Why do Marketers sell their ‘Secret Methods’?

If Internet marketers are really making hundreds of dollars a day from their “secret method” then why on earth are they selling that method for a few bucks?

Okay, this is a really common question and I’m sure you’ve seen it asked hundreds of times before.

So I’m gonna give you the definitive answer.

And it’s usually followed by another question that’s something like “does that mean you can only make money on the online by selling make money products?

Well, in my experience getting into the Internet marketing niche and establishing yourself in that niche is more difficult than any other niche – apart from possibly the weight loss niche.

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But why is it so difficult?

Imagine that you belong to a group of magicians who are all performing tricks in front of each other.

The chances are all the other magicians know how the tricks are done, and its difficult to stand out when you’re in that environment.

Marketing is exactly the same.

For example, if I’m trying to sell to other marketers using persuasion techniques there’s a high probability they already know what those persuasion techniques are, and are immune to them.

And that’s why we have a group of people in our marketing community who target newbies.

Scammers, Everywhere

They prey on people’s ignorance and lack of knowledge.

They prey on people’s desperation and their greed.

And in doing so they make these ludicrous claims that people can make hundreds of dollars a day, or even thousands of dollars a day from the start.

The truth is it doesn’t work like.

Who to Trust?

A lot of credible marketers will stay away from making any kind of income claim and that separates us from the rest.

It’s an easy way for us to signal to each other that we’re on the level.

Most of us, the credible marketers who don’t take advantage of newbies, we actually have businesses outside of the Internet marketing niche.

And we build those businesses, we document what’s working and sometimes what’s not working – and we take those results and then we share them.

Why do we sell Marketing Products?

If I know how to get 10,000 people a day to my website, and I’m documenting those results and it would be silly for me to keep that information to myself when I can sell that information for a premium.

It’s just like in the high-end restaurants where the chefs use every part of an ingredient.

They let nothing go to waste and legitimate internet marketers do exactly the same thing.

We set up campaigns for people, we document everything – we take notes and we have stacks and stacks of information kept privately that we can dip into and share with the public from time to time.

If you want to see that in action just look at Profit Copilot – look at the blog and the Youtube Channel.

Look at all the content that’s come straight from my own personal supply of experiments.

I’m sharing results with you of the thing that have worked and things that haven’t worked.

A major reason for sharing it is because I know how simple this stuff is, and I want you to know its achievable.

Now don’t confuse simple with easy, right?

Be Realistic

This stuff is hard work, it takes time, it takes dedication and most of the people who are buying these new shiny objects – the latest must-have information product that promises thousands dollars a month will never succeed.

They won’t succeed because they keep jumping from one system to the next.

They’re not staying with anything long enough to make it work.

And listen, I know people real world people – people I consider to be my friends, who are buying these kinds of products every couple of weeks.

They end up falling into the trap of trying something for a couple of weeks – or even for a month or two and then moving on to the next thing.

They don’t get the results quick enough so they keep jumping from one thing to the next, constantly looking for that magic button.

And eventually they start to believe that it’s all a big scam and nothing works.

Are you Committed?

I know people who’ve spent two years on the merry-go-round and have tried 15 different methods that don’t work quickly enough.

If they took just one of those methods and stuck with it, they’d probably have some level of success after 2 years.

But a lot of people have a get-rich-quick mentality.

The fact is, if you want to succeed online then you have to commit at least 12 months, 18 months, maybe even 24 months of your life to something and you have to work at it consistently every single day.

You can’t just do one thing a week and then hope for the best.

It doesn’t work like that, you have to be consistent and really hack away at it every single day over a long period of time to get results.

There is no magic button, there is no magic switch that you can just flick and then have all this money rolling into your business.

Hard-work and consistency is what will build your business so you need focused discipline.

And in our little corner of the Internet I’m seeing lots of people lacking discipline.

They get bored easily – and you know what, I’m one of them too.

I get bored easily, I get sick of working on projects and I will go do something else but in the background I always have my consistent websites that I work on every single day knowing that in five years time I can look back and see more growth and more success.

So you know and if you need some kind of inspiration then look at Profit Copilot.

Okay it’s a low traffic website at the moment and that’s okay.

This is all part of the process.

Watch what I do, not do as I say

It would be easy for me to invest a few thousand and get all the traffic that I need and get it up to a level that I feel deems it mega-successful but I’m not going to do that.

I am going to do it the hard way – the same way that most of the people who come to Profit Copilot will be doing it.

So I am meeting you on your terms in your own way and meeting you on your playing field to show you that it can be done.

It just takes hard work, consistency, dedication and time.

Profit Copilot is an experiment. It’s a way for me to document building a business from scratch – because you are seeing the process for yourself, you can see the exact process that I am going through, and maybe that will give you inspiration and motivation.

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