How HubSpot Increased Their Email Opt-in-Rate by 1,000%

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Increased Their Email Opt-in-Rate

Today I’m going to give you a proven way to increase your email opt-in rate.

In fact, HubSpot has used this strategy to increase their opt-in rate by a staggering 1000%.

Can you imagine how crazy good that is?

And even in my own small tests on a couple of niche websites, I have seen a significant increase in opt-in’s and also in the engagement rate.

Sure, its nowhere near the 1,000% that HubSpot have achieved, but it is significant enough for me to talk about it with you guys.

And yep, I will be implementing this on Profit Copilot in the very near future, but I thought I’d give you guys a heads up first so you can get rolling with it and increase your opt-in rate.


So today we’re going to use automation to deliver a value-based nurtured sequence.

That’s quite a mouthful right but it will make sense by the end of this I promise.

I’m going to show you 2 ways to increase your opt-in rate, they are similar but they work in slightly different ways.

And the end result is the same.

Multiple The Number Of Marketing Funnels

The first way is to increase the number of funnels.

That means having a total of 2 or 3 marketing funnels on your website.

It also means having 2 or 3 more lead magnets, more one-time offers, and relevant nurture sequences for every single funnel that you create.

It works like this, it’s really simple; It’s a standard marketing funnel – we just have to times it by 3.

Boost in Email Subscribers: Proven Email List Building StrategyI’ll explain it in detail.

A visitor lands on your website and you give them 3 options.

They can choose between 1 of 3 lead magnets; A, B or C.

Then, depending on which one they choose, they are brought to an opt-in form specifically for that lead magnet.

Next they subscribe to the email list and as usual they have the opportunity to buy your One Time Offer (OTO) and then ascend further into the sales funnel.

But if they decline your OTO, which is what the majority of people will do, then they’re added to a nurture sequence – and that delivers value.

This is a value based nurture sequence, mixed in with Calls To Action (CTA) to encourage them to buy your product, or to get in touch to book an appointment, or schedule a call, etc.

This is the standard marketing funnel that we all tend to use, here you’re multiplying it.

For this to work, you need to figure out which areas your visitors need the most help with.

And then you create more content and more lead magnets that is specifically for those needs.

This works really well because it delivers highly targeted content, that’s mixed with CTA’s that meets those specific needs.

Just think about it, okay.

Your visitors probably wear many different hats in their business.

They have a wide range of interests and needs – in any given niche or industry.

Because they probably need help in multiple areas, you’re really doubling or tripling up on the amount of help and value you can deliver to them – but you’re also doubling up on the ways you can profit from each individual visitor.

And if you want to be really fancy I would also encourage you to include at least one way that they can access all of the lead magnets.

For example you might ask them if they need help with traffic generation, or if they need help with increasing conversions. In this case, you could them if they want both of those lead magnets.

This strategy allows you to deliver the most value and make the most profit.

But it is a little messy.

There’s a cleaner way to do things.

A More Elegant Way

Instead of having multiple lead magnets on the front end (which is kind of pain in the arse to manage) we go back to using just one and do the segmenting on the backend.

This is a more elegant way to do things.

You do need to have an absolutely killer lead magnet that you know your prospects will want.

Here’s how it looks:

Boost email subscribers

Again, I’ll explain how it works.

A visitor lands on your website and wants your lead magnet so they opt-in to your email list.

And then they are immediately presented with more choices inside the actual email itself.

So we’re still allowing the visitors to segment themselves, but they’re doing it after they have already subscribed.

Next, when they make their decision they will be sent to a Thank You page that’s relevant to the link they clicked inside the email.

On that page they can download a relevant freebie. You can pitch them a OTO here, or run any other type of funnel elements you like.

The important thing is to follow up with a relevant content-based nurture sequence, that is determined by the selection they made inside the first email.

Through a nurture sequence that delivers value, mixed in with CTA’s you can build trust and profit at the same time.

And this is clearly a more elegant way to do things.

Plus it allows you to add more options to the initial email easily, and you don’t have the 2  or 3
marketing funnels to manage.

Now you’re working with just one email, and the automation sequences that spin out from it.

This approach this is responsible for HubSpot increasing their opt-in rate by a jaw-dropping 1,000%.

Points To Consider

If you’re thinking about doing this I’ve got a word of caution, which I’ll get to in a second.

But first I’m going to give you some points to consider, so you get absolute best results.

Standard rules apply; don’t use it as an opportunity to brag about your accolades, or how great you are, or how amazing your income is.

Don’t make it about you, so focus on your prospect and their needs.

Don’t use it just as an opportunity to sell, use it as an opportunity to deliver value and to build trust.

As Frank Kern says; demonstrate you are the best person to help them by actually helping them.

Then as always, tweak things and test new ideas.

Don’t be afraid to always find new ways to improve the system.

Email List Building Nurture Sequence

Focus on building a relationship. You’ve heard me say it hundreds of times.

The quickest and easiest way to do that is through empathising with your prospects, let them know you care about their problem.

Then give them part of the solution to help them progress. Give them enough to help them move the needle, so they can see that you’re knowledgable and can show them how to get the results they want.

Next, check in with them, see how they’re progressing, and make suggestions on how they can go further – by booking an appointment with you, or buying your product, for example.

And you can do all of these things through your autoresponder.

A Word Of Caution

Remember that word of caution I promise you?

Unfortunately this cannot be easily achieved through Aweber.

Their system is massively outdated and its buggy.

Every time I speak to their support staff about when they expect to add genuine automation thats dynamic and based on user actions, the response I’ve always received is “later on this year”.

And they’ve been saying that to me for at least three years.

But a platform that does allow you to create these kind of automations, is ActiveCampaign.

This is the system that I use now and moving over to them was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business.

A quick word of advice though; if you’re focused heavily on affiliate marketing and you’re sending out a lot of pitches every week then Aweber is the one to stick with.

ActiveCampaign has an issue with affiliate marketing, but if you do it in conjunction with high value content then its fine.

I recommend them because they are the best solution for the best budget, and if you familiar with Profit Copilot then you’ll know that I don’t make these kind of recommendations very often.

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