Passive Income Case Study: Benny Hsu Makes $100k in 5 Months

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Today I’m going to show you how one guy made $100,000 passive income in five months.

I’m talking about Benny Hsu from the Get Busy Living blog and I’m gonna tell you how he did it.

This absolutely proves that there is an abundance of opportunity everywhere we’d look.

What did Benny Hsu do to make Passive Income?

So what did Benny do?

He started a blog, generated traffic and all the stuff that we usually do.

But he used the company called TeeSpring to manufacture and drop ship t-shirts that he designed.

The strategy he used; testing a wide range of different designs, monitored which ones sold the best and then chose a winner.


The great thing about this business model is because he used a company like TeeSpring all the hassle is taken care of.

The manufacturing, the shipping and they also handle all the customer support issues.

It’s about as passive as a passive income can be.

Can anybody do this?

I have actually tested something similar in my own business and achieved good results.

I’m not sharing some theory here. This works.

While I haven’t made $100,000 in 5 months, I have certainly made passive income from selling t-shirts.

One piece of advice I would give you if you are thinking about doing this.

The design is really important because that’s what people are buying.

The Design

So using a striking statement as part of your design is everything.

If you can make a statement that polarises, or inspires, your audience, you will increase the desirability of your t-shirts.

On one hand you could make a controversial statement, or have an inspiring statement.

Another approach could be to use a statement about how your audience views themselves.

In Benny’s case, the statement he used was ‘get busy living or die trying’, so think about the values and the beliefs that your audience share.

So test a range of statements that sum everything up, put those on t-shirts and use a company like TeeSpring (there are loads of companies out there who can do this) to drop ship them for you.

This is something that I am going to invest more of my time and energy into.

And I plan to test different types of t-shirts because I’ve only managed to profit from t-shirts that were controversial in nature.

Something tells me there’s a whole world of possibly with this passive income business model.

I hope you’ve found this useful and hope its given you some new ideas to generate more passive income.

Remember, we’ve gotta have multiple income streams.

Multiple Passive Income Streams

People rarely get everything from just one income source so we need to diversify.

Look at the most successful people on the planet, they might be known for one thing, but they all have multiple profit sources.

This is just one strategy you can use to get the life of abundance, freedom and security that you deserve, faster.

If you’ve found it useful then share it with others who might need to know about it.

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