Increase Sales with Conversational Marketing

Today I’m gonna give you a really easy way to increase your sales by talking to your website visitors, in real time, so you can have a conversation with them and hopefully convert them into customers.

This is called conversational marketing and it’s when you have a live conversation with your prospect through your website to help them in finding the best solution for their problems.

Why do we need conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing is a method that’s particularly effective if you’re dealing with Millennials.

A recent survey that asked almost 3,000 UK consumers how they preferred to contact brands.

It found that one in three millennials prefer speaking to brands via a live chat as opposed to using email.

Email is still the highest of all preferred communication.

But thinking about the future and thinking about our prospects needs we have to meet them on their own terms.

While only 16% of older customers prefer using online chat, one in three millennials is still a substantial figure that can’t be ignored.

And it’s a number that is going to increase over time, so now is the perfect time to start using this technology – or at least get a good feel for it and understand what it’s capable of.

In the right hands this can do a great deal of good for your businesses.

How do you start conversational marketing?

A place to start with conversational marketing could be with a platform called Drift – I’m not an affiliate, and I’m not being paid for this recommendation – I am only suggesting this because I have used it myself and I like what it can do.

It’s free to use for free up to 100 contacts, which is plenty. And it takes a minute to get up and running on your website.

The software lets us create chat bots, it lets us capture email addresses, and it integrates with third party platforms like Slack, Zapier, HubSpot and a whole heap of other platforms.

The future of conversational marketing

I can really see potential here and believe that conversational marketing is going to become a cornerstone of digital marketing.

And that’s why I’m talking about it today; because along with the ability automate communication and send leads into your funnel or pipeline, the best feature is the ability to have live chat sessions with prospects.

Now we have a way to ask specific questions and deal with a prospects specific needs, so we can deliver the best possible sales experience.

Right now I can’t think of any better technology to use than conversational marketing to really connect and treat prospects as individuals, make them feel special by giving them the attention and significance they deserve.

Conversational marketing is going to be vital and knowing how to communicate through this technology in a persuasive way is going to play a big role in the future of online marketing.

Mick Meaney

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