Increase Sales With Hypnotic NLP Marketing

This is how to use NLP and hypnotic language to influence customer behaviour, improve your marketing and increase your profit. 

This is one of my favorite areas of marketing. I love talking about this stuff, and I love teaching it because it can instantly improve your business. Straight away, it can put more money in your pocket. 

That’s not an exaggeration.

A New Approach To NLP Marketing

Just by tweaking a few words in your emails, or landing pages, or sales pages, you can literally see an instant pay off. 

Today I’m going to remove all the theory, all the boring stuff, and just give you an actionable plan that will help you to make more profit. 

Plus, if you stay until the end I’ll show you how to drive more customers into your business. 

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Now, my approach to NLP and hypnotic marketing is a little different to everyone else’s. 

I see it like this. 

Good marketing should be invisible. It shouldn’t even feel like marketing. It should be seamless. 

And most importantly, it should be enjoyable. Good marketing is fun. 

So today you’re going to create a fun and exciting experience for your customers. That makes them WANT to consume more of your marketing. 

And makes them want to spend money with you. 

And you see, a lot of what you’ve been told about hypnosis and NLP  is just plain wrong anyway. The fact is, most of us already spend a good portion of our time in a ‘sort of’ hypnotic state. 

We have daily routines and rituals that cause us to slip into mild hypnotic states. It’s when we do things on auto-pilot. 

Think about a time when you left your home to go to a destination. And when you arrived there you had almost no memory of the journey. It’s weird, right? 

You zoned-out. 

What actually happened was, you slipped into a daydream. Your mind was preoccupied with something more exciting than driving, or walking, or doing something mundane and boring.

Applying Hypnosis To Marketing

As marketers, we need to shift the prospect away from what they’re actually doing, which is probably reading your email, or watching your webinar, or basically, in reality they are just sitting in front of their computer staring at the screen, right?

We need to transport their imagination to somewhere a little bit more interesting, somewhere filled with gratification and excitement. 

Now, to even do that face to face, in person, is pretty difficult. But to do it across the Internet, through the written word, or on video, or audio, well, that usually takes some level of skill and years of trial and error.

Clear Communication

But thankfully, because I’ve been doing this for so long, I’ve figured out how to simplify it so anyone can do it.

The aim here is not to trick anyone, but to make your offer, and the benefits they get, vividly clear. We make it easy to understand. 

To do that, you have to communicate in the right way. Now, most NLP training will tell you that there are only three types of people. 

And that, humans only ever exist in one of three states; visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. 

I’ll tell you why they matter, and how to use them in a second.

But the truth is, we don’t have people who are exclusively auditory people, or exclusively visual people. 

The fact is, and this is really important, every person exists in each state, depending on their cirminstance. 

If you’re selling on the Internet, the first state you need to focus on is auditory.

Hypnotic States

This is because when people read your email, they’re doing it through their internal dialogue. It’s that voice we all hear when we read things. 

And if you’re making videos, podcasts, or doing webinars, then people are again in an auditory state. 

So that means we should use words to reflect that state, so we are congruent and the suggestions we make are accepted easier. 

Saying words like, “hey listen…”, or “I hear you…” or “if that sounds good…”. 

And because we started to communicate with them in their current state, we should now be able to move them into a more visual state, so they use their imagination and start to visualise desirable results. 

At this stage we can use words like “imagine if you could…” or “think about a time when…” or “picture this…” 

Now you know which NLP states to focus on, let me give you a basic structure to use.

This will work in emails, blog posts, sales pages, landing pages, you name it. 

The first thing you need to do is prime them for the sale, so don’t jump straight in and try to sell anything.

People love buying things, but they hate being sold to, so “gently does it”.

So get them relaxed. Let them know they’re in the right place. Chances are they clicked a link before landing on your site, and they were taking a very small risk by doing that.

Let them know it was the right decision by using a strong headline. Get ultra specific, call out their problem, and make a promise to them. 

They need to know that staying on the page is worth their time. Then they’ll make a micro commitment to read the next line.

So here’s a good idea to state a fact. Something they know to be true. This lowers their resistance and increases their trust. It moves them into a slightly more agreeable state. 

Then you tell them what they want to hear. 

You paint a picture of a desirable outcome, some big transformation they need. 

Here, you’re giving them a reason to listen. You’re kind of pushing it towards them, ever so slightly. 

But you need to amplify their desire. And people desire what they can’t have. 

So you return to the status quo. You talk about their problem. How life will continue as it is. How change won’t happen if they don’t accept responsibility. You gently pull them away from their dream. 

And then you go back to pushing the desirable outcome. So we have a kind of push and pull dynamic happening. It’s up and down. Up and down. 

And this back and forth storytelling pulls them further into your story. It becomes a journey. And they are at the very center of it.

Historical Use Of NLP

If we look back at some of the greatest speeches of all time, they tend to use this pattern. 

A great example is the ‘I have a Dream’ speech by Dr Martin Luther King. 

I’ll explain why it is so powerful in a second, but it was written an entire decade BEFORE NLP was discovered. 

And it worked so well because it used this push and pull structure. He writes about ‘what could be’, the hope, the possibilities, the dream. And then it reverts back to the flip side of that, what doesn’t change, what stays the same, the dangers of the status quo. 

And this speech inspired and mobilzed a generation. It still resounds around the world today.

So if we can take just a little inspiration from that, it can help us to communicate more clearly.

A Step Further

To take this a step further, while you’re working on making your own push and pull structure, you can also weave in psychological anchors. 

This is a way to directly communicate with the subconscious mind. And that’s the real driving force behind our decisions. 

So when you’re in the push stage of the message, and they’re feeling good, you can then associate a particular word with that feeling. 

You can do that through repetition, by just repeating a certain word, two or three times, when you’re speaking about something desirable, you can trigger a response later on. 

So by using the word later on in your copy, you can trigger those same feelings. 

When you combine that with urgency, you’re quickly able to make people feel excited to buy. 

Or take whatever action you want them to.

Now, this is really important. You cannot influence anybody to do something they don’t want to do. 

Let’s be really clear about that. Thankfully, this stuff has limitations. But imagine this for a second. 

Using these techniques your sales copy is now on-point, you know it converts. You know it’s going to make you a ton of profit, and it’s going to provide for you and your family for years to come. You’re golden. 

But there’s something missing.

What Next?

The one thing that’s holding you back, is traffic. You just don’t have enough customers. And you know that traffic = money, so this is a big problem. 

So what’s the solution? Well, I’m going to show you how my students are using my methods to generate enormous wealth for themselves and their families. 

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