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4 Day Cash Machine - Frank Kern

Last updated January 2021

Today you’re going to learn how to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level quickly.

This is one of the most profitable email marketing campaigns in the entire history of Internet marketing. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the original 4 Day Cash Machine system, popularised by Frank Kern in his ground-breaking Mass Control course.

What Is The 4 Day Cash Machine?

The 4 Day Cash Machine is a simple system anyone can use to boost their online business profits. The 4 Day Cash Machine, is a system that was originally created by a marketer known as Trey Smith.

The system was later made popular by Trey’s cousin, another well known marketer by the name of Frank Kern. Jeff Walker product launch guru, sometimes refers to the system as the quick launch system.

It’s a system that allows any online marketer to get a spike in profits in their business in just 4 days. If you’ve built up an email list, then it’s the simplest way for you to create an automated income in just a few days.

The 4 Day Cash machine is a email campaign that’s built around urgency. This is urgency is the trigger used to create a buying frenzy. Basically, you set up a time sensitive email campaign which includes a special offer which lasts for 4 days. When those 4 days are up the offer is closed.

Currently, there are two versions of the 4 Day Cash Machine, but today we’re going to take a look at the original system.

The Original 4 Day Cash Machine

So you set up an email campaign that runs four days. For those four days you’re going to be emailing your list about the special discount offer that you’re having.

Here are the three ingredients for making the system successful:

  • Bonus Stacking
  • A Reason For The Sale
  • A Deadline

We’ll take a look at each below.

Bonus Stacking

The first key is to stack bonuses. For our promotion, we’re going to be creating a special bonus. A bonus is how’ll you push them over the edge and get them to buy. The bonus can be anything that adds to the product or it could be another product which adds value to the package you’re offering.

A Reason for The Sale

The next thing you need to have is a reason for the offer or people will feel like you’re just trying to make a sale. People need a hand in rationalising why you’re running this special offer in the first place.

You see many people don’t trust marketers and if you’ve been online for any time now you would know why. You see, some online marketers use some really weird unethical tricks to try and dupe people into buying their stuff.

In order for us to build trust we must give them a reason for us having the discount sale. When people understand the reason behind your promotion, they’ll be able to better rationalize why it exists which then puts them at ease when deciding to buy.

A Deadline

To add a sense of urgency to your offer, you must have a deadline. In this case the deadline as you might already have guessed is 4 days. In your first email and each email after, you’re going to keep building up this sense of urgency.

To add more urgency to the sale, it’s a good idea to include a countdown timer on your sales page. You should have this countdown timer synchronized with your email campaign.

It’s very simple to accomplish this. Tools like thrive ultimatum or Clickfunnels and even Shopify with some plugins allow you to get this done on your sales page.

What makes the 4 Day Cash Machine unique is that it can be done no matter what business model you’re using. If you have an offer, then you can use this system.

Get the countdown timer and set it to expire in 4 days, so when some clicks from your email and goes to your sales page the timer is triggered and each day after that the timer counts down.

Here’s how you can get your own 4 Day Cash Machine set up right now.

The 4 Day Cash Machine Email Sequence

First you announce that you’re having a special sale.

Below is a simple email template to do this:

Hey [Name]

You can get a 70% discount on [Product] until [Date]

I’m offering this because [Reason]

When you buy today you’ll get these extra bonuses:

– Benefit 1
– Benefit 2
– Benefit 3

Click here to get them now, you have until [Date]

You’ll replace the information in the brackets in the template with your information.

Day 1

First you tell them you’re running a special promotion which ends in 4 days from the day you send the first email. Next you let them know you’re reason for having the promotion.

From there you stack the bonuses and include the benefits of each bonuses and at the end of the email you include a call to action. Your call to action is for them to click the link to the sales page followed by a reminder about the deadline.

The reminder about the deadline injects the urgency. If you take a close look at the email template you would see that we’ve got two points of urgency in that email.

Day 2

Now the good thing about this first email template is that this template is basically what we’ll be using for each email in the 4 day campaign. So on day 2 you would just restate the offer, but this time you’re just going to change the wording of the email a little.

Basically all you’ll be changing is the subject line and juts the first line of the email. The rest of the email can stay the same and you only need to focus on the reminder about the deadline as you’ll have to move it a day closer with each day that passes.

Day 3

On day 3 you’ll do the same thing. You’re basically doing the same thing that you did on day 2 and you would just move things forward a day and then you just do the same thing on day 4.

Day 4

On day 4 you simply restate the offer and include additional urgency. You can remind them that they have until midnight to take you up on this offer and when mid night hits the offer will be gone forever.

What tends to happen a lot is the many people will put off buying until the last day. So if you’ve done this right you should see a huge spike in sales on the last day.


So there you go that’s basically the 4 Day Cash Machine. You send out one email everyday for 4 days. These four emails lets your customers know that you’re running a special sale.

You stack the bonuses you give them your reason for the sale and you give them the 4 day deadline to make the purchase. This system has been around for many years and it still works really great.

There’s also a 4 Day Cash Machine 2.0 which takes things to another level, but I’ll go over that in another post. For now the original 4 Day Cash Machine should be enough to get your started.

If you’re newer to internet marketing and you don’t have a list built up as yet and you want begin creating a passive income for the first then you can go to There you’ll find a free video that’s going to give you the three step to launching your first passive income system in less than two hours.

All right then there you have it the original 4 Day Cash Machine. Now go out, use it and make some profit!

What’s Next?

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