The obligatory ‘2018 marketing predictions’ post. Ugh

Yawn. If there’s one cliche that we see on the blogosphere at this time of year, it’s this.

You’ve seen it.

Everybody’s got their own version of this yearly ritual, the obligatory “what’s hot next year” post.

Yawn. I can’t stand ’em.

Even though I’m a firm believer that information can in fact travel backwards in time, I have not yet developed psychic powers, I assume like most other bloggers who write these type of nonsense posts have.

And if you can’t (legally) beat them with a massive stick, then I have to join them. I’ve already received 3 emails asking me to make predictions for 20018.

This is for you, all 3 of my avid readers.

So gazing into my fictitious crystal ball, what baseless predictions can I make for 2018?

Ugh. I feel dirty already.

Right now, instead of making up any old junk, I only have 2 predictions that I feel confident enough to stand behind.

Let’s dive in and get this over with.

Less hype

The first thing I predict for 20018 is (hopefully) a decline in hype. As our industry continues to grow up and mature, more people are beginning to understand the reality of starting and growing a business online.

Thankfully, people are learning that swanky sales pages that promise you can make $2,000 per week are just fulla BS.

It’s probably a hard pill to swallow at first, but a valuable one.

I think the focus (and profits) will continue to shift more towards companies that are straight-up with their customers.

Honesty wins, at last.

More purpose

Much in the same vein as less hype, I predict that companies will realise the power of being real with their audience and operate from a heart-centric position.

This means putting the desire for profit second, and being a catalyst for positive change, first.

I don’t mean ‘be the change you wish to see’ and all that jazz, although I think that’s generally good advice.

I’m talking about using your super-powers for good. And that means if you’re a blogger, email list builder, no matter what type of info-marketer you choose to be, your primary motivation is to help people improve a situation.

So, that means we’ll see less of that relentless emailing promotion after promotion, and more actionable content that adds value to people’s lives.

Hey I can dream, can’t I?


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