harms society more than it improves it. But be that as it may, some of my clients love it – especially for traffic generation.

And my distain for Facebook doesn’t change the fact that millions of other bloggers and webmasters are constantly trying to drive traffic from it.

So while it’s an amazing way to get hundreds and even thousands of people to your website for free, it’s still not without its problems for the people who use it in this way. That’s why I continue to experiment with it.

Diving Traffic Isn’t Easy

“Nothing worth having ever came easy”. This is especially true of Facebook.

As more and more content creators use Facebook to get traffic on their sites, there is an increasing chance that your website will get pushed aside, and less people visit your site.

And it’s no secret that the organic reach is decreasing. It’s only around 3% to 6% now.

So we need to rethink how we drive traffic from facebook.

The Risk Of Facebook Ads

Paying for ads on Facebook has become a high risk due to the fact that ad prices are getting higher. Even if you did buy these ads you’re not guaranteed a good return.

The great thing is that you can still use Facebook to get traffic to your website, you just have to change the way you use it a little bit. Here are three ways you can get more traffic on Facebook.

Facebook Image Hack

Facebook post type

The first method is the Facebook Image Hack.

This method is designed to make your images stand out, so that more people will click on it. This method works on profiles, business pages, and groups.

But there’s a problem.

Whenever you link a page on Facebook, it will use the first image it finds and the page title, but you might not want that content to be shown.

This isn’t good because it doesn’t give you control over what is being displayed and it can choose images that don’t stand out which leads to people not clicking on it. Your post can easily be lost in the dozens of other posts.

The way to get around this is to use a different kind of post; a photo/video post. Now you can choose any photo you like for your posts, but you need to put this photo in before you add the link.

Putting your website URL beyond the first six lines makes it hard to see

You should also put your website URL in the first six lines. Putting your link front and center will get more people to click on it.

Hacking The Algorithm

The second method will increase the organic reach of your page. Over time your organic reach will slowly increase. It may take a while, but hard work does pay off! As organic reach increases you can direct traffic wherever you want to.

You can turn it to blog posts, landing pages, or you can promote products and affiliate links.

To increase organic reach you need to post at least once a day and it doesn’t have to be only your content. You should share your content like blog posts or youtube videos, but you should also share other people’s blog posts or youtube videos.

The biggest factor in organic reach is live videos.

For some reason Facebook’s algorithm likes to reward you when you do live videos. When you do live videos the reach can increase by fifty percent! When you are consistent with this the algorithm will slowly begin to reward you.

Cross Promotions

Facebook Group Growth

The third method is to team up with other people.

Do a swap with other groups on Facebook. Promote their group and in exchange they would promote your group.

This cross promotion is a win-win situation for everybody especially those in the groups. Don’t do this too often though or else your members will get tired of all the promotions and leave the group.

Realistically only groups who have the same size as you will want to do this with you, so don’t go to a thousand member group and expect them to swap when you only have one hundred members in your group.

Bonus Tip

One last tip as well, is to pin your call of action to the top of your profile, pages, and groups.

This will push your viewers in the right direction immediately since it is the first thing they will see.

If you use these methods you will be guaranteed to get more traffic. More traffic will not be given to you overnight, but it will happen with time and patience.

Just be sure to be consistent with posting and doing live videos. Make all of your posts pop and catch the attention of viewers. The more you practice these methods the more traffic you will receive, so don’t be afraid to practice these methods routinely. 

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