How to get a High Email Open Rate

Get high email open rate

Today I’m going to show you how you can maintain a steady email open rate.

The more people who open your emails, the more people who visit your website and act on your offers.

But I know what its like when you start out with a high open rate, and then it steadily declines over time.

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It’s confusing, right?

So I’m gonna help you figure it out today.

Why Your Email Open-Rate Declines

I’m going to draw a diagram to help me explain things.

At the vertical line we’ve got Open Rate and Goodwill.

When someone subscribes to your email list the goodwill and trust is high – running parallel to your high open rate.

And that’s because you’ve just give them something of value, that really benefits them.

But what happens is; the more pictures you send the sooner the goodwill you initially created starts to decline.

So the more times you send an offer, the more people get a bit annoyed and you lose the trust and the goodwill you built up.

How many times have we seen an awesome website come along, build up a pretty sizeable following, spend a few years rocking’ it, and then just go extinct and vanish without a trace?

This is the process that they go through; they build up a lot of goodwill but they destroy it because of the relentless pitches.

What’s the solution?

Fix Your Email Open-Rate

You might think its time to stop sending pitches.

But that’s not right because you won’t make any money that and we need to make money, right? It’s business.

I’m going to show you how to fix it.

Instead of sending pitch after pitch use this is a framework from Frank Kern.

It’s called the Escape and Arrival Framework.

Escape And Arrival Framework

At the starting point of the framework your prospect has a problem, they need to escape from this.

At the end of the framework we have a solution.

It’s your job to help your prospect get there, or at least part of the way there.

Obviously you have to know what your prospect wants, and you have to know how to help them achieve it.

Next you mark off all the steps that they need to take, in the order they need to take them, to get to the solution quicker than they can’t on their own.

We can use this framework for a lot of different things; we can use to help us create lead magnets, create products, upsells, top of the funnel content – doesn’t matter.

It works best when you need to take your prospect on a journey.

Through delivering value, that journey might ultimately result with them making a purchase with you.

So let’s say your prospect needs to build a website.

The very first thing that he needs to do might be to buy a domain name.

The second thing that he might need to do is get some web hosting.

And the third thing that he might need to do is install WordPress.

If he goes through all these steps he will have a website at the end of the journey.

You can take each one of these steps and drill down further.

Let’s take the very first thing that he needs to do, which is purchase a domain name.

Now he can go to GoDaddy and pick out the first name that pops into his head.

Or we can drill down into the framework and look at the steps involved in purchasing a domain name.

The first one would be to do some keyword research, so he would have to know what the right phrases and keywords that people in his niche are searching for.

So you might want to create a piece of content that helps your prospect do some keyword research.

And then at the end of that tutorial you would might recommend a relevant product that helps him to achieve that goal.

It’s a piece of content that delivers value, with a little pitch at the end – but it’s not too over the top.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about this is even if they don’t buy from you, your prospect can still walk away with valuable information that they can use.

As Frank Kern says; “demonstrate you can help them by actually helping them”.

And if you apply this to every piece of content you create, instead of throwing out a bunch of pitches you will increases your chances of maintain a high open rate.

People don’t mind being sold to, if they get something of value during the experience – like actionable content.

It’s a really simple strategy and it’s really effective.

When you shift your mindset from ‘what you can get’ and shift it to ‘what you can give’, that’s when things start flowing in your direction.

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