Find the Perfect Niche that gives you Joy

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Are you tired of jumping around from idea to idea, never finding the right niche – one that actually sticks?

Well, this is for you because I’m going to show you how you can find the absolute perfect niche for and one that will allow you to build the business you want and get the life you deserve.

Haven’t I already done the ‘find a niche’ thing?

Yup, in a very technical way but today isn’t technical, at all.

Today’s post has really been inspired by one of my viewers.

His name is Tony and he posted a comment on my YouTube channel.

He said:

I am ready to finally get a blog up and running (that I stick with). I’ve made well over a hundred WordPress websites, but they’ve all ended up in the WordPress graveyard.

Mainly because I lose interest. I’ve been choosing niches that I’m not really interested in. So, my present challenge, is to choose wisely, as I want to stick with it this time.

I’ve seen enough proof to know that this stuff absolutely works, if done correctly.

Mick, if you have a method of choosing a niche, I’d be interested in knowing about it. Cheers, and thoroughly enjoying your Youtube channel!

Okay this is a really common problem for people who want to build an online business.

So the first thing I would really ask you to do is; ask yourself is this the right path for you?

Is this right for you?

Are you prepared to devote 12 to 18 months to 24 months on a single project, to see it through and invest so much of your own personal time?

Because you might already have a job, so you might come home at the end of the day and switch on the TV, have a beer kick back and try to unwind and switch off.

That’s perfectly understandable but if you have a job and you want to build an online business on the side, then it’s gonna be an awful lot of work.

You’re gonna have to work the hours that you would normally use for relaxation.

Every single day you have to invest those big chunks of time and energy.


So be prepared for that, be prepared to actually roll up your sleeves, dive in and stick with something – which I suspect Tony is – I mean he’s got over a hundred websites and that absolutely screams dedication.

Personally, I think Tony’s in the right place. I think he has got the motivation and dedication to succeed.

It’s just a case of finding that one thing that he is absolutely passionate about, something that really makes him feel alive and something that makes him feel excited to start working on his website.

How do you find that?

Well, I would say there are two ways of doing this.

Two approaches

The first one is to find a niche that you think is going to be profitable.

You might not have a particularly strong interest in that and that’s fine.

In that case it’s probably best that you have a fairly sizeable investment ready to go that you can just throw into that website.

If you don’t have a passion for the niche then hire a team of people to do a lot of the donkey work for you.

I suggest hiring people because if you try and do it yourself, you might burn out or lose interest.

So you won’t have the motivation, and in turn you won’t have the momentum you need to push things forward.

If you’re looking at keywords and long tail phrases, checking search volumes and thinking ‘well hey maybe there’s a chance to profit in that niche’, then I would say don’t get too deeply involved in creating content for that website, by yourself.

There’s a well known saying “don’t work in the business, work on the business” – that means put a little bit of distance between you and the business.

Instead of doing the day-to-day activities keep your eye on the bigger picture and hire people to do the stuff that needs to be done.

That’s one way of doing things, and it works but it’s not my preferred way to do it.

The second way is if you have a passion for your niche.

Snd this is the way that I like to do things and it’s the way that I recommend.

When you have passion for your niche it becomes about more than just making money.

It becomes about delivering absolute value to people’s lives and that is certainly more valuable than money – at least to me.

So how do you find that passion?

Finding your Passion

How do you find that one thing that you were absolutely on this planet to do?

It’s really simple, when you know what to look for.

Write down a list of all your interests and all the things that you enjoy doing.

But here’s the thing; that thing that you’re supposed to be doing probably won’t even be on that list.

Weird right?

Still go through the process and write down all the things that you do feel passionate about, all the things that you’re interested in because it might be there – it might even be the very first thing you write down.

But there’s also a fairly high probability that you won’t even consider it as a passion.

It will be that thing that is so obvious to you that you think ‘why would anybody want to pay to learn about, it’s so easy!’.

That’s your passion.

Think about times when you’re with your friends and your family.

There’s a chance that you steer the conversation towards something.

When you start talking about a certain topic around other people, and even if they roll their eyes, you know that’s your niche.

That’s the thing that’s gonna make you spring out of bed every morning and rush to the computer so you can help the people in your niche, so you can become of service to them – because it makes you feel so good.

And as a result it makes it about more than just money.

If you still can find it, think about the one thing that you do a regular basis or daydream about.

Then once you have that, how do you know if it’s a profitable niche?

We can look at search volumes and that kind of stuff and I’ve got some videos coming soon about that but the search volumes and the keywords don’t really matter too much.

If you imagine your niche website is a tree and all your pieces of content are the branches.

Those pieces of content will have all the keywords that you need to target.

I’ll show you how to do that in in a future video.

For me personally with Profit Copilot I don’t bother too much about keyword research because this website, YouTube channel and the podcast aren’t about making a ton of money.

That’s not what it’s about for me, it’s about legacy, it’s about leaving something that is about more than making money – it’s about helping people to improving their lives in the best way that I know how.

Is the Niche Profitable?

One of the most accurate ways to find out if a niche is actually profitable is to use Amazon.

Just have a look for magazines and books being produced in that niche.

If you can find books it’s a really good indication that it’s a profitable area – and it doesn’t have to be one of these massive markets like weight loss or make money online or dating.

Let’s be honest, there are books about pretty much everything now and there’s a market for pretty much everything.

Also check that communities and blogs already exist in the niche.

You only really need a thousand people to support you, and a dedicated tribe of that size can give you a comfortable life.

Just think about that for a second.

How difficult is it to find a 1,000 true fans?

Its pretty easy, right?

Don’t overthink this stuff – it’s easy to get lost in the numbers, and it’s easy to try and second-guess yourself.

Follow your heart and follow your passion – make sure that the content you are producing is of service to people, to genuinely help them and improve their lives.

Even if that means helping them to get better at fly fishing or improve their golf swing or set up an aquarium fish tank.

It doesn’t really matter because there’s a market out there for pretty much everything.

Once you have the niche and the passion, and the tribe – the rest will click into place when you follow the right training.

And you’ve already got that training.

Taking the Next Step

There’s a whole bunch of free training on this website and on my YouTube channel so you’re going to do okay because you’re in good hands.

I think I’ll leave it there for today, I hope you found this useful and if you have please share it with others who might benefit too – they’ll probably be thankful to you for it, and it helps me out a lot too 🙂

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