How to Grow an Audience Online

Today I’m going to show you how you can grow a large audience online this is really simple to do anyone can do it you can do it too.

But listen, it takes time, a bit of discipline and you need a strategy to make it work.

Does it Work?

I use this strategy myself and it’s a long term one – there are no quick results.

In the past I’ve used this to grow a large following online; 4 million hits per month to a hobby website.

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And that was before the age of social media, I didn’t use paid traffic,  I didn’t have an email list, and I didn’t leverage contacts in the industry.

Eventually that website even got its own TV show the UK as a result.

So this strategy works.

Two Types of Content

I managed to grow a large following by focusing on just one thing; publishing content.

This is incredibly powerful it is a very valuable strategy and this will be responsible for the exponential growth of your website.

And the content I’m talking about falls into two categories; evergreen and topical.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content that includes; how-to posts, helpful articles that teach a new skill or solves a problem.

Its content that delivers results and is usually transitional in nature.

Evergreen content usually receives more traffic over time.

Topical Content

And then we’ve got topical content and that includes; news, trends, the latest research and statistics.

Topical content usually receives a higher traffic spike initially, then it tails off and gets less overtime.

Evergreen Content is Better

You need a mix of both content types but if you were to focus most of your time and your energy on one type of content then it has to be evergreen content.

This is what is going to grow your website.

Evergreen content is the most important because it compounds over time.

This means your domain authority will increase, and ultimately more traffic will come to your website.

Evergreen content lasts forever, and that means you will get free traffic forever.

Not only that, but when you produce evergreen content, your traffic increases month after month.

The content you create, the more traffic you get.

Kam Jennings has a really cool analogy about this.

He describes content as a fishing line.

The more lines you’ve got out there, the more fish you catch.

That’s why evergreen content creates exponential growth.

And there’s actually a formula for it, the Genius Types website experiences 44% growth every single month as a result of evergreen content.

Ao evergreen content is obviously the way to go, right?

But how do you create it and how can you add evergreen content to your own website?

I’m going to give you the strategy.

How to Make Evergreen Content

The first thing that you need to do is focus on is the publishing schedule.

And the second thing you need to do is focus on the type of keywords you target.

Ao let’s go through this in more detail.

Your Schedule

Think about your schedule; set at least one day a month, or for a night, or a week – whatever your schedule is, you gotta stick to that and create at least one piece of high-value content.

High Value Content

To make high quality content you gotta take a real deep dive into the topic.

Leave no stone unturned and give your audience everything they need to know.

Help them take action, so they can just go ahead and get the results they want.

Publishing according to your schedule is important, keeping consistency is vital here.

But not only for your visitors – consistency helps you grow a following, but it’s also important for the search engines, so they can view you as a trusted source.

When search engines view your website as reliable source they will crawl your site more frequently and you will be seen as an authority site.

Your Keywords

Once you’ve got your schedule sorted out the second thing that you need to focus on is choosing the right keywords.

I would encourage you to focus on long tail keywords.

Get really specific here, keep the keywords tight – avoid general and broad keywords.

Long tail keywords will bring more traffic to your site and it also means less competition for you.

This way you’re going to attract the right kind of traffic to your website.

This will be the people who know exactly what they’re looking for, and when you attract people who know what they want, it’s easier to deliver more value to them and bring them further into your marketing funnel.

Final Thoughts

So there you go, this is really simple stuff, right?

But it’s also incredibly powerful.

And anyone can do this, you can do this too.

It just takes time, discipline and a little bit of strategy.

How I Got 30,000 Website Visitors A Day, For Free:
Free 4-part course delivered to your inbox every day