Free Conversion Rate Optimization Tool

Today I’m going to tell you about a free tool you can use to optimize your conversion rate.

I am talking about a free tool that you can use to optimize your website to get higher conversions.

This tool is called HotJar and it’s amazing.

What is it?

Its like virtually sitting behind your visitors and watching over their shoulder as they surf your website.

You can see every single action that they take and then use that information to increase your conversion rate.

When you install this on your website you’re going to be able to clearly see all user behaviour.

You’ll be able to record visitor all actions, and it lets you run feedback polls and surveys.

It also lets you create sales funnels, so you can see where the weaknesses and the drop-off points are.

And its super easy to install. I had my account up and running in literally about 30 seconds.

The best bit is that it’s completely free to use, but if you get more than 10,000 page views a day then there’s a pro version that you can upgrade to.

But even at the free level you’re going to get an astonishing amount of useful tools.

What does it do?

You’ll get three heat maps, three sales funnels and three surveys, three forms and three polls.

Plus a massive 300 hours of recording time, and that will tell you exactly what actions your website visitors are taking.

You’re gonna know where they’re clicking, you’re going to know how they’re moving through your website and you’re going to know where they’re leaving.

This is amazing information to have because if you are sending traffic through a sales funnel you will find the points that are causing people to drop out.

This gives you an opportunity to fix it and increase your conversion rates.

So all this sounds pretty incredible, right?

Well, there are another ways to use this tool.

How I’m using it

This is really beneficial to me because I’m running a Profit Copilot podcast and at the top of the website I have subscribe buttons to different podcast services.

Thanks to HotJar I can see that people like to subscribe to my podcast through iTunes, and people also like to subscribe to the podcast through Stitcher.

I wouldn’t have had that information otherwise.

And here’s another, potentially lucrative way to use that info.

When you can clearly see where people are clicking on your webpages, if you are running an offer (or an advert), it could be a good idea to move that into the position where people are clicking the most.

That’s a really quick and easy way to increase your click-through rate on adverts and offers.

Another cool feature of HotJar is the ability to play recordings and see the precise actions that people are taking on your website.

Your Visitors Privacy

Although we can see which pages someone visits and their country of origin the rest of the information remains anonymous.

We can’t find someone’s exact location and we don’t know their name, or anything like that.

So this doesn’t invade anyone’s privacy because we’re just looking at the actions that they take during a session.

We can see what type of browser they’re using and which operating system they’re using, and that’s about it.

When you watch a session can see all the visitors actions on your website; you can see them scroll on pages, you can see which areas catch their attention and you can see which buttons they click.

This is vital information because it tells us what is working on your website and what stuff you need to improve on.

Sales Funnel Conversion Rate Optimization

Another feature of HubJar is we can use funnels.

We can add all the pages of a funnel and monitor how effective they are as people navigate through them.

And more importantly, we can see which stages have caused them to dropped out.

There you have it, I just had to share this tool with you because I’ve just started using it in the last few

I discovered this last night and played around with it. In the first few minutes it started collecting data for me to look at and I was really impressed.

So I’m going to let this run for a few months and then I’m going to have a look at the trends and the big picture stuff.

Then I’ll be able to see what areas of the website people are really working, and which ones aren’t.

Hopefully this will help me to create a better user experience for my website visitors and increase my conversion rates as a result.

If you’ve found this useful then pay to forward and it share it with others who need to know about it.

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