Secret Traffic Source: 50 Million Visitors Per Month

Secret Traffic Source: 50 Million Visitors Per Month

It’s Traffic Tuesday and today I’m going to show you a traffic source that gets between 50 million and 100 million unique visitors each month.

And I’m going to show you how you can put your content in front of those people.

This is one of the most trusted websites online, but it’s also one of the most under-used for traffic generation.

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It’s a website that has around 172 niche-specific communities, so you’ve got things from photography, to travel to physical fitness, to coffee, etc.

And unsurprisingly there’s an abundance of tech related communities on this site.

But don’t let that intimidate you, there is something for everybody here and when you find your audience it can be a great source of traffic.

Getting Traffic From Stack Exchange

The website I’m talking about is called

This actually started as a single Question and Answers website called Stack Overflow – it was originally for computer programmers and techie people.

But the company has expanded and they now welcome discussions about a wide variety of topics and interests, which is great for us because we can go there add value and promote our content – in an ethical way.

The website itself works in a similar way to other Question and Answers websites, like Yahoo Answers and Quora.

But the main difference with Stack Exchange is the expectations of the community is high.

The Stack Exchange Community

The community expects a detailed and specific answer to their questions.

That means you should only answer questions that you absolutely know the answer to, when you use this strategy for traffic generation.

And as usual, give as much value as you can – become a valuable member of the community and actually help people.

Then use your content as a resource that you can refer people to if they want to delve even further into the topic that they’re talking about.

And of course standard rules apply with this kind of thing; add value up front, become a solid member of the community and only promote your content when it feels natural to do so.

Final Thoughts

Don’t force promotion and obviously you know that spamming isn’t cool either.

Just link to your content whenever it feels like it belongs in the discussion.

And once you’ve got rolling inside the communities you can use this as a pretty solid traffic generation strategy, when you mix in other resources along side your own.

It’s a high traffic website and it’s full of opportunity, I think the top answer on the website has got a million views, so there’s potential for a lot of traffic if you’re willing to help your audience first.

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