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What’s the best way to convert cold traffic into customers? It’s a sales funnel, so I’m going to give you a sales funnel template that you can use.

This post comes as a result of a comment I read on Facebook, which said:

“We don’t do sales funnels. When you start to look like everyone else – you start to look like everyone else.”

That kind of tickled me a little bit because I’ve seen the rejection of sales funnels a few times and I don’t understand the logic behind it.

The fact is whether you like it or not, if you’re communicating online then your visitors are already in a funnel.

Where does a sales funnel start?

Everything you do online is part of a funnel.

If you are promoting something, or asking someone to engage with your brand in any way, the people who’ll receive that message are in your funnel.

The thing is, most people who have a websites or an email lists don’t realise that the funnel exists whether they want it to or not.

So let’s say you have a blog and you’re churning out awesome content on a regular basis and you have a link where people can buy your ebook.

Now you might believe that because you’re not asking anyone to opt-in to an email list, it means that you’re not using a sales funnel.

The truth is; you are using a sales funnel even if that cold traffic hits your blog post and sees your offer and decline it.

All those visitors are still part of a funnel. It just means you’ve got a very poorly designed funnel.

So I’m going to show you how to fix that and I’m going to give you a sales funnel template that you can use to convert cold traffic into customers.

Sales Funnel Template

Let’s get down into it, I’ve drawn this is a diagram to describe what’s happening.


The first square represents a blog post and that is the first stage of your sales funnel – this is actually called the
Awareness stage.

The names aren’t that important, and different people call different stages of a funnel by different names.

Don’t get too hung up on that stuff, just focus on the process.


Then the second stage is where you would ask them to opt-in to an email list – so that could be a squeeze
page or it could be a content upgrade, or even a form on the blog post itself.

This is the interest stage of the funnel,  because people are now interested in what you have to say and they’ve taken the next
step forward.


The third stage would be trigged once they’ve subscribed to your mailing list.

In most cases you will make them an offer immediately after they opt-in, and this is called a one-time offer.

This is a special offer just for the people who have subscribed to your mailing list.

They’ve expressed interest in what you have got to say so then you make a very small pitch.

This one-time offer is going to be a very low priced product which makes purchasing from you low risk and it can be used as an ‘impulse buy’ to move them onto the next stage of your funnel.

This stage of the funnel is the decision stage.

The decision stage is where they decide if they’re going to buy from you or not.


If they decide to accept your one-time offer then you will immediately pitch them a second product.

But if they decline the upsell we can take them to a down sell page.

The down sell page offers them a cheaper alternative to the upsell.

It’s a similar product but maybe it has fewer features or it doesn’t do the same thing in the same way as the upsell offer.

It’s tempting to just offer a discount on the upsell product but I would strongly urge you to avoid doing that. It’s unethical and you’ll only train your customers to distrust your initial offer.

For this sequence, so far, you’re going to need three products – and they don’t have to be massive products, they can be short lead magnet type products.

As long as they’re cheap, low risk, and low investment.

This is the consideration stage of the funnel because they are now considering more of their options.

They are now asking themselves how much are they going to spend with you.

The conversation has changed in their mind.

It’s gone from deciding if they are going to spend money with you, to considering how much are they going to spend with you.


This leads them to your core offer.

This is your big ticket item or your medium priced offer.

Now they are at the retention stage of the sales funnel.

So now you have this a solid, highly lucrative sales funnel template.

If you structure your offers around this template you can use it to convert cold traffic into customers.

If you’ve found this useful share it with others who need to know.

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