New Advertising Tool to Compete with Facebook Ads

Imagine if your advert could have a potential reach of 80 million impressions.

Today I’m talking about news UK which is an advertising company they are responsible for the Sun, The Times, The Sunday Times and a few other publications here in the UK.

They are releasing a new advertising tool that will compete with Facebook ads.

Now, this is in response to the algorithm changes that have upset so many people, and maybe you’re one of them.

So the new tool is going to let you upload adverts – the same kind of adverts that you normally would upload to Facebook or Twitter.

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You can even upload Tweets to the new system, and then it will go live in around 24 hours.

An exact replica of that advert will appear on the Sun mobile website and The Times mobile website.

News UK claim they can give advertisers access to 80 million impressions, so if you’re into branding in a big way this is certainly one to consider.

The fact that you can advertise on news websites is a bog deal.

I know just how valuable the CPM rate can be – it’s typically amongst the highest rate on the Internet.

We have seen rates as high as $50 per CPM.

What that means is for every thousand impressions you give you will typically earn a few dollars for those impressions.

News websites tend to command the highest fees because of the authority and perceived trust that goes along with them.

However, at the moment there’s no pricing available for this new tool and the information that they have given is minimal.

We don’t really know what to expect – we know what it can do and how it’s going to do it, but beyond that we don’t really know the exact details until they make some kind of formal announcement and launch the tool.

I suppose this just goes to show that when a company like Facebook or Google makes algorithm changes that affect a lot of people – new opportunities will spring up elsewhere on the internet that cater to those people.

And if there’s one constant in this Internet marketing thing, it’s that change is inevitable and we have to constantly adapt and refine to keep moving – changing our strategy as technology moves forward and as algorithms change.

Personally, I think this development from News UK is a very positive thing for us, for advertisers, and for marketers.

Maybe News UK will be among a group of companies that produce advertising products and services that take business (and our advertising dollars) away from Facebook – which is only a good thing in my opinion.

As great as Facebook Advertising is, they’re not really fair to us and they don’t really treat advertisers with the respect that we deserve for funding their business, right?

We’re continuously being punished and squeezed for more profit by Facebook and I think the more they do that, the more opportunities will spring up elsewhere that we can take advantage of.

And maybe this is going to be one of those opportunities, maybe it won’t be. It might all fizzle out or the service they roll out isn’t up to the standard that we expect, or maybe they don’t have the level of targeting that we want.

There could be a whole host of reasons why it doesn’t work – but maybe it will work.

And fingers crossed that if this works other services will spring up too.

Also in one of my previous videos a couple of months ago I gave you 7 alternatives to Facebook Ads, so if you are feeling stung by Facebook at the moment have a look at that video.

So I think I’ll leave it there for today, apart to say; this stuff is important, right?

That’s why I do this Profit Copilot thing, it’s to help change people’s lives, even in just a small way.

That’s real important, so share it with other people who need to know this stuff too, and they’ll probably be really thankful that you have. And it helps me out in a massive way.

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