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How would you like to get free backlinks from high authority websites so you can boost your search engine ranking? Of course you would!

This link building strategy works great for:

  • Bloggers / content creators
  • Freelancers & service providers
  • E-commerce stores & product vendors
  • Influencers
  • Coaches & mentors

Today I’m going show you how to get powerful backlinks and walk you through the ‘Authority Backlink Method’.

It’s a seven-step technique that I’ve developed to help you get high quality backlinks for free.

So why are backlinks important? Well, a recent study by Search Metrics proved that backlinks are still one of the top three ranking signals for Google. 

What Google actually looks for, when it comes to backlinks, is the total number of backlinks including the total number of nofollow backlinks. 

That means nofollow backlinks important too, while they do pass less link-juice, they are an essential part of any link-building strategy.  

Another type of backlink that the study found was really important are .edu links. 

So let’s get into it’s a seven-step process that will help your website climb up through the search rankings. 

STEP ONE: Identify Problems

Step one is to find a common problem in your niche, and it must be something that you know how to solve. 

The problem that you’re looking for is something that high authority websites are talking about, and something that influencers are concerned about, something that their audience wants to know more about. 

Finding this information is east when you look on their websites and social media profiles. 

For example, let’s say that you’re in the weight loss niche and you’ve drilled down into the ketosis sub-niche. 

STEP 2: Breakdown Obstacles

Next we move on to step 2 where we break down the obstacles of that problem.

This is really easy to do, all you have to do is make a list of all the things that stop people from solving the problem. 

So let’s say we’re sticking with weight loss and ketosis, well some of the obstacles and problems that people face when trying to get into ketosis is dealing with sugar cravings, maybe finding the right restaurant to eat at, or when they hit the plateau. 

Choose just one obstacle that you’re going to solve.

We need to keep things simple by choosing one, but we can come back to this later on and we can choose a different obstacle and repeat this multiple times for lots of different problems, so hopefully you can see how this can be scaled up. 

STEP 3: Create New Solution 

Now that you’ve chosen your one single problem, then we create a solution that people have never seen before. 

Listen, I know when I say that it sounds difficult but it’s actually easy. 

I’m going to show you how to do it now. There are two ways. 

The first way could be to take an existing solution and put your unique spin on it. 

I know that that might be a little bit tricky for newbies so I’m going to give you an easier way to do it. 

What we do is we combine two existing solutions merge them together to create something brand new. 

We remix stuff. 

“There is nothing new under the sun”… you’ve probably heard that expression before? 

We remix things together in order to create something brand new.

Here’s how you do it. 

Think of the problem that you might have overcome, or your clients, or your customers, it has to be something that you have a level of experience with. 

Ask yourself, really think about this; how did you do it? 

Think about the steps that you took involved to solve that problem. 

Was there anything that you did differently than convention says you should? If there’s anything that you did that was unique then run with that. 

But if not, then we go with the the combination approach. 

We take two common, well known techniques and merge them together to create something new. 

Using this strategy is really easy, because now our solution is a completely brand new formula for your audience. 

STEP 4: Branding

Once we’ve got that we need to move on to step four which is branding your solution now because you have a unique method we need to give it a unique name. 

Giving your solution a unique name will help position you as an expert. 

Next you need to choose a name that is easy to remember. 

Make it descriptive and make it obvious so it’s very clear what the method is about and who it’s for. 

And then you can also make it sound official. 

If you can, use words like “technique”, “method” or “formula”, these are work really well to help establish you and your method as a desirable and credible source of information. 

STEP 5: Case Study

Now, in step 5 we’re going to present your solution as a case study.

Here you have to show some results. 

This is powerful because it acts as proof that you know what you’re talking about.

And listen even small changes, small results in your case study are really good so don’t worry if you haven’t seen dramatic improvements using your new method. 

We just need to move the dial a little bit and it’s fine because small changes are more believable and more relatable to most people. 

So don’t worry about not having big results.

But you do need to get specific and go into detail when you create your case study so don’t leave anything out and  be generous with your content. 

Actually walk people through getting results. 

Do as much as you can to sure that people do get results with your stuff and eave no stone unturned. 

STEP 6: Outreach 

The we move on to step 6, and this where we find authority figures and influencers. 

These are the people who are going to promote your content for you. 

And because we already know that’s of interest to their audience, they will naturally grab hold of this kind of content and promote it because it makes them look good too when they present a case study – it helps to establish them as a bigger authority figure in their niche too. 

You just happen to siphon some of that popularity, credibility, backlinks and traffic back to your own website. 

To do this you’re going to go to BuzzSumo and click on the ‘influencer’ tab. 

Search your niche and through all the influencers – just make a list of everyone that you want to reach out to, and then send the emails. 

I’ve got lots of outreach examples frameworks, fill-in-the-blank templates all that good stuff inside the members area of the Vault if you want to go ahead and grab them. 

STEP 7: Track Results

Finally we move onto step 7, and this is all about tracking your results. 

So, go to Google Analytics. 

I want you to create a new campaign and create a unique URL for that campaign. 

Now you can monitor and see who’ll promotes your case study and who send in the most traffic. 

Once you’ve got enough data, you know which sources provide the most traffic, so you can repeat this method over and over. 

You can now increase your network and bring in bigger names, because you’ve established yourself with the people who are getting us results. 

And of course it’s important to follow up with the influencers you’ve worked with, and thank them for their involvement. 

It’s a good idea to show them the results and let them know about your future projects. 

The next time you release a study that solves another problem, it’s likely that they will promote that one too. 

This is how you create strong relationships, get more traffic and build powerful backlinks. 

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