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Today you’re going to learn an advanced email marketing technique called lead scoring. Even though it is a more advanced technique, I’ve simplified it and made it easy for anybody to understand. If you want to squeeze the maximum amount of profit from your email list, this is how to do it.

What is Lead Scoring and why does it matter?

With lead scoring, we automatically assign a score to each lead based on the actions that they take.

So, valuable actions earn higher scores.

  • For example, if a subscriber opens an email, we might want to give them something like 5 points.
  • If they click on a link, we might give them 10 points.
  • And if they make a purchase, we might want to increase that right up to 20 points.

So, we are effectively tracking the actions that our subscribers take on an individual basis.

  • Use valuable data and metrics

We can then actually get all that data – all those metrics because this is valuable information for us.

  • Then, we can use this data to identify the most qualified subscribers.
  • In turn, we can reward highly engaged subscribers.
  • We can even use this data to predict which subscribers might purchase.
  • We can also use it to clean up our email list.

We can remove low scoring subscribers – the people that are not really engaged in what we do and not very interested in our message.

  • You can also use this to gamify your email lists.

There are dozens of ways we can use this.

How does it work in the real world?

Well, we can use that data and all that metrics to group subscribers into different categories.

For example, we can create a VIP list.

Then, we can give special discounts to those VIPs.

So, we can use this data to prioritize which leads get the fastest support from us.

They’re the ones who are most passionate about what we’re doing.

Therefore, they deserve our attention more than low scoring leads.

This, in turn gives us:

  • High open rates
  • High CTR rates
  • High conversion rates

When we’re speaking specifically to people who are passionate about what we’re doing. They’re going to click and open up emails.

Meaning, we get high conversion rates.

Which gives us bragging rights – we can say like “we’ve achieved a 30 % conversion rate on this offer.” 

Follow along and copy me

I’m going to create a scoring system in real-time, live for you right now. So you can follow up and copy me.

I’m using Kartra for this.

It has the most advanced automations and behavioural response.

So let’s go ahead and use that.

Using Kartra

Here I am in one of the sequences inside Kartra.

As you can see here, I’ve got different steps that my subscribers need to take.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\1.PNG

Then, we’ve got different sub-sequences here which we don’t need to delve into.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\2.PNG

In fact, we’re just going to focus on the very first email.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\3.PNG

You can repeat this across all your emails and all your interactions that you want your subscribers to take.

I’m just going to show you how to do it.

Steps involved

  1. We go to edit inside the step.

Here, we can see all the details subscribers will receive immediately after they subscribe.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\5.PNG

Then, as you can see, I’m split testing this one at the moment.

  1. We want to go now to automation.

Here we have an automation that I’ve already programmed into it.

So if lead clicks on any link inside these emails, it moves them to the next step in the secrets.

  1. So I’m going to hit edit.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\6.PNG

  1. Then, we hit on new automation.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\8.PNG

This is really simple.

  1. Let’s say if a lead opens this email. We select this option.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\9.PNG

Then, we click add.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\9b.PNG

  1. Then, scroll down to points give points.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\9c.PNG

  1. Then, give them 5 points.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\9d.PNG

Hit add. Then, hit save.

So, there you can see the automation has been done.

J:\Vids to Blog Posts\10 automation has been done.PNG

Now, if a lead opens this email, they get 5 points.

We can repeat that over and over again for as many actions as we like.

  • We can add more points if they click on a link.
  • More points if they purchase more.
  • More points if they open another email and click another link.
  • Then we can group leads into different categories and treat those categories based on the actions and the points that our subscribers have scored.

That’s pretty easy, right?

It’s simple to do. Anyone can do it.

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