A Profitable Email Marketing Campaign

The higher your open rates, the more profit you make, right?

That’s why it’s so important to communicate with your subscribers in the right way, so not only do they open your emails, but actually look forward to receiving them.

It’s a simple process but it must be done in a very specific order.

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I created this because my students needed a way to get fast results without going through all the theory – but for those of you who want to understand all the components that make this so powerful, I’ve written a book especially for you, and that will explain everything in detail.

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It’s the most comprehensive guide that I’ve ever seen on the subject but for those of you who want go ahead and use the formula right now, then this video is for you.

What we’re going to do here is quickly get the most important pieces in place, and you can use the book as a source of inspiration that will let you tweak things as you go, because as you probably already know……. there are so many variables….. and different circumstances for each individual and business benefits from email marketing… so what works for one person might not work for another, but here I’m giving you the the best possible chance of seeing amazing results.

So let’s get cracking with your first profitable email sequence.

You’re going to use four key elements to achieve staggering results; first you’re going to:

  • Generate interest and desire for what you’re selling…
  • Then you’re going to establish a bond with your email subscribers…
  • Next you’re going to prove that whatever you’re selling actually works…
  • And finally you’re going show them the end results, so your subscribers can imagine what it feels like to move beyond their current situation.

You can achieve all of this by creating a figurehead or an admirable spokesperson for your subscribers, somebody they can relate to, somebody they would rather be.

Once you have your admirable spokesperson, you’ll use a range of storylines captivate your audience and motivate your subscribers to take action. I’ll show you the different archetypes inside the book, it’s only around 30 pages long so you can finish it in an afternoon.. and I’ve also got some ready-made, done for you email templates.

So the first step, is to get them interested in following you and learning from you, for this you need to make an attractive promise.. Tell them how their lives can change. This will increase their desire for results.

You’ll create a backstory, so list out the things that your audience wants, they will be the same things that you wanted when you were starting out…. Talk about how it made you feel, not being able to achieve the results you wanted.

And then tell your audience what it was like when you achieved success…. Paint a picture for them, let them imagine it for themselves, let them dream.

The second step is to establish a bond and create trust, so this is where you can polarize your audience and draw a line in the sand. I cover this in a lot more detail inside the ebook, and why it works so well, but in this short video we want quick results.

With this step you also have the opportunity to show one of your flaws and talk about your values.

Just make sure that your polarizing statement, your flaw and your values all match your customer’s. This is essential if you want to turn normal, indifferent email subscribers into raving fans.

Ok, so the third step… you’re going to make sure people know you’re being truthful, so provide them with social proof.

The best way to find social proof is from customer testimonials. Most people who are pleased with the results they’ve achieved will be happy for you to to share their story.

People like people who are like them. So be selective about the testimonials you share.

The final step here is to show results in advance.

There’s only one reason people decided to subscribe to your list, at least at the start, and that’s because they believe you can help them to solve a problem.

So show them the end results, show them what life is like AFTER they’ve achieved success.
You might also consider showing them a demo of the product, what it can do and how they can use it.

This gives them a feel for things, and allows them to imagine a life beyond their current situation.

Ok, if you’ve upgraded to the full version, you will have received an ebook called ‘The secret to writing profitable emails’, and I’ve also provided you with several email templates you can use to help you hit all the points you need to, so you know everything’s done right, AND everything’s done in the right order.

But for now, you can use a range of storylines.. So let’s go with ‘before and after’, a very easy one to get started with.

You see, the ‘before and after’ storyline can be used in practically any niche that requires some kind of transformation to get results.

We’ve all seen those weight loss pictures.. An overweight guy who transforms his body.

Well you’re going to tell your story of before and after, everybody who’s achieved success has one.. But listen, even if you’re not successful, or you’re promoting other people’s stuff as an affiliate, you can still take advantage of this and use somebody else’s backstory – just keep things open and honest. Be authentic and be upfront with your subscribers.

So the first email in your sequence is a ‘setup’ for your second email, and your second one is a setup for your third, and so on.

Think about how TV shows work, especially ones that leave things on a cliffhanger. It keeps people tuning in week after week.

So, you’re injecting tension into your emails, you’re creating suspense and playing on people’s curiosity.

When you turn subscribers into raving fans, they buy your products… or the products that you recommend.

This is the smartest way to write profitable emails and build a loyal following.

I’ll show you how to craft your first five emails right now.

So email number one. This is where you welcome them to your email list and tell them what to expect. I also like to throw in a promise, to let them know they’re in good hands and that my motives are genuine.

Don’t sell them anything in the email, just give them the free report or whatever they signed up for..

This is the start of their journey with you, at the moment you’re just setting the stage.

But, you’re also going to add some NLP to the email.. This isn’t as weird or as scary as it sounds, in fact it’s really easy. You just tell them what they’re going to receive in the next email, and why they’ll enjoy it.

This is called an open loop… this makes sure they open up tomorrow’s email.

Then we schedule another email for the second day, and in this one you’re going to talk about your backstory which all leads from a high tension moment, here you’re giving your audience some drama.

The high tension drama is the best bit of the story, and it’s what grabs attention so start there and work your way back once your subscribers are emotionally hooked.

Make sure the elements of your backstory mirrors similar situations to your audience’s because this will help start the bonding process.

Tell them how your backstory has lead you to a specific point of discovery that changed everything for you, that improved your life, that gave you the same results that they want. But don’t tell them what it is just yet. You see, this is another open loop, which you’ll close tomorrow.

So the third email, this is where you share the turning point in your story. It’s where you reveal the discovery you mentioned yesterday.

It should be closely related to the product you’re selling. If you’re doing affiliate marketing, use the discovery of the vendor’s product as your turning point.

The fourth email will contain a reminder about the value they’re receiving from you.

For this email you’ll need to think about the not-so-obvious benefits of your product, and tell them in a parable.. I cover parables in more depth inside the ebook I wrote for you.

Make your parable loaded with positive emotions, tell your audience how the results you’ve experiencing make you feel. This is a feel good email.

Ok, so the final email in this sequence. Remember this isn’t the last email they will receive from you, but it is the end of the welcome sequence.

This is where you give your audience a final chance to buy your product, and encourage them to do it right away.

The best way to do that is to use genuine urgency. So you could limit the availability of the product….. or it could be the end of a sale and you have an impending price hike.. or whatever the reason is, make it urgent so they have a reason to buy from you RIGHT NOW…

Ok, one final tip.. When writing your emails, use short sentences.. Long paragraphs will just slow people down.

Don’t overcomplicate the emails, keep them as short as possible.. While there’s no idea length, don’t divert away from the point you need to make.

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